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Always wanted to be an owner of a dating website? Your dream comes true with this really awesome Real-time Dating Website Theme! With many features you will find in this theme, our greatest feature is without doubt real-time communication between members using PHP WebSockets. This means no more complete page refreshing, no more bloated server requests from AJAX and no more long waiting times. The real-time communication techniques we are using are so incredibly fast you won’t even notice any delay between sending or receiving messages, notifications and other updates from members.

There are many dating websites online these days, but most of them are outdated, not responsive, bad looking and have a slow performance. We noticed this too and decided to create a brand new dating website theme using the latest techniques of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript & PHP 7!

We created a complete responsive dating website theme with a lot of features. Even a complete CMS administration panel is included!

Below we will list the key features of this theme:

– Homepage layout (1-pager)
– Multilingual website (English & Dutch language included, easy to add new one)
– Real-time PHP WebSocket dashboard (receive real-time chats & notifications)
– Account registration
– Account email verification (incl. HTML5 email template)
– Account password recovery
– Account login
– Account logout
– Member profile page
– Member profile interests
– Member profile ratings
– Member profile comments
– Member profile photo approval
– Member profile video approval
– Member blocking
– Member reporting
– Member private conversations
– Member notifications
– Member search
– Notification sounds by receiving new chats or notifications
– User roles (admin, employee, member)
– Profile badges
– Profile settings
– Profile deactivation
– Account settings
– General settings
– Results per page settings
– Public chatting in chat-room (add emoji’s to your message)
– World page (list all members around the world)
– Website introduction when logging in for first time
– Spotlight slider (slide member profiles, visible for everyone)
– Advertising space (for i.e. Google AdSense or custom code)
– SEO friendly
– Responsive (e.g. computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, smart-TV)
– Multiple browser support (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge & IE)
– Screen reader support (WAI-ARIA)
– W3C compliant
– A complete CMS administration panel and much more!

Whats included?
– public website (html, css, javascript & php files)
– CMS administration panel (html, css, javascript & php files)
– sql database
– textual documentation (24 pages, incl. installation & setup)
– link to video documentation
– professional terms and conditions (English and Dutch language)
– layered psd files
– notification sound for receiving private messages
– notification sound for receiving notifications

– Server: We recommend a VPS or Cloud hosting, but shared hosting might be enough, as long there is an open port to run the WebSocket server on.
– SSH access to start or stop the WebSocket server
– Software: At least PHP 7 & MySQL 5.6 or any other supported PDO driver

Note: The images used on the demo website are NOT included in this package due licensing rules. Instead, these images are replaced by placeholder images.


Version 2.2.0 - 28-04-2019
- Fixed:    PHP 7.3 compatibility
- Fixed:    Changed the onTextInput event to onInput event to make the real-time chat work with the latest version of Firefox
Version 2.1.0 - 16-02-2018
- Fixed:    PHP 7.2 compatibility
- Fixed:    PHP's strict warnings/notices
- Improved: Member connecting process for the WebSocket server
- Improved: Responsive layout styling
- Improved: .htaccess rewrite rule for CMS administration panel
- Added:    Default timezone to America/New-York
- Updated:  Documentation
Version 2.0.0 - 22-01-2018
- Fixed:    removing emoji image from message when backspace key was pressed in message input field in public chat
- Improved: multilingual grammar
- Improved: multilingual string encoding
- Improved: handling PHP sessions
- Improved: cronjob file to start automatically the WebSocket servers
- Improved: error logging for WebSocket servers, now output will be written to a file
- Improved: encoding charset when using PostgreSQL as PDO driver
- Improved: 64 characters limit counting in the public chat
- Improved: .htaccess URL rewriting
- Improved: .htaccess security
- Improved: way of handling live messages send from the CMS administration area to online members
- Added:    .htaccess URL rewriting examples in comments
- Added:    URL path definition constants to the General Settings section in the configuration file
- Added:    function for checking domain origin and implemented it in the controllers
- Added:    function for checking if the user is logged in and implemented it in the controllers
- Added:    page-hash to URL when switching from page in the CMS administration area
- Added:    dummy advertisements to database
- Changed:  .htaccess URL rewrite rules are commented out, which means they are optional to use
- Changed:  title from the navigation menu to the website domain constant
- Changed:  read and load the requested page from URL in the CMS administration area
- Moved:    configuration file to its own folder
- Moved:    phpseclib library to the Model folder of the site folder
- Moved:    server.pem file to the configuration folder of the site folder
- Moved:    server_key.ppk file to the configuration folder of the site folder
- Updated:  composer.json for site and cms folder
- Updated:  documentation
Version 1.0.1 - 06-01-2018
- Changed language code for English from "US" to "EN" in CMS servers.php
- Changed the date format to mm/dd/yyyy for adding or editing a member via the CMS administration panel
- Removed the string_replace function for English dates in timeEnglishTimestamp() function
- Removed the emailSend_org() function as this function is not used anymore
- Added new placeholder images for the HTML email template
- Corrected the path for the images inside the HTML email
- Corrected a SQL query to display the profile avatars in the members overview page of the CMS administration panel
- Added an url rewrite exeption for the CMS folder in the .htaccess file, to access the CMS administration panel via a subdomain
- Changed the domain url to "example.com" inside the Terms and Conditions and Terms of Use (for English as well for Dutch)
- Updated the pdf documents for Terms and Conditions and Terms of Use (for English as well for Dutch)
Version 1.0.0 - 03-01-2018
- initial release

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Real-time Dating Community Theme + CMS

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Real-time Dating Community Theme + CMS

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