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Introduction to Proacademy

Proacademy is an all-in-one solution for creating online education marketplaces like Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera, etc.

This platform is packed with lots of awesome features based on real business needs so you can start your online education business right now! Proacademy is based on Laravel’s powerful & safe framework.

We are also working on Proacademy React native Android & iOS application and we will release it as soon as possible separately. You can buy it too and make your content more accessible.


Frontend Demo:


Admin Demo:

Admin Panel

Username: admin

Password: admin

Instructors Panel:

View Panel

Username: [email protected]

Password: vendor

Students Panel:

View Panel

Username: [email protected]

Password: student

Note: Some features like edit & delete are disabled in the demo version.



Proacademy created according to real online education business needs. It means that it includes many awesome features that you can see some of them in the below list.

For more features, you can try the demo.

Built-in Accounting System

  • Financial Reports
  • Costs & Benefits Management
  • Accounts Management (Custom accounting)
  • Realtime Business Profit Report
  • Advanced payout System includes safe & offline payouts.

Multiple Revenue Models

You can earn money by different methods like:

  • Sales commission
  • Advertising (Banner & Pre-roll, Mid-roll, and Post-roll Videos)
  • Selling premium features to vendors

Gamification Badges

You can define badges for different metrics like sales, registration days, courses, purchases, ratings, etc. When users achieve them you can award them free charge or extra commission rates. It also supports custom badges which allow you to create personalized badges according to your need.

User Groups

You can define different user groups with specific commission rates or discount rates.

Multiple Content Support

  • Online Courses (Stream & Download)
  • Physical Packages (Physical shipping)
  • Articles
  • Blog & News

Variable Commission Rates

  • Course publish type (Exclusive-Open)
  • User Groups
  • User Badges
  • Fixed rates
  • Category Commission Rate

Course Requests System

Users can request courses they want. They can request a specific vendor or publish their request publicly and vendors can accept or reject these requests.

Coming Soon Courses System

Vendors can post their future courses. This feature helps vendors to estimate the popularity of courses or find early customers.

Support System

Proacademy includes two main support systems:

  • Course support system which allows vendors to support their students.
  • Support system which allows users to communicate admin or staff by sending support messages.

Easy to customize

All things are easily customizable in Proacademy. You can:

  • Create email templates
  • Create custom notifications
  • Define images, backgrounds, banners & placeholders.
  • Define custom CSS & JS
  • Translate Proacademy easily
  • Create a Pop-up screen

Staff Management

  • Manage accessibility
  • Staff identity storage

Sales & Marketing

  • Advanced Reports with different filters
  • Variable Promotions (You  can promote the specific course on best viewing sections to increase views & sales)
  • Variable Discounts (You can add discounts to all courses, specific category or specific course)
  • Featured Courses (You can show specific courses on top in the category page)
  • Gift cards & Coupons (Fixed amount or Percentage)
  • Custom Newsletter (You can send bulk emails to users by different filters like Gender, User role, User groups, etc)

User Management

  • Reports
  • Identity Verification (You can request identity verification for vendors to minimize risks.)
  • Limit Accessibility (You can ban the user for a specific period)


  • Reports
  • Multi-level categories
  • Course Comments
  • General Filters (Courses can be filtered in category page by general filters like views, sales, rating, physical shipping, price, etc.)
  • Custom Filters (You can define specific & custom filters for each category)
  • Professional Approval Process (Users can view their course status during the approval process and staff can send messages to vendors directly.)

Articles & Blog Management

  • Post news
  • Approve vendor articles
  • Reply to news comments
  • Manage & approve articles comments


  • Verified Channels (Like blue badge on Instagram!)
  • Verification Requests (Admin can review, approve or reject requests.)

General Features

  • Shared hosting support
  • Advanced User Profile
  • Responsive Design
  • Powerful core (Laravel)
  • Safe & Secure Downloads Folder
  • Excel File Export
  • RTL Ready
  • Integrated with FFMPEG to auto-convert videos
  • Integrated with FFMPEG to take screenshots
  • Auto branding (Intro video will be added to start of courses automatically)
  • Built-in Paypal, Paystack, Paytm payment gateways
  • Multilanguage
  • Beautiful Design
  • Easy Installation

Advanced User Panel

Proacademy includes a professional user panel that allows users to control everything they need! Some of the user panel parts are:

  • Advanced Dashboard
  • Sales Target
  • Course Management
  • Discounts & Promotions
  • Channels Management
  • Financial Reports
  • Account Charge
  • Sales Report      
  • Physical sales tracking
  • Support System
  • Articles Management
  • User Settings
  • Biography
  • Vacation Mode (Vendors can set vacation period, it will be informed to customers)


Proacademy is software, although we are so serious about our product quality in some cases, you may face bugs. We will solve these little problems in our future releases/updates.

You can contact us for customization or extra features.


View online documentation


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Bootstrap (

Font Awesome (

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Raty – Star rating (

Fluid Player (

SimplePagination (

EasyAutocomplete (

Bootstrap Tags Input (

jQuery Text Editor (

Material Design Icons (

Stisla Responsive Admin Template (

Responsive Filemanager (

Docu- Responsive documentation template (

Images from From Freepik (

Icons from Flaticon (

Update History

version 1.5 – 11 May, 2020

-New: Better app integration.
-Solved: Course approval error.
-Solved: Course support problem.

version 1.4 – 06 May, 2020

-New: Integrated with the Proacademy mobile app.
-New: Support various file types as course parts (mp4, mp3, zip, rar, docx, pdf).
-New: PayU payment gateway added.
-New: Paypal automatic monthly subscription added.
-New: New learning statistics added.
-New: Course and student activity report added.
-New: Course top viewer student report added.
-New: You can avoid duplicate logins (option can be disabled from admin)
-New: Course subscription period feature added.
-Solved: File manager dialogs bad view.
-Solved: File manager video preview issue.
-Solved: Error in saving email & notification templates.
-Solved: Error in creating financial balances.
-Solved: Admin email field error.
-Solved: Error in creating additional pages.
-Solved: Responsive design problems.
-Enhancement: Documentation updated.
-Enhancement: Better consistency in the top user menu.
-Enhancement: Some dependencies updated.
-Enhancement: Articles menu improved.
-Enhancement: Translation improved.

version 1.3 – 12 Mar, 2020

-New: All ISO currencies added.
-New: The language can be changed from the admin panel.
-New: Now the script can run without FFmpeg too.
-New: Paystack payment gateway added.
-New: PayTM payment gateway added.
-New: Separate instructor and student panels.
-New: Users can request to be instructor and admin can disable it.
-New: You can prevent users from downloading courses.
-New: Course cover displays as player cover.
-New: Students can use the support system for free courses.
-New: Pages preloader can be disabled from the admin panel.
-Solved: Notification indicator issue when user doesn't have the notification.
-Solved: Charts bad view in the user panel.
-Solved: Alignment consistency in user views.
-Solved: Email sending problem solved, email can be defined from the admin panel.
-Solved: Admin and staff password change error solved.
-Solved: Filemanager error solved when uploading the first file.
-Solved: Commission inputs value change error.
-Solved: Identity verification error when instructors upload their documents.
-Solved: Error in displaying videos watermark.
-Solved: Bad view in comment reply page.
-Solved: Error in displaying videos watermark.
-Solved: Datepickers issues when selecting a period.
-Solved: User attached files don't show in the admin panel.
-Enhancement: Better error handling in forms.
-Enhancement: New input placeholders for better cognition.
-Enhancement: Some heading tags changed for better SEO.
-Enhancement: Better usability in admin panel tabs.
-Enhancement: Better view in selecting filters from admin panel
-Enhancement: Some CSS properties changed for a better responsive experience.

version 1.2 – 17 Jan, 2020

-Installation issues fixed in all control panels that have minimum requirements.
-New installation file for install the script on local servers like Wamp and Xampp
-Login and register bugs fixed.
-Documentation updated includes the local web servers installation method.
-Bugs in the accounting system and financial analyzer fixed.
-Bugs in coming soon courses and requests page fixed.
-Exporting Excel files issue solved.
-Search box texts overlap solved.
-Modals bad view in the admin panel fixed.
-Error in payout list fixed.
-Error in displaying currency in purchasing steps solved.
-New setting fields to control more features.

version 1.1 – 8 Jan, 2020

- Course box bad view in the category page corrected.
- Better view and style in user dashboard.
- Tables view style changed for better experience
- User password change error fixed.
- Filters view in the upload page corrected.
- Invoice print view improved.
- Financial document print view improved.
- Tabs switching error fixed in the user panel.

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Proacademy- LMS & Online Courses Marketplace

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