Download PHP Dashboards NEW v5.8 – (Enterprise Edition – 100% code included) Free Nulled

Looking for a dashboard script that runs on the cloud, written entirely in PHP/MySQL/Javascript? This is the script for you! It leverages popular JS data visualization plug-ins including Highcharts, Highmaps, Mapbox, Leaflet maps, d3js, Datatables. Each individual chart on a dashboard can be fed from different servers on the web, supporting a variety of common data formats – JSON, CSV, Excel, MySQL, Postgres, RSS, etc. Dashboards can be maintained by individuals or a group of collaborators, shared with an audience by email, standalone webpage, or embedded via iframe into websites, blogs, WordPress/Drupal sites, etc. This script can even build WordPress plug-ins of your dashboards automatically. AND NOW JUST ADDED IN V5.8 – share your dashboards via SMS/text using Twilio. See details below.

Best of all, 100% source code is included with purchase, for you coders (3 to 5 years professional PHP/JS experience are the quals to modify this script) to extend its functionality or incorporate into your software solutions/products, analytics/data science/data warehouse enterprise systems or WordPress/Drupal sites.

Dive in today and discover how this dashboard script is truly the best value out there! Email me anytime if you have any questions.

Tanoshinde (‘Have fun!’),
Data Ninja
email: [email protected]


This PHP Dashboard v5.0 (Enterprise Edition), continues the evolution of my PHP/HTML5 Dashboard series, using the latest of my version 4 series PHP Dashboard v4.4 as the starting point, which in turn uses HTML5 Dashboard Designer for the Cloud as its foundation. NOTE: all versions of my PHP/HTML5 dashboard script series are still fully functional, for sale and supported and provides increasing levels of functionality to address the needs of different types of users, developers, business, private and public organizations. It would be good to review all 3 before deciding which version to purchase. The code bases (100% source code included) of each are quite different and you will need to maintain each separately should you decide to customize/tailor/modify these scripts to your needs.

This latest enterprise edition is quite exciting and was designed based on the hundreds of comments/emails I’ve received from you my envato customers about my portfolio of scripts – see handwritten notes 1 & 2. I’ve revamped the user interface to make it responsive and tablet friendly, allowing a dashboard community to now create dashboards using iPads, non-apple tablets or 2:1 laptops with or without stylus pen devices. I added more “draglets” (draggables on the carousels) to include more charts types, complete interactive dashboards and infographics. I created a marketplace so that a (private or public) community of draglet developers can contribute/sell what they have developed for others to use. I expanded the data feed options to include CSV, Excel, REST API, RSS and MySQL/Postgres databases for ALL charts. Finally, I created a data mart infrastructure to allow predefinition of reusable data feeds from multiple sources/servers on the internet.

The ‘Live Preview’ link (click here and above) shows a full featured version of the script in the cloud. Create some dashboards and colloaborate with your associates and have at it.

WHAT IS NEW IN VERSION 5.8 (Using SMS/Text dashboard sharing feature)
The ability to share your dashboards via email has been a feature baked into my PHP Dashboard series since version 4. However, it’s become evident, as texting becomes mainstream part of professional life, that the ability to share dashboards via SMS/text is NOW A MUST. I added this feature in Version 5.8. It does require the use of Twilio ( to ensure that dashboard sharing is compatibile with all mobile carriers. Depending on your use, this will most likely require a usage fee paid to Twilio (see for more details).

Here’s how to set it up and use.

  1. Go to Twilio ( and sign up for an account. Make note of your account sid, auth token and twilio phone number as you will need it in the next step.
  2. Edit /php/config.php and update the $twilio_account_sid, $twilio_auth_token and $twilio_phone_number variables with info from step 1.
  3. Create the dashboard you want to share and save.
  4. Go to the top menu under ‘Colaborate’ click on new link called ‘Send dashboard by text’.


  5. On the form that appears, fill in the To: input field with a comma separated list of phone numbers you want to share dashboard with, the dashboard name with a description of the dashboard you are sharing, update message with more text describing the dashboard. DO NOT DELETE link that appears in the message field. Answer spam prevention question at the bottom and click on ‘Send’.


  6. A link to the dashboard along with dashboard name and message will be sent to each phone number in comma separated list.


  7. That’s it!!! You now can share dashboards via text. The live demo is SMS/text enabled so feel free to try it here. Email me at [email protected] if you have any questions.


   Tablet Friendly
Desktop computers (soon even laptops) are becoming
obsolete. In version 5, I “re-laid out” version 4’s
drag & drop interface to be tablet / pen stylus friendly.
Any dashboard that can be built with your desktop and
mouse can be built on an iPad or similar tablet, with
or without a stylus (even though it is ideal to
use a pen).
More New Draglets
Version 5’s features new class of draglets that form
animated dashboard and infographic templates that
are both live and interactive. Version 4’s draglets
are mostly individual charts (highcharts, mapbox, d3js,
    Draglet Marketplace
To allow for extensibility and contribution, wordpress
has its plug-in architecture and drupal has its modules.
Version 5 has been rearchitected so that “draglets” can
be developed by 3rd parties to extend the functionality
of version 5. A marketplace for these draglets has been
developed so that developers can contribute/sell new
charts, dashboard or infographic templates, complete
dashboard applications for the community to use. Visit and stay tuned. Lots
more to come!
Data Marts
Version 5 comes with the ability to pre-define data
sources as data marts that can be reused across
different charts and dashboards. This is very powerful
new feature is described in more detail in the
documenation. Like version 4, version 5 data sources
can reside in other servers aside from where the
designer resides. This is by design and allows the
collaborative nature of the designer.
    MySQL, Postgres, Excel, CSV, Rest API Support
The data feed formats version 5 supports has been
expanded from JSON only to CSV, Excel, REST API
RSS, MySQL and Postgres databases. Version 4
started this for Highcharts. Version 5 has this for
all chart types available today including the
left nav draglets for full flexibility.
New Documentation
Updated documentation including video
tours of version 5 along with a schematic
tour of its user interface and step by step
instructions for performing key features
and installing the script. Click here to
check out.

AUTHOR’S NOTE ON SCRIPT: see blog post – Author’s Note: PHP Dashboard 5

Just a friendly reminder that there are two different license levels at The regular license is for single FREE user use. If you have multiple clients or charging clients for functionality from this script, then an extended license is the appropriate level. It’s only fair as I do spend a lot of time tuning these scripts. And more sales/revenues means I can code more features and it has come to my attention that many purchasers are using my script for commercial (for pay) purposes with just the regular license. Thanks for you support. Click for more details – Regular vs. Extended License Comparison


  • Any browser that supports HTML5/Javascript, jQuery (2.1.4). Tested with Chrome Version 49.0.2623.110 (64-bit), Safari Version 5.1.7 (7534.57.2), Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.18230, Firefox 5.0.2
  • A PHP 7/MySQL supported webserver is required – IMPORTANT your server settings need to match settings here. Many PHP/MySQL errors stem from configuration options of customer php server instances. NOTE: I am not a server expert so cannot assist in server configuration. However, I use siteground’s ( – Start Up Hosting (basic). I can help if you decide to use this.
  • This script uses hosted libraries for Highsoft (, etc) and no installation required. It does require you to procure the appropriate Highsoft (Highcharts, Highmaps, Highstock) license based on your use. Click here for details.
  • This script uses hosted libraries for Mapbox functionality and no installation required. It does require you to procure the appropriate Mapbox license (api authorization key) based on your use. Click here for details.
  • See ‘Installing this Script’ How To Video below for a demo of installation.



PHP Dashboard v5

  • Version 5.8 – Share Dashboards by SMS/Text (Oct 16, 2018)
    • see details in section above
  • Version 5.7 – Bug fixes (Oct 8, 2018)
    • related to new version of leaflet-awesome-markers

  • Version 5.6 (July 28, 2018)
    NEW FEATURE!!! Dashboards as WordPress Plug-Ins

    Embed your dashboards in your WordPress blog posts (via shortcode) with the NEW ‘Render Dashboard as WordPress Plug-in’ option.

    Here is how it works:

    STEP 1   Create and save your dashboard
    STEP 2  

    Click on the NEW ‘Render Dashboard as WordPress Plug-in’ option in drop area menu (3rd menu from top)
    STEP 3  

    Look at the installation instructions provided at the top of the WordPress plug-in code panel.
    STEP 3a  

    Create folder in your wordpress installation’s /wp-content/plug-in/ folder with the folder name provided in the instructions (e.g. new folder /wp-content/plug-ins/dashboard_abc123)
    STEP 3b  

    Copy and paste plug-in code generated by this script into a.php file with the name provided in the instructions and save in the folder you created in (e.g. new file /wp-content/plug-ins/dashboard_abc123/dashboard_abc123.php)
    STEP 3c  

    Log into your WordPress site as an admin and go to the Plugins option. You will see the plug-in you created in step 3a and 3b on this list. Activate the plug-in here.
    STEP 3d  

    To embed your dashboard on any of wordpress blog posts, use the shortcode [dashboard_abc123]

    That’s it!!! See your PHP dashboard in your blog post. This is a realtime dashboard – e.g. as the data changes your dashboard changes also. Tanoshinde (‘Have fun!’), Ninja

  • Version 5.5 – Bug fixes (May 12, 2018)
  • Version 5.4 – (May 7, 2018)
    NEW FEATURES!!! More Draglets – New ‘Live News’ draglets
    • Add tiles with live RSS feeds from USA Today, CNN, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, ESPN
    • Configurable – add any RSS feed by modifying settings in settings.json file
    • Configure to add not only news, subscribe to blogs, shopping specials, sports scores, etc.

    Get your live news using version 5.4. New RSS draglet that allows you to customize the collection of live news tiles you can drag onto your dashboards.

    Here is the collection of ‘live news’ draglets that comes standard in v5.4 (this is configurable by modifying the draglets settings.json file-see below).

    See NEW ‘Live News’ link on draglet menu in Live Preview. More live tiles to come!

  • Version 5.3 – Bug fixes (May 4, 2018)
  • Version 5.2 (April 7, 2018)
    NEW FEATURE!!! More Draglets – New ‘Live Stock Quote’ draglets
    • Uses AlphaVantage api – see
    • Up to date quotes from major exchanges including NYSE, Nasdaq, ETF’s etc. foreign currency and crypto currency quotes also
    • Manage your own stock ticker lists – via JSON settings file (see pic above)

    Get live, up to date (15 min) quotes, from major exchanges, including NYSE, Nasdaq, ETF’s, Foreign Currency Exchange, Cryptocurrencies. Uses AlphaVantage api’s for quotes – go to for more details. Simply drag and drop stock ticker symbol from ‘Live Stock Quote’ carousel to your dashbaord. Prices updated every 15 minutes. Manage your own stock ticker lists in the carousels by simply modifying a json settings file (see below).

  • Version 5.1 (March 24, 2018)
    NEW FEATURE!!! More Draglets
    • New Highcharts – Advanced Highcharts
    • New Dashboard Templates – for laptops
    • New Dashboard Templates – for iPhones
    • New Dashboard Templates – for iPads

    • New Infographics

  • Version 5.0 – Initial Release (March 14, 2018)
    • Foundation – PHP/HTML Dashboard scripts
    • Responsive Interface
    • New Draglets
    • Draglet Marketplace
    • Data Marts
    • Expanded Data Feeds

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PHP Dashboards NEW v5.8 – (Enterprise Edition – 100% code included)

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PHP Dashboards NEW v5.8 - (Enterprise Edition - 100% code included)

Download PHP Dashboards NEW v5.8 – (Enterprise Edition – 100% code included) Free Nulled
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