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SeaVuel | Hotel CMS/template
create and manage a hotel/resort website

Seavuel was built for 3 main reasons:

  • provide a SIMPLE yet powerfull user interface for the visitor in order for the hotel to be able to SELL more
  • easy and straightforward way for the hotel-manager to update content (no modules, settings to distract)
  • easy way to connect with 3rd party booking engines/channel managers (the new standard for the industry)
  • upload 360° VR photos for the rooms can make the difference. You only need your smartphone!

Aside from the main reasons above, Seavuel has many more features which are listed below.

Features list

  • Quick install in less than 5 minutes (Using Processwire wizard)
  • Responsive (mobile, tablet, desktop). Attention to details.
  • Multilingual (front-end, backend)
  • RTL languages support (Arabic, Hebrew etc)
  • Book-Online search form which supports:

    • LittleHotelier
    • WebHotelier
    • TravelClick
    • Beds24
    • BookWize
    • eZeeReservation
    • FreeToBook
    • WuBook
  • Add your own easily
  • Weather (+ 5 days forecast)
  • Basic Theming (change buttons colours / bg-image patterns)
  • Newsletter Subscribe form (with Mailchimp integration)
  • Translations (front-end, backend)
  • Powerfull admin panel (Processwire) that makes sense for both the developer & client
  • Frontend – edit inline. Update text, images directly on the website.
  • Easily create pages, sub-pages, add photos, rich-text(CK-Editor)
  • Upload VR photos. Online visitors can see 360° VR photos taken from simple smartphone VR camera apps even on their Cardboard.
  • Easy to customize (create your own layouts and data fields)
  • Based on PDO/MySQL – PHP5 – HTML5 – CSS3 – Bootstrap 4
  • Multiple back-end users with discrete roles (on page-editing fields and/or templates)
  • Deliver an equally satisfying experience to the designer, developer and end-user
  • SEO ready (clean URLs, structured data, support for all meta-tags/including facebook/twitter, alternate language URLs)
  • Auto-generated sitemap.xml on url: /sitemap.xml for all pages/languages
  • Optimized for high performance
  • Increased security (CSRF, XSS, SQL Injection)
  • Icons font (Font Awesome 5)
  • Google Maps API V3
  • Google Recaptcha for contact/newsletter forms
  • EU Cookie Law prompt(Cookie Consent)
  • Helpful documentation + Processwire documentation
  • Changelog

    2019 May 1 – Version 2.1.1

    - bugfixes:
        - fixed: issue with pickadate-plugin not displaying date-picker correctly
        - fixed: issue with Google Maps plugin displaying error occasionally
    - improved:
        - improved: UI issues with RTL languages
        - improved: updated Bootstrap to version 4.3.1
        - improved: updated pickadate to version 3.6.3
        - improved: updated AutoSmush to version 1.1.4
        - improved: updated WireMailSmtp to version 0.4.1
        - improved: updated Processwire to version 3.0.123

    2018 September 7 – Version 2.1

    - bugfixes:
        - fixed: issue with vrview plugin having issues in Chrome for Android
    - improved:
        - improved: added new button for Google maps directions into location page
        - improved: changed UI of pages-carousel to a more simplified/clean version
        - improved: Small UX/UI improvements

    2018 August 5 – Version 2.0

    - improved:
        - improved: Updated theme to Bootstrap 4.1.3 (latest)
        - improved: updated SubscribeToMailChimp module to version 0.4
        - improved: Small UX/UI improvements

    2018 April 23 – Version 1.8

    - added:
        - added: Newsletter subscription with Mailchimp
    - improved:
        - improved: Removed flags from languages dropdown (Reason:
        - improved: Translations are now all-in-one-file for faster translating
        - improved: Small UX/UI improvements
        - improved: updated Processwire to version     3.0.98

    2018 February 26 – Version 1.7

    - improved:
        - improved: Much Cleaner UI by increasing space between text blocks
        - improved: Reverted back the way assets(css/js) were included in header/footer.
            - It now uses the old/traditional way which is much easier to follow.
        - improved: Small UX/UI improvements
            - added loading-spinner on image-carousels
        - improved: updated Processwire to version     3.0.93

    2018 January 3 – Version 1.6

    - added:
        - added: Support for (hotels)
    - improved:
        - improved: Cleaner UI for image boxes on mobile
        - improved: Small UX/UI improvements
        - improved: Improved documentation
            - better accessible through mobile devices
            - added FAQ
        - improved: updated Processwire to version     3.0.87
        - improved: updated Markup Google reCAPTCHA to version 2.0
        - improved: updated WireMailSmtp to version 0.3.0

    2017 October 21 – Version 1.5

    - added:
        - added: New processwire backend theme: "AdminThemeUikit" and was set as default (can be changed from backend for any user)
    - bugfixes:
        - fixed: issue with vrview plugin latest version not loading correct content
    - improved:
        - improved: Added minified versions of css/js for faster website loading
        - improved: image slider
            - overlay changed so that text is more clear
            - backend page-edit, added option to set slider height to auto/full-height
                - Set home-page default slider height setting to 100% (can be changed from home-page -> edit)
        - improved: updated Processwire to version 3.0.79
        - improved: updated WireMailSmtp: 0.2.4 => 0.2.5

    2017 September 7 – Version 1.4

    - added:
        - added: New theming options
            - Set background-color on image pattern areas(instead of background-image) or blend color with image using opacity field
            - Set color of text inside image pattern areas(e.x. black text on white image etc.)
        - added: "Noto Sans" font for slider captions
    - improved:
        - improved: image slider now has a new UI
            - added extra text field for image captions(now each image has title,extra fields)
            - better UI text captions
            - menu now overlays slider having transparent background
        - improved: better way of images->full-screen. it now uses browser's full-screen mode.
        - improved: script tag for jsdelivr, now uses their new combine method/way
        - improved: removed default full-screen slider from home-page
        - improved: rewrote parts of javascript for increased performance
        - improved: added lazyload plugin, so that images are downloaded only when on viewport
        - improved: weather forecast days now fill the horizontal space
        - improved: updated vr-view plugin to latest version
        - improved: increased newsletter-modal font-size
        - improved: updated open-weather-map php library
        - improved: updated WireMailSmtp: 0.2.3 => 0.2.4

    2017 August 15 – Version 1.3

    - added:
        - added: RTL languages support (Arabic, Hebrew etc)
        - added: 4 new languages for demo
            - Arabic
            - Portuguese
            - Thai
            - Chinese
        - added: Multilingual support for weather-widget
    - bugfixes:
        - fixed: issue with theme image patterns not been visible when changing default language
        - fixed: bug | when viewing images in full-screen mode on mobile when scrolling down there was a space
    - improved:
        - improved: home-page image-slider now displays on full window height (only when on portrait mode)
        - improved: changed slider full-screen button and repositioned it bottom-right for better UX
        - improved: changed "open in google maps" button on map overlay
        - improved: text overlay gradient on home-page sections and on room-page slider
        - improved: footer google map image converted to 60% grayscale so that it is not so eye-catchy (normalized)

    2017 June 5 – Version 1.2

    - added:
        - added: Weather widget on footer
            - 5 days forecast
            - weather icons from
            - consumes OpenWeatherMap Free API through CmfcmfOpenWeatherMap PHP library
            - settings added on backend (°C/°F, cache-time, location)
        - added: New page under settings named "Theme" where user can:
            - change buttons/selections colours
            - change background image-patterns used on site
            - set display opacity for background image-patterns
            - change hotel logos
        - added: Back-to-top button
        - added: Subscribe to Newsletter form on footer
        - added: New Processwire modules:
            - DatabaseBackups for taking database backups
            - VersionControl for keeping content history with rollback feature
            - ClearCacheAdmin for clearing caches
            - AutoSmush for optimizing images using free web-service
        - added: hoverCSS and applied hover background-change effect on buttons
    - bugfixes:
        - fixed: scrollbar was visible when viewing images full-screen
    - improved:
        - improved: Replaced Slick-carousel with the new version of Owl-Carousel(2)
        - improved: Moved social icons below footer and changed style
        - improved: Moved Settings-page under Admin-page for clarity
        - improved: Carousel slider UX
            - visible panels for tablet 2 and for desktop 3 (better responsive)
            - draggable cursor on hover, repositioned arrows, added bullets
            - changed panels style
        - improved: Image sliders
                - moved full-screen button on top-right and made it visible only on hover/tap
                - draggable cursor on hover
                - added zoom-effect on images
                - added image-preloader to prevent images from not showing fast
        - improved: Simplified languages dropdown by keeping only local language name
        - improved: added resized-images of demo in final package so that initial site rendering is fast
        - improved: Refactored/renamed template partial views
        - improved: updated to latest Processwire 3.0.63
        - improved: many small UX/UI improvements

    2017 February 21 – Version 1.1

    - added:
        - added: NEW booking-engine providers:
            - Beds24
            - BookWize
            - eZeeReservation
            - FreeToBook
            - WuBook
        - added: menu page called: "booking" so that the user can send a booking request through a form
        - added: new search-form called booking.on.request that posts on the newly created "booking" page
        - added: loading indicator for panel button & forms submit button
        - added: extra 360 VR images on SeaVuel demo on all rooms
    - bugfixes:
        - fixed: padding on menu logo
        - fixed: removed unwanted outline, bg color from various states :focus, :active etc
    - improved:
        - improved: added image on 404 page
        - improved: removed border-radius from mobile menu buttons
        - improved: child pages on sections-layout pages displayed on top-right
        - improved: changed image VR logo overlay

    2017 February 1 – Version 1.0

    - Initial release

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    SeaVuel | Multilingual – Hotel website with CMS | Bootstrap 4 theme

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    SeaVuel | Multilingual - Hotel website with CMS | Bootstrap 4 theme

    Download SeaVuel | Multilingual – Hotel website with CMS | Bootstrap 4 theme Nulled

    Download SeaVuel | Multilingual – Hotel website with CMS | Bootstrap 4 theme

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