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School Management Software with Integrated Students Portal + Online Learning System & CBT

Everything you need to manage your Educational Institution – All in One Software

What’s New in v7.0

  • Online Learning Module (Pro Only)
  • Computer-Based Test/Exam Module (Pro Only)
  • Improved Database Performance
  • New Security Upgrades
  • More Performance Upgrades

Why School Owners Prefer SOA?

SOA offers a single solution to all your school management needs. Here is why;

All-in-One Solution
SOA integrates over 70 different school management & Student information modules to automate every aspect of school administration.

Easy to Install
SOA can be setup and ready to use within seconds! Thanks to the Easy-to-use installer that takes only 3 steps.

Free Mobile App.
Give added accessibility to your Parents & Students with the SOA mobile app, providing quick access to all features on your school portal from an Android device.

Online Learning System (Pro Version)
SOA comes with an inbuilt online learning system as well as a computer-based test system to enable you run e-learning platform

One-off License Fee
Pay a One-Time license fee and have a Life-time access to all the features and modules on SOA – No hidden charges – No monthly subscriptions.

Total Control of Your Software
SOA can be deployed on your School Premises or on any Web Server, giving you Total Control over your school software and database.

100% Platform Independent
SOA is completely Browser Based. It can be setup on any PHP/MySQL server and accessed from any browser-enabled device.

School Portal Access via Scratch-Cards
SOA gives you the feature to generate and sell Scratch-Cards to your Applicants/Students for access to your school portal.

Total Work-flow Automation
From students application to admission, administration, fees, exams, promotion, reports & graduation, SOA automates every aspect of school management.

Collect Fees Online
Time to Go Cashless! SOA provides a friendly and easy-to-use platform for parents & students to access and pay fees Online.

Responsive Design
From Large desktop to Smaller mobile devices, SOA is designed to fits perfectly on any display size, giving users easy access to your school portal on the fly.

Multiple Theme Colors
Your brand counts! SOA allows you to choose a theme color that matches your school’s brand.

Automatic Updates & Upgrades
Technology evolves every time. So does SOA. Never miss any update with the integrated automatic update and upgrade features.

24/7 Support
Need help? We got your back. Our team of dedicated support agents are always there to assist via Telephone, Email & Live Chat.

Free Mobile App.
Give added accessibility to your Parents & Students with the SOA mobile app, providing quick access to all features on your school portal from an Android device.

Manage Unlimited Schools.
SOA Enterprise module offers the feature to easily manage unlimited number of schools from a single software, all working Independently. No additional installation required!

Core Modules & Features

See what made SOA the preferred School Management Software

Parents Portal
Parents can access the school portal to view their children’s information, track and pay fees, keep track of their children’s performance and access other information.

Students Portal
Students can access the school portal to view their profile, track and pay fees, access exam reports, keep track of their performance and access other school information.

Online Application

SOA can be integrated with you Online. admission application system, making it easy for you to accept and admit and enroll new students with just a click.

Multiple User Access

Create unlimited users with various roles such as Admits, Teachers, Librarians, Accountants, etc. There is no limit to number of users

Scratch Card Login System
Parents/Students can login to the school portal using assigned Username/Password or using Scratch Card PIN.


Integrated Front-desk modules for quick access to information such as parents details, students profile, school information, fees, etc.

Student’s ID Card
SOA automatically generates a printable identity card for each students on enrollment, saving time and cost of designing ID cards for students.

Online Assignments
Create and manage assignments. School Ledger provides a platform for your students to submit assignments electronically Online.

Grading System

Configure various grades and grading system to be used in your school’s exams reports..

Examination & Assessments
Create Exams for various school sessions and terms, record students exam and assessment marks. SOA automatically computes results for each students

View detailed class-base or student-base report cards for any exam. Report cards can be customized to suite your schools requirements.

Cumulative Report

Specify exams to be used in cumulative result computation and Generate class-base, subject-base or student-base end-of-session cumulative reports.

Class Attendance
SOA provides easy to use interface to enable class teachers take and track daily attendance of students in their classes.

Student Information System
Get easy access to student particulars, their grades, schedules, profile, parents info, and many other reports, anytime.

SMS & Email Messaging
Sending SMS/Email alerts is one of the best feature of SOA. It empowers you by reducing distance between your school and parents/students.

In-built Yearbook
SOA automatically generates printable yearbook based on selected criteria and can be accessed by parents, students and staffs

Notifications & Alerts
Pass important information to your students, staffs, parents, selected classes, etc, with the integrated internal messaging system.

Class Attendance
SOA Stock module helps you keep track of stocks, supplies, sales & issuance of items in your school. It also has an integrated POS module .

SOA provides teachers with tools to manage class attendance, record exam and assessment marks, generate students exam report and much more

School Owners
As a school owner, SOA gives you required administration tools to take total control of your school, staffs, students, financial and much more

With SOA, you can create and manage many other school staffs such as Accountants, Front-Desk staff, Librarians, Managers, each with defined roles.

Library Manager
SOA includes an easy to use Library management system to enable you issue-out as well as keep track of books and other items in your school library.

Document Manager
SOA includes a role-based document management system to enable your school distribute important documents to students, parents and staffs.

Hostel Manager
Create hostels and allocate different hostels to various students with SOA hostel module. You can easily search and view students based on allocated hostels

School Schedules & Calendar
Manage school schedules, class schedules, school activities, events, calendar and much more

Class Time-Tables
Create daily/weekly class schedules for each class. Teachers and students can view their class schedules.

School Planner
Create and manage school sessions, terms and classes. Setup active sessions and terms at the start of each term.

Create & Manage Fees
Create and collect different fees for different sessions, terms, classes or even group of students. View various fee reports

Invoice & Receipts
SOA automatically generates professional looking Invoices/Receipts for each fees. Parents can also view and print their invoices.

Accept Part / Full Payments
SOA provides you the flexibility of collecting part-payment or full payment for any fee. Payments can be made in multiple installments.

Human Resource & Payroll
From creating school staffs, role assignment, employee information, to employee payroll, SOA provides HRM tools to easily manage your school’s employee.

School Financial Accounting
SOA empower you with the ability to manage and control your school accounts more effectively. It supports double entry accounting system and generates automatic financial statements.

Online Payments

SOA offers 6 Online. payment platforms; Quickteller, PayPal, GTPay, WebPay, 2Checkout, SimplePay and Cash/Bank payments, with tools to easily create custom payment gateways, giving parents multiple payment options.

Browser Based
SOA can be deployed Locally or on a Web-server. It is platform independent and can be accessed from multiple devices over a network using a Web Browser, even on mobile devices.

Import Data from Excel
Migrating your existing school records is as easy as clicking a few buttons. SOA provides tool to easily import existing records from any Excel or CSV file.

Transport Module
Create and manage school buses with defined route and assign students to buses. You can also configure Fees for only students assigned to bus.

Manage Photos & Videos
SOA comes integrated with multimedia gallery to keep a collection of photos and videos from your school’s event. The gallery can be accessed by school staffs, students and parents

Sales, Stock & Inventory
SOA stock module helps you keep track of stocks, supplies, sales & issuance of items in your school such as text-books, Uniforms and other saleable items. It also has an integrated POS module

Server Requirements

  • Unix or Windows OS.
  • Apache or IIS (Apache Highly Recommended)
  • PHP Version 5.6 or higher (7.0 recommended)
  • Curl Support
  • PHP Cron Jobs
  • JSON Enabled
  • PHP Memory Limit: 1024 MB
  • MySQL Version 5.3 or higher
  • MySQL Strict Mode disabled
  • PHP Short-tags enabled
  • IonCube Loader 10 or higher

See full system requirements in documentation

Live Demo

Seeing is Believing! Take SOA on a spin with our fully functional Online. demo.


Please note that Pro features can only be available when you upgrade to Pro License. You can only remove the Powered By… footer link with a Pro License. Contact us for more information

About Support

Need help? Please click on the Support tab to access our dedicated support platform.
Our support service is available Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 5:30pm Nigeria Local Time… We do our best to assist

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SOA – School Management Software with Integrated E-Learning System & Parents/Students Portal

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SOA - School Management Software with Integrated E-Learning System & Parents/Students Portal

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