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Pixelaart Addons for Elementor is the power booster for the Elementor, Pixelaart Elementor Addons comes with 45+ unique and fully customizable widgets which adds powers to your elementor using our 45+ creative elements those were designed to wordpress page and posts design faster and easier than ever before.


Each Pixelaart Widget comes with bunch of options to control every possible things. You can achieve nearly any design as you want.

Light Weight & Instant Loading

Fully optimized, No extra resources, No Extra javascript or css requests, No messy code.

45+ Creative and Unique Elements

We have designed 45+ most useful widgets to enhance your Elementor experience and allow you design anything you want.

  • Accordion – Add and design beautiful accordions in your pages, posts. also can be used pre built templates as a content of the accordion tab.
  • Advanced Heading – Underline on a solitary word in a sentence by featuring it with an alternate color.
  • Buttons – Pixelaart Button element has rely huge amount of options to achive your required button style, effect, create colored or gradient button, also add set button hover style at the same time.
  • Call to Action – Design call-to-action buttons with predefined content styles.
  • Card – Display image card with title, description and buttion there is also so many other customization options.
  • Countdown – Add countdown time for your product, page or any up comming event.
  • Counter – Create counter with icon, title and number each part of the counter is customizable.
  • Data Table – Create responsive data table anywhere in your website with multiple customization options.
  • Divider – Add verticle or horizontal divider in your page or post.
  • Dual Button – Create Dual Buttons each part of the Dual Button is customizable.
  • Fancy Text – Fill life in your page text using our fancy text element it has 2 style and 9 different animation effect.
  • Feature List – Create your feature list using icon, image, content and lots of other designing options.
  • Filterable Gallery – Add Fiilterable Gallery using custom content, image or video, manage every expect of the filterable gallery from the widget options.
  • Flip Box – Add Beatiful animated flip boxes to your website and get attraction of your visitors.
  • Flip Carousel – Create Beatiful flip carousel using 4 predefined flip carousel styles.
  • Gradient Heading – Add Gradient Colored heading titles for your page or posts using Gradient heading widget and set your color and gradient color position.
  • Icon Box – Create beautiful Icon Box with icon and title customizable options.
  • Image Accordion – Create Image Accourdion and showcase your content in such compact way.
  • Image Comparison – Display Image Comparison and let your visitors compare between two images.
  • Image Hotspots – Add hotspots on an image to highlight objects in the image with different icon and tooltip text.
  • Image Scroller – Showcase your extra long or wide images using Image Scroller which can be horizontal or verticle.
  • Info Box – Create beautiful info box from predefined styles and using our styling options.
  • Interactive Cards – Make captivating enhanced visualization for your substance that help photos, content or videos using Interactive Cards widget.
  • Interactive Promo – Showcase your promos with modern hover effects using Interactive Promo widget.
  • Justified Gallery – Showcase your any size of images and videos using justified gallery widget which has so many customization options to manage your gallery content and view.
  • Lightbox & Modal – Add Lightbox and Modal inside of your page or post which opens at certain point which you decide.
  • Logo Carousel – Create carousel slider for products, brands, logos using Logo Carousel widget.
  • Number – Add simple number and customize it’s stylings.
  • Offcanvas – Display custom content, pre build elementor template, saved widget as offcanvase using button click.
  • Posts – Showcase your blog posts or custom post type, posts widget has multiple capabilitis to extend your posts view, posts widget has 6 pre defined post grid layouts even one can create posts carousel with lots of variation settings.
  • Price Menu – Make beautiful Pricing menu for your brands with just few clicks.
  • Pricing Table – Add Pricing Tables and costomize as per your need using 4 predefined designs and multiple styling options.
  • Progress Bar – Showcase your statistics with prograss bar using our 7 pre built prograss bar styles.
  • Protected Content – Make your content private for spacific users only as defined in the Protected Content widget.
  • Single Product – Create custom single product page or post using single product widget.
  • Tabs – Use tabs widget to display multiple related content in compact way. also can be used pre built templates as a content of the tab.
  • Team Members – Add team members to your website with our easy to use team member widget, costomize every part of team member card using our team member styling options.
  • Team Members Carousel – Add team members carousel to your website with our easy to use team member carousel widget, manage slider options, manage team member carousel styling options.
  • Testimonials – Showcase feedbacks from others about your brand to increase your credibility.
  • Testimonial Slider – Showcase feedbacks from others about your brand to increase your credibility using Testimonial Slider widget which has 5 predefined effects.
  • Timeline – Showcase your blog posts or any custom post type as posts timeline, using timeline widget option you can design your timeline as per your need.
  • Content Toggle – Show saved template or any content within Anually and Unlimited content area.
  • Tooltip – Set tooltip for Icon, Image, Text or shortcodes.
  • Woo Add To Cart – Add WooCommerce add to cart button for your product in your page or post.
  • Woo Categories – Create WooCommerce category archive page using grid or carousel layout.
  • Woo Products – Display WooCommerce products wherever you want without extra efforts, costomize your woo products view using our 2 different skin and layout options.

Pixelaart Elementor Extensions for Elementor Addons:

  • 3D Effect – Apply 3d effects on your widget and manage effect options from your elementor page builder.
  • Content Protection – Protect your content and decide who can see your content.
  • Ribbon – Add rebbon on widget for example: New, Offer, On Sale, Only at $$$.

Documentation and Support

TMDb Pro – Movie & TV Show Details Plugin For The Movie Database

Pixelaart Addons for Elementor WordPress Plugin

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Pixelaart Addons for Elementor WordPress Plugin

Download Pixelaart Addons for Elementor WordPress Plugin Nulled

Download Pixelaart Addons for Elementor WordPress Plugin

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