Soundkit – Social Music Sharing Platform

Soundkit - Social Music Sharing Platform

Download Soundkit – Social Music Sharing Platform Free Nulled [updated version]

Soundkit is a Social Music Sharing Platform similar with Mixcloud, SoundCloud, allowing users to upload their music online and share with the world

User And Admin Demo – User demo

Create your account to test, you will also have admin access but you cannot make any changes

User Features

Feed – The feed page keeps the user up to date with the new tracks, albums or playlist posted by their friends, display artists suggestions and more

Charts – The charts show the New & Hot songs base on admin time settings , like this week New & Hot songs, also display the Top 50 songs which can be filter by time this week, last week, this month, last month and this year

Explore – You can explore new tracks, new artists, new albums and filter tracks by genre

Collection – Collection works like Soundcloud which allow users to see their collections like history of tracks they have played, tracks they have liked, Tracks they want to listen later, their playlists and albums with the ones they have liked

Music Player – Comes with a modern music player with ability to play, next, pause, repeat and also next up playlist

Repost – User can repost tracks, playlists or albums to their followers just like Soundcloud

Search – Comes with a search system to find artists, tracks, people, playlists and albums all at the same time. Also support search filter

Sharing – Users can share songs on any website , via the email or on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook e.t.c

Pro Accounts – Monetize your website with premium pro members who can get pro badge, more track size, sell tracks , use the spotlight e.t.c

Statistics – Powerful statistics to show who is playing your tracks, download your tracks , see statistics with bar, line or Area chart base on it

Admin Features

Admin can manage almost everything from the admin panel which includes but not limited to the follow

  1. Manage site settings
  2. Manage tracks
  3. Customize the site colors
  4. Manage reports
  5. Manage Ads
  6. Send Newsletter
  7. Manage genres
  8. Manage payments
  9. Manage info pages
  10. Manage users
  • Apache 2+ (mod_rewrite)
  • PHP 5.5+ (MySQLi, OpenSSL, cURL, GD, mbstring)
  • MySQL 5+


Version 2.4.2

  • ADDED Condition to music embed player to prevent playing next tracks
  • ADDED number of track views in the charts
  • ADDED ability to add less amount for adverts plugin
  • ADDED ability for ads owner to see their ads for adert modulev
  • Prevent creating of ads when wallet is low
  • FIXED little problem in user roles
  • Version 2.4.1

  • ADDED ability to edit genre
  • ADDED user role feature for admins
  • ADDED option to delete radio
  • FIXED music player on the home page
  • FIXED missing files in the last update
  • FIXED albums rearrangement of tracks
  • FIXED artist profile website information
  • FIXED ads issue in which wallet not been deducted
  • Version 2.4

  • Rebuild the music player
  • Random people to follow on signup instead of showing same people
  • Renamed Charts to trending and added top songs
  • IMPROVED charts top and new query to load faster
  • FIXED radio listen design
  • FIXED Followers & Following pagination not working
  • FIXED Block users still showing in some places like spotlight, album lists
  • FIXED playlist pagination not working properly
  • Version 2.3.3

  • Improved song upload system,added option to auto fill song information
  • FIXED – Reported bugs
  • IMPROVED – script security
  • Version 2.3.2
  • Improved the upload system (Can now enter details for each track)
  • Improved design bugs
  • FIXED Dark mode background image on home page
  • FIXED download ability on embeded tracks
  • FIXED video control issue on pagination
  • Version 2.3.1
  • ADDED Ability view bank receipt from admin before approve
  • Improved script security
  • FIXED Reported bugs
  • Version 2.3
  • ADDED Ability to edit track file , you can set for only premium artists or all artists to be able to do that
  • ADDED ability to add premium track demo file to make premium tracks more secure
  • ADDED Bank transfer payment option
  • ADDED Download button to purchased albums
  • Improved Interface Design
  • Improved script security
  • FIXED Reported bugs
  • Version 2.2
  • ADDED ability to change track image from admin panel
  • ADDED ability to edit track lyrics from admin panel
  • Improved Mobile responsive layout
  • Improved script security
  • FIXED Reported bugs
  • Version 2.1
  • Added option for admin to upload / import video for artists
  • Added option for admin to add radio for artists
  • ADDED ability to sort tracks in albums and playlist
  • ADDED option to change playlist or album picture
  • ADDED ability to download playlist of full album as zip , you can enable it at admin -> settings -> limit
  • ADDED Ability to add tracks to albums
  • FIXED album profile owner issue
  • FIXED Other reported and known bugs
  • IMPROVED security
  • Version 2.0.2
  • Add option for chunk track playing for easy download of tracks prevention by downloaders
  • Improve api to support the new mobile app
  • Improved security
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Version 2.0.1
  • FIXED – Settings not saving issue from 2.0
  • FIXED – discover overview page for top 50 tracks
  • FIXED – Radio plugin duplication menu on profile page
  • FIXED – Blog likes and comments count issue
  • Version 2.0
  • ADDED Shuffle to music player
  • ADDED Lyrics upload to the music player per song
  • ADDED Option to change player speed
  • ADDED Featuring of other artists
  • ADDED Video statistics to page
  • ADDED A new Error 404 page
  • ADDED Option to only allow logged in users to download tracks
  • ADDED Ability for admin to upload tracks for any artists
  • ADDED Multi-currency support (BETA) You are not advice to use in production
  • ADDED User liked tracks on the profile page
  • ADDED Option to change track wave colors at anytime
  • ADDED Wave Generator (Browser or Server ) you can now choose
  • IMPROVED Default theme for version 2.0
  • IMPROVED tracks play views by tracking guest play
  • IMPROVED Facebook login
  • ADDED Option to unban banned users from the users list
  • ADDED Ability to add album and playlist to global spotlight
  • ADDED track pagination button for mobile users
  • ADDED Video size to user space calculation (This only affect new uploaded videos)
  • Radio Module Fully Support Version 2.0
  • Blog Module fully support Version 2.0
  • Adverts & Wallet module fully support version 2.0
  • MOVED My store to user account menu and under statistics dashboard
  • IMPROVED When user account deleted videos are also of the user are deleted
  • FIXED Private album not being considered during upload
  • FIXED issue with admin manage videos page not working
  • FIXED Video convertion with ffmpeg
  • Version 1.3.4
  • ADDED Download button to purchased track list
  • ADDED ability to search videos with drop down feature
  • ADDED Option to enable download options by default
  • ADDED Download button to track action buttons
  • ADDED track action buttons to the song player
  • ADDED Keyboard shortcuts modal
  • ADDED link to track image in the main player
  • ADDED AutoPlay to video
  • ADDED Two-Factor Authentication system with option to enable or disable by both admin and users
  • ADDED a scroll to top button
  • IMPROVED site security again XSS
  • IMPROVED Song uploads to issues when upload a lots of songs at once
  • IMPROVED song download to be opening new tab to start download immediately for both external storage
  • FIXED issues with song upload not taking care of song avatar
  • FIXED – Become Artist option in the user settings and in admin panel edit user issue
  • FIXED – Country name in lower case in user or artists profile
  • FIXED – problem with user registration issue
  • FIXED – Video player cut issues and fullscreen issues reported
  • FIXED – More on Charts bug in the explore overview page
  • FIXED – Issue with signup caused by last update on some database with strict mode enabled
  • FIXED – links in the notification when someone replies comment
  • Version 1.3.3
  • ADDED Download button to purchased track list
  • ADDED API Endpoints for mobile app
  • ADDED Contact module
  • ADDED a separate login page
  • ADDED a separate signup page
  • ADDED way for non activated users to resend activation link
  • ADDED Instagram field to user social settings
  • ADDED Sitemap [Your sitemap url can be found at]
  • ADDED Recurring payments support for stripe, Please the new documentation on how to set it up
  • ADDED Who purchase tracks,videos,albums to the store dashboard and admin store dashboard
  • Changed the newsletter editor to RICH Editor
  • IMPROVED documentation on how to setup facebook authentication
  • FIXED remember me login feature, so at default user login is remembered
  • FIXED Full screen issue
  • FIXED issue with the rich text editor
  • FIXED issue with saving i am artist settings
  • FIXED track release date dropdown not showing the current year
  • FIXED issue with download of tracks from external storage like wassabi e.t.c
  • IMPROVED script security
  • Version 1.3.2
  • ADDED Wasabi API support
  • FIXED issue with free artists
  • FIXED amazon s3 upload issue
  • FIXED newsletter sending to selected users issue
  • FIXED all reported bugs
  • IMPROVED video layouts
  • IMPROVED script security
  • Version 1.3.1
  • Fixed Price format with zero ending
  • Fixed -1MB in artist pro page
  • Fixed Wave comments users not loading when not logged in
  • Version 1.3
  • Added side footer links in pages with side widgets
  • Re-work Upload system with more cleaner logic
  • Added FTP Storage with wasabi storage support
  • ADDED option to enable pay before playing music or set play percentage for each tracks
  • ADDED security for tracks (This does not support CDN storage like ftp or amazon s3)
  • ADDED Japanese flag icon
  • Improve the layout for some pages like info pages, pro page e.t.c that does not require side menu
  • ADDED option to collapse side menu
  • ADDED ability to set Custom URL for tracks
  • ADDED Video module, support video upload and imports from youtube,vimeo,dailymotion and facebook
  • ADDED Ability to change username by user and admin
  • ADDED ability to change email by user and admin
  • ADDED Ability to verify artists
  • ADDED premium users
  • ADDED Metadata info on track profile
  • ADDED Track downloads public count on the track profile
  • ADDED option to have unlimited space for pro plan
  • ADDED WYISWUG Editor to page editor
  • IMPROVED security
  • Fix google analytics code working
  • Fixed download of track file without mp3
  • Fixed pro accounts when the membership is disabled
  • Fixed access to prevent pages like upload for artists e.t.c
  • FIXED spotlight issue with pro members
  • FIXED Spotlight issue when tracks is deleted
  • FIXED Space in between the tracks on the home page slider
  • FIXED website link not clickable on users profile
  • FIXED issue with try pro feature allowing multiple tries
  • FIXED download of tracks without extension for cdn
  • Version 1.2
  • ADDED Playlist manager, edit ,delete,edit price
  • ADED Albums manager, edit,delete, edit price
  • ADDED Ability to edit tracks from admin panel
  • IMPROVED audio track title during upload by stripping out the extension from the file name
  • IMPROVED Music player – Now save selected player volume
  • Added Option to Disable/Enable breadcrumb
  • ADDED Filter for usernames
  • ADDED Option for artists to delete their tracks, playlist and albums
  • ADDED Keyboard shortcuts to play,pause,next,previous and mute player
  • ADDED Option for Dark & Light mode
  • ADDED option to set default home page
  • IMPROVED downloading of tracks
  • FIXED – Share widget wave image error
  • FIXED – Chat message track or playlist embed for sender
  • FIXED – Setting track comments privacy issue
  • FIXED – Block user issue
  • FIXED – Track privacy issue
  • FIXED – Bottom player track link when playing from playlist
  • FIXED – Spotlight settings not saving
  • FIXED – Only Author can have my store
  • FIXED – Tracks embed playing other songs
  • FIXED – Pro account settings minor issue
  • Version 1.1
  • ADDED Spotlight module
  • ADDED Store module, Your members can now sell their tracks
  • ADDED time comments feature
  • ADDED Upload progress bar when submitting track
  • ADDED Auto-Follow accounts
  • Track now show duration before playing
  • Tracks are not disabled from public when the track owner subscription expired
  • ADDED Easy update of site to the latest versions
  • ADDED Color option for wave colore(Note: If you change color it will only affect new tracks)
  • ADDED Featured Tracks slide side bar
  • Improved the player wave system
  • Tracks in messages are now native
  • Fix bugs
  • Improved security
  • Version 1.0
  • Initial Release
  • TMDb Pro – Movie & TV Show Details Plugin For The Movie Database

    Soundkit – Social Music Sharing Platform

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    Soundkit - Social Music Sharing Platform

    Download & Demo Links

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