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Simple AJAX Contact Forms (Mobile First)

Simple AJAX Contact Forms (Mobile First)

Simple AJAX Contact Forms (Mobile First)

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Simple Forms is a set of minimal and fresh looking contact forms that submits in the background using AJAX and PHP Mailer script to handle sending form data via email (including multiple attachments).

Simple Forms provide a large amount of features and variations:

Highly Customizable

8 different styles, multiple files attachments, date picker, custom select, PHPMailer + SMTP, Autoresponder, Modal forms and more.
see demos

Fresh Looking Design & Minimal Code

Ready to be imported into your next project.

Ajax & PHPMailer Powered

We care about your users time. Using AJAX Submit they will drop you a message faster than you can say Hello

Strong Validation

jQuery Validate, Server Side Validation and Google reCaptcha v3 (invisible for the user) will protect you against spam and robots.
check the validation live

Smart Errors Handling

If there are some errors Simple Forms will return errors descriptions, so you know how to fix it fast.

Phone Field Masking

You can adjust your desired phone fields format in less than a minute with masked input.

Multiple Files Attachments

You can select multiple files and submit the form with uploading progress. Files extensions and size limitations available.
attach some files

reCaptcha v3 by Google

Protects you against robots and spam. reCAPTCHA v3 will never interrupt your users.
see reCaptcha demo

Modal Forms

Simple Forms can be used in modal as well if no more space on your page.

open modal form

Simple Forms comes in 8 different color schemes:
see the colors

  • White
  • Dark
  • Fancy Purple (Gradient)
  • Fresh Green (Gradient)
  • Water Blue (Gradient)
  • Shiny Red (Gradient)
  • Faded Light
  • Faded Dark

User Friendly Success/Error States

Each response the user get in a smooth overlay.

Responsive Design

Fully responsive layout that adapts perfectly for all devices. Mobile First.

Bootstrap 3+ Compatible

Fully responsive and can be used with or without bootstrap framework.

14 Live Demos

Feel free to use examples from the demo page as a base to create your own forms in no time.

Retina Ready

Optimized to shine on the high quality retina screens.


Take advantage of modern, clean and minimal code.

Cross Browser Compatible

Tested on Windows (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE9, IE10, IE11, Edge), Mac (Safari, Chrome, Firefox), iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android.

Use jQuery to Simplify the Javascript Code

We used jQuery to give you the best responsive and customizable Simple Forms.

Support Strict JavaScript Mode(“use strict”;)

All javascript code is under strict mode.

Date Picker

Amazing and smooth datepicker is ready to be used.
see live demo

Agree Before Submit

There is a great feature Agree Before Submit. Submit button will be enabled when your users  agree with Terms and Conditions.
see demo

Store or Delete Uploaded Files

Choose to store or delete uploaded files by the users after form submits.

Redirect to Success Page After Submit

The next great feature is redirect after submit. You can set your custom succes page as alternative form the form success response.
check the redirect

Success & Error States

Let your users know instantly if filled data is valid or there are some errors.
see demo

Server Side Fields & Files Validation

You can customize server side validation rules for fields and attachments.

PHP Mailer + SMTP Configuration

Configure your form in less than a minute to receive emails. SMTP will prevent emails to be dropped in spam. Step by step guide available in Docs.

Autoresponder Feature

Choose if user should get an auto response and configure the autoresponder html template.

Customizable Email Template

You are free to adjust your email template, so your emails will look outstanding.

User IP Localization

Gives you the info about the user by IP Localization.

Server JSON String Response

You get nice formatted JSON response from the server.

Errors/Succes Strings Translation

2 languages already set.

Extended Documentation

Step by step guide to help you take advantage of all form features like: custom select, phone masking, date picker, modal forms smtp config and more.

Helpful Support

To get support please send an email through the contact form on the envato profile page.

Free Updates

Simple Forms will be improved so you get the chance to have all the great features.


one of the best services in over 20 years working on the web!


Amazing contact form, very fast and no bugs. very much recommended.


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Clean-code, good documentation, awesome user localization feature, great design, and reCaptcha v3 is integrated very well. Thank you for a great product!


I had an ajax error (my fault), and they replied with the reason and sent over adjusted files all within 15 minutes.


Great product for static websites that have faulty send form without captcha and validation, Simple AJAX Contact Form has it all and mostly excellent support by it’s author.





v.2.0.1 May 29, 2020

* Form sent date and userr IP included in email template
* General fixes and improvements

v.2.0 April 19, 2020

* Second Release
* Updated design
* New form components added (custom select, date picker, multiple attachments)
* Improoved Client and Server side validation
* Switch to PHPMailer Handler instead of php mail() function
* Email template added
* Autoresponder template added
* Modal form
* Dynamic form validation/ajax submit
* Smart Errors Handling
* Phone Field Masking
* reCaptcha v3 by Google
* User Friendly Success/Error States
* Bootstrap 3+ Compatible
* 14 Live Demos
* Retina Ready
* Cross Browser Compatible
* Agree Before Submit feature
* Server JSON String Response
* Errors/Succes Strings Translation
* Extended Documentation

v1.0.0 December 3, 2019

* Initial Release


Simple Forms – Just Feel Like Yours!

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Simple AJAX Contact Forms (Mobile First)

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Simple AJAX Contact Forms (Mobile First)

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