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Telling – Multi-Concept News and Publishing Theme

Telling – Multi-Concept News and Publishing Theme

Telling – Multi-Concept News and Publishing Theme

[Download] Telling – Multi-Concept News and Publishing Theme Free Nulled

Telling has everything you need to power your news website. Carefully handcrafted and designed with ease of use, functionality and flexibility in mind. A modern design will make your readers always return for more. Use of latest web technologies helps you stay competitive and provides a peace of mind for years to come. All of this is covered by dedicated and friendly support. Whether you’re just getting started or are an established brand, our all-in-one theme helps you grow.

Complete concepts

Structures and thoughtful layouts already created – waiting for your best content to help it spring to life.

New MNKY core

Telling is based on the new MNKY core that streamlines setup and customization process and provides wide range of options from site-wide to individual element level.

Standout post styles

Creating beautiful articles with Telling is breeze. Choose from various styles to make your content stand out.

Page and block builder synergy

Use the WordPress block editor together with WP Bakery Page Builder to create a better content faster and easier than ever before.

Intelligent article blocks

Advanced article blocks with effective features such as non-duplicating posts, flexible layouts, ajax pagination, multi-level filtering, adaptive images, full colors control and more.

Integrated with best on market

Take advantage of most cutting edge web technologies & features delivered by our bundled plugins.

Header styles

Header is the key element of the website. Use the full potential of the area with flexible header styles and layouts.

Making SEO geeks happy

Proper and complete structured data markup for highest SEO rankings. All information about your content is automatically marked for search engines with no action required.

Fast in real world environment

Nobody likes slow websites. Get very fast load times and A grade performance even on shared hosting with free versions popular performance plugins.

Created for mobile-first world

Create killer content safe in the knowledge that your new website is gonna look and perform fantastic on every device.

Advertise and monetize

Telling has unlimited advertisement spaces for all popular and custom ad sizes and unique ad builder functionality.

Results as you type

See instant search results as you type, powered by REST API.

Menu posts

Display articles right in the menu, categorize in tabs, set columns and choose from various styles.

Review functionality

Built in review functionality with advanced rating breakdown and structured data.

Custom blog & category pages

No more boring archive lists – blog and categories can be custom built to your choice.

Article labels

Make your article stand out and deliver important bits of information to readers.

Auto-load next article

Configurable REST API powered next article auto-load after current post.

Related articles

Make your readers stay by offering them relevant content.

Demo installer

Get demo content running in few seconds with our advanced installer.

Multilanguage & RTL

Publish in your language or even multiple languages at once thanks to full translation and RTL support.

Customer success

We take great pride in our support and are never too far away from you should you need us!

GDPR and cookies

No personal or cookie data is collected by Telling theme, while bundled plugins are carefully selected to be fully GDPR compliant.

Smart sticky menu

Non-interfering sticky menu hides when visitor keeps reading.

One page menu option

Smooth scroll to on-page locations from the menu.

Commenting engine support

Our theme supports popular commenting systems like Facebook, Disqus, Google+ and more.

Post time format

Telling theme has a custom timing function, that lets your visitors know, if an article was posted “Just Now”, “5 minutes ago” or “3 days ago”.

Post reading time

Automatically calculated reading time can be displayed for each article.

Lead paragraphs for posts

Lead paragraphs can be used to display article content summary and will not be included into the post content.

Captions for featured images

Caption or add credits to featured images.

Gallery, Video and Link post format

Assign post formats to articles to indicate of the post content inside.

Next and previous articles

Links for next and previous articles after visitor has finished reading.

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Category and Tag descriptions

Category and tab page titles can be accompanied by descriptions.

Extended author field

Author biography field is extended to allow html formatting.

Sticky sidebars

Sidebars and page builder columns can be made sticky while scrolling.

Useful widget areas

Lots of useful widget areas for any type of content like sharing, advertising, related articles and more.

Fluid multi-level footer column layout

Three levels of adjustable footer sidebars with fully custom content option.

Full CDN support

All images are sized and served by WordPress core functions, therefore all CDN and optimization methods are supported.

Developer friendly

Theme functions and templates are ready to be customized via child theme.

Theme hooks for developers

Telling has hooks in different locations. Theme hooks can be used to add your own content to hook location without modifying original files.

Child theme included

Starter child theme is included for your customizations. Simply install it and start customizing.

PHP 7.3 + and SSL ready

Theme is coded according to best practices and provides peace of mind for years ahead.


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Telling – Multi-Concept News and Publishing Theme

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Telling – Multi-Concept News and Publishing Theme

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