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PHP Uber-style GeoTracking NEW v1.1

PHP Uber-style GeoTracking NEW v1.1

PHP Uber-style GeoTracking NEW v1.1

[Download] PHP Uber-style GeoTracking NEW v1.1 Free Nulled

*NOTE: If Live Preview link (see above) doesn’t pass thru properly – click on or cut and paste the following link – to preview this script.

By popular request, I added support to send SMS text invites
(email invites still included and still work). This feature does
require a paid Twilio account (unlike email which is FREE).
See installation instructions for setup details. Thanks to all for
the feedback and guidance! – Data Ninja (7/21/2017)

The Uber-Style Geotracker is a PHP/MySQL script that allows a group of smartphone owners to track each other’s geolocations in near real time (default: every minute).

      In my opinion Uber app’s user interface is what sets it apart
and is the key to uber’s success. It is real time, accurate, easy
to use and informative and what makes taking uber more attractive
than taking a cab. Customers knowing where the drivers are at any
time made the difference and redefined the for hire transporation.
Imagine being able to apply that to daily life with family, friends,
coworkers, employees, etc. Now you can!
Data Ninja (7/12/2017)


  1. Decide on the group of people you want to geotrack (“geotrackees”) in a private geopmap and enter their emails and/or cell phone numbers in textarea on home page.
  2. Click on the invite button and an email or text message with a GeoTracking link will be sent to each geotrackees’ smartphone.
  3. Each geotrackee will receive an email similar to above (or a text message with a link) . Each simply clicks on the link to start geotracking and closes browser or navigates to new web page, to stop.
  4. Keep browser with private geomap active to keep updating geolocation real time. (for continuous tracking, you may want to disable screensaver – see documentation ‘Disable Phone’s Auto-lock’)
  5. Close browser or navigate to a different web page to end geomapping.
  6. Re-click (reuse) geotracking link in email if you want to tracking to commence again.


Install this script on a LAMP or WAMP server or hosting service:

  1. IMPORTANT: This script runs off the root of your domain. You will need to set up a subdomain (e.g. if you need to install in a folder on your apache server.
  2. Compare your php/mysql server settings with
  3. REQUIRED: Your server needs to set up for HTTPS (SSL cert) for geolocation technologies to work
  4. Unzip contents of purchased zip file into the folder you’ve designated for your domain or subdomain in step 1.
  5. Edit <your folder>/php/config.php and modify database settings and update mapbox access token key to your own – go to to generate your own. NOTE: COMMERCIAL USE AS DEFINED BY MAPBOX may require you to pay for this token. Please refer to mapbox website for pricing information –
  6. NOTE: If you need continuous tracking, go to documentation and review the ‘Disable Phone’s Auto-lock’ section. You will need to prevent phone from ‘sleeping’ if you want continuous tracking. Also, see ‘Adjust Refresh Settings’ to set refresh frequency (be sure you have a server/hosting account that can support the number of hits per day from this setting)
  7. NOTE: If you plan to use SMS text invite feature (not required, if email invitations are okay) you will need to sign up for a Twilio Account – NOTE: TWILIO IS A FOR PAY FOR SERVICE – put your account number and auth token on the top of /php/config.php file. Please refer to twilio website for pricing information.
  8. That’s it!!! You should be good to go. Tanoshinde (Have fun!!!)

PRODUCT ROADMAP: click here – Product roadmap / feature requests
AUTHOR’S NOTE ON SCRIPT: see blog post – Author’s Note: Uber-style GeoTracker
FULL DOCUMENTATION: click here – Uber-style GeoTracker documentation


  • Near realtime (based on refresh settings) geotracking engine
  • Geotrackee email invitation engine
  • Approximate street address detection
  • Custom markers framework
  • Photo markers framework
  • Mapbox themes support
  • Invite new geotrackee(s) support


  • Any browser that supports HTML5/Javascript, jQuery (2.1.4). Tested with Chrome Version 49.0.2623.110 (64-bit), Safari Version 5.1.7 (7534.57.2), Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.18230, Firefox 5.0.2
  • A PHP/MySQL supported webserver is required. Your settings will need to match those found in –
  • This script uses hosted libraries for mapbox and leaflet.js. It does require you to procure access tokens – go to Click here for details.
  • To use the SMS text invite feature, sign up for a Twilio account at
  • See ‘Installing this Script’ in documentation.

REMINDER ON EXTENDED LICENSES: Just a friendly reminder that there are two different license levels at The regular license is for single FREE user use. If you have multiple clients or charging clients for functionality from this script, then an extended license is the appropriate level. It’s only fair as I do spend a lot of time tuning these scripts. And more sales/revenues means I can code more features and it has come to my attention that many purchasers are using my script for commercial (for pay) purposes with just the regular license. Thanks for you support. Click for more details – Regular vs. Extended License Comparison

VERSION HISTORY – Uber-style GeoTracker v1.0

  • VERSION 1.1 (7/21/2017) – Initial Launch Version
    • Invite Geotrackees by SMS text (using Twilio)
  • VERSION 1.0 (7/15/2017) – Initial Launch Version
    • Invite geotrackees by email
    • Generate and send GeoTracker Link emails
    • Near realtime (based on refresh settings) GeoTracking engine
    • Approximate street address detection
    • Custom markers
    • Photo markers
    • Mapbox themes
    • Invite new geotrackees

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PHP Uber-style GeoTracking NEW v1.1

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PHP Uber-style GeoTracking NEW v1.1

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Preview: PHP Uber-style GeoTracking NEW v1.1
Download: php-uber-style-geotracking-new-v1-1(full-version).zip

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