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Social Network – PHP Social Networking System is a powerful PHP script designed to allow you to create your own Social Network! It uses a beautiful Bootstrap design, has integrated live chat, pages, albums, image uploading, powerful Admin Panel and more. It’s powered by MySQL and PHP.

Test Drive Before You Buy

Demo Link: http://social.patchesoft.com/

Demo Login Details (Admin):
Email: [email protected]
Password: test123

Non-Admin Details:
Email: [email protected]
Password: test123

DEMO DATA resets every 30 minutes. Feel free to mess around

Our Guarantee

  • Provide excellent support with a fast response rate.
  • Patch and fix any bugs or broken content.
  • Help get you setup and installed!
  • Answer any questions you may have.

Social Network is also very secure!

  • Secure Database that uses prepared statements so no SQL Injection!
  • Protects against CSRF attacks!
  • HTML Filter to protect against XSS attacks!
  • Built using the latest CodeIgniter Framework Version 3.0+ that has been tried and tested by millions of developers.
  • Passwords are encrypted using PHPass Library, standard bcrypt encryption.
  • Captcha enabled pages to prevent spam!
  • Google reCAPTCHA
  • Brute Force protection on login

Full Feature List

  • Feed System

    • Each user can make posts to their Feed which their friends can also see.
    • Feed Posts can be made with the Feed Editor, that allows you to make emotive responses.
    • Upload Images directly from a post.
    • Upload Videos and YouTube URLs.
    • Users can share posts from other users to their own feed.
    • Tagged users using the @mention symbol.
    • Create Polls for other users to vote on
    • Use #hashtags to get your post trending
    • Choose a location powered by Google Maps to let people know where you are.
    • Tell everyone who you’re with by mentioning users in your posts.
    • Posts can contain Emojis!
    • Infinite Scrolling
    • Can turn off notifications for individual posts.
    • Save any post to your list of Saved Posts.
    • Edit/Delete any post on the fly.
    • Comment and sub-comment system.
    • Like any feed post.
    • Show albums of images with gallery viewer.
  • Frontpage

    • Frontpage will show posts from all your friends and pages you’re a member of.
    • Trending Hashtags will show the top 5 trending hashtags (most used)
    • Shows Newest Users & Newest Pages.
    • Admins have access to All Pages and All Posts sections.
    • Saved posts displays any posts you have saved.
    • Sidebar shows your most recent online friends.
    • Display Adverts; Rotation adverts will show a random advert until it’s pageviews reach zero.
  • Blog System

    • Users can create their own blogs and blog posts.
    • Blog posts can be public or private(friends only).
    • Users can share their blog posts to their feed.
    • Can be enabled/disabled from the Admin Panel.
    • Blogs section shows list of new public posts to everyone.
    • Admins can edit/delete all blogs/blog posts.
  • Chat System

    • Live chat allows you to chat with any of your friends (AJAX)
    • Can have multiple chat windows at any time.
    • Disable chat in Admin Panel.
    • View all chats in the Inbox, as well as reply/create new chats.
    • Clicking on a friend in the sidebar will load up their chat window automatically.
  • User & Registration System

    • Users can register for an account using the quick and easy register page.
    • Captcha enabled registration page to prevent bots from spamming your site (can be disabled in Admin Panel (includes Google ReCaptcha)
    • Users can also register accounts using their Social Network(Google, Facebook, Twitter) accounts, making it even quicker to sign up to your site!
    • Login System comes with a Forgotten Password page, to allow users to reset their password via email.
    • Prevents spam by making sure the email address is unique and valid.
    • Passwords are encrypted using PHPass library to make sure your data is safe!
    • Can disable registration from Admin Panel, as well as Social Login option.
    • User roles allow you to give permissions to specific users.
    • User notifications, including email reminders.
    • Profiles with customisable header and avatar sections.
    • Profiles contain all posts made by that user.
    • Other users can post directly to the user’s profile.
    • Profiles show off the user’s friends list and albums they have created.
    • Custom Fields for each user can be made in the Admin Panel to show up on the profile.
    • Relationship Statuses
    • Any user can be reported, with reports being sent to the Admin Panel.
  • Pages

    • Users can create custom pages with the User Role Page Creator.
    • Each page has it’s own members section, albums and events calendar.
    • Pages can be set to private/public so that only certain users can see/view them.
    • Members of Pages can have their Page Role set to Admin to help update the page.
    • Invite Members to join your page.
    • Albums allow you to organise photos and images better.
    • Events section allows you to post an Event on your page, with details such as time, location etc.
    • Events can be marked as attending/not attending. Post events to Page Feed.
    • Any page can be reported, with reports being sent to the Admin Panel.
  • Microtransactions

    • Users can purchase credits to use on the site.
    • Supported Payment Gateways: PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout
    • Users can purchase a Rotation Ad space. Display their own advert on the site.
    • Users can promote a post for X amount of pageviews where the promoted post is displayed on the frontpage.
    • Users can purchase a verified sign icon.
    • Admin can approve of all submitted Promoted Posts/Adverts.
    • See Payment Logs in Admin Panel.
  • Members & Settings

    • Search Members by username, first name, last name, email.
    • User Profiles.
    • User Settings area allows user to change their avatar, update their name and other information.
    • Change Password option in Settings page too.
    • Privacy settings which allow the user to set who can see what and perform what actions.
    • Add their social network profiles for other sites.
    • See page invites and friend requests.
  • User Roles

    • User Role system allows you to assign specific permissions to users.
    • Set a default User Role in the Admin panel.
    • Admins have access to all sections of the site.
    • Create custom User Roles in the Admin Panel.
  • Admin Panel

    • Able to disable registration
    • Able to disable Captcha, Google ReCaptcha
    • Change site name, logo and other settings.
    • Able to disable social network login
    • Manage Members allows you to edit, delete and view Member information, such as their IP address, email and when they last logged in.
    • User Groups allow you to sort and categorize members easily.
    • Email Templates make translating emails much more easier by using our Email Templates option.
    • Email Members area allows you to send emails to all of your registered emails. Select by User Group, Username or All Users.
    • IP Blocking system allows you to block certain IPs from registering accounts and from logging in.
    • Manage Custom Fields for Users.
    • View reports of bad profiles/pages.
    • Manage Rotation Ads, Promoted Posts and Verified Requests.
    • Manage Advert settings, including controlling pricing of adverts.
  • Translation Ready

    • Easy translate the entire system by modifying our translation files (just 3 to edit!)
    • Allow users to switch between a language of their choice using our unique Language Switcher.
    • Supports any UTF-8 language!
    • RTL settings in Admin Panel.
    • Documentation Guide to walk you through how to translate
  • System

    • Built on CodeIgniter 3.1.10
    • Built on Bootstrap 3.3.4
    • Translation Ready
    • Requires PHP 5.4 and a MySQL database.
    • Supports MySQL, Mysqli and PDO drivers.
    • Supports SMTP Email, PHP Mail()

Installation Services

Want us to help setup the software for you and get it running? Check out our Services page for more details.

Release Notes

Version 1.4 (03/12/2019)

  • Updated to latest version of CodeIgniter 
  • Added Deauthoize option for a social media account 
  • Fixed bug with editing user images
  • Fixed issue with editing a page
  • Fixed issue with viewing profiles logged out

Version 1.3 (22/04/2019)

  • Updated to latest version of CodeIgniter
  • Fixed an issue with social media icons now showing up
  • Added new Limit section to Admin Panel: Limit amount of photos uploade
  • Added Post to Feed when you say you’re going to an event
  • Pages can now charge credits to allow members to join
  • Pages can set the credit cost and which user is paid the credits.
  • Added option to Pages to set individual posts as Member-Only content (have to be a member of the page to view it)
  • New Invite System: allows you to create invite codes and invite users to the system
  • Manage Invites in Admin Panel; invite codes can expire upon use, expire after X amount of time
  • Invites can bypass disabled registration if you allow it
  • Implemented Post Dislikes, can be disabled in Admin Panel
  • Updated Post Likes to show who liked/disliked
  • Users can now subscribe to blogs
  • When a blog makes a new post, all subscribers will be notified.

Version 1.2 23/08/2018

  • Updated to latest version of CodeIgniter 3.1.9
  • Fixed issue with resizing images
  • Added Export options to Members page
  • Fixed issue with viewing single comments with verified members
  • Improved the way links are handled in posts.
  • Added option to allow non-logged in users view profiles and their albums.
  • Added option to allow non-logged in users to view pages and their albums & events.
  • New Blog System added
  • Users can create their own blogs, make posts and share it to their feed.
  • Added option to disable blog section
  • Admin can view all blogs & blog posts /edit/delete

Version 1.1 15/03/2018

  • Fixed issue with tagging user’s with names in foreign characters
  • Updated CodeIgniter to Version 3.1.7
  • Fixed issue with Sortable.js library
  • Fixed Tagging Users error
  • New Advert Settings page in Admin
  • Can enable Ads on Feed page and/or Profile/Pages page
  • Added new Rotation Adverts feature that allows you to add Adverts to the site.
  • Admin can manage Rotation Adverts in Admin Panel; Accept/Reject, set price for pageviews, view active adverts.
  • Added Payment Settings page to Admin Panel; setup paypal, stripe and 2checkout
  • Users can buy credits using any of the three payment processors: PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout
  • Users can purchase a Rotation Advert that is displayed on the site using Credits.
  • Implemented Promoted Posts
  • Users can pay credits to promote their posts to everyone’s dashboard for X amount of pageviews.
  • Admin can approve/reject all promoted posts.
  • Implemented User Polls; users can now create a poll when making a post. Select from Multiple Votes or Single Votes.
  • Updated Editor to highlight buttons when you have active content
  • Updated Login/Register pages
  • Updated comments to link to user profile
  • Added ability to delete notification
  • Updated User Notification to use Email Template
  • Added option to Admin Panel to auto-resize user uploaded avatars
  • Can now add “Verified” icons next to usernames and update users in Admin Panel
  • You can enable users to be able to purchase Verified status using Credits from the Funds section
  • Set price of cost to become verified in the Admin Panel
  • Users can also submit Verified Requests from the User Settings page. Option to disable this added in Admin Panel.
  • Manage all submitted Verified Requests from Admin Panel

Version 1.0.1 15/11/2017

  • Fixed issue with profile post count not updating
  • Fixed issue with deleting photos not updating album image count
  • Fixed issue with Edit Post in Google Chrome
  • Fixed issue with Friends Count being incorrect
  • Fixed issue with Friends Deadd text being incorrect
  • Fixed issue with members posting on Page
  • Fixed issue with viewing Your Pages
  • Fixed issue viewing profile with a user with no user role
  • Fixed issue with deleting a page

Version 1.0 27/10/2017

  • Original release

Created by Patchesoft

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Social Network – PHP Social Networking System

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Social Network - PHP Social Networking System

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