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The Next Gen School Management Software – Menorah Academy

Menorah Academy is a multipurpose school management software which is suitable for colleges, schools and universities for academic, administration and management related activities.

Pioneer in School Management System

Top 25 Reasons to Choose Menorah Academy

  • Single system for School/College/University or All together
  • 2 Steps Installation process / Free Installation support
  • Courses Management with and without semesters
  • Complicated modules are made easy with Drag and Drop option
  • Create and manage Time table on fly with flexible print options
  • Generate own timetable for Staff/Student with print option
  • Lesson plan management and tracking with detailed report
  • Offline, Online and Scheduled exams support
  • Student promotions(promote, detained and course completion), attendance management
  • Graphical marks, attendance reports for individual and class
  • Custom fields Bonafide, TC certificate generation
  • Id card generation with multi template options
  • Library Management System with multi asset types
  • Separate module to generate and print class wise students with given no. of empty columns for administration purpose
  • 7 Type of users (Owner, Admin, Staff, Student, Parent, Librarian, Asst. Librarian)
  • Free/Paid Exams and Exam Series with detailed time analysis on each question
  • Free/Paid Learning management System like video portal and downloadable items
  • Online and Offline payments with coupons
  • Dynamic multi lingual system
  • Enable or disable modules with given settings
  • Support for 7 types of questions
  • Negative mark exam support with difficulty level
  • Strengths and weakness of the student for each subject
  • Messaging, Notifications, Feedbacks and many more…
  • Drag and Drop features

DEMO Credentails : Menorah Academy

  • URL:
  • Owner Login : [email protected] / password
  • Admin Login : [email protected] / password
  • Staff Login : [email protected] / password
  • Librarian Login : [email protected] / password
  • Asst.Librarian Login : [email protected] / password
  • Student Login : [email protected] / password
  • Parent Login : [email protected] / password
  • Clerk Login : [email protected] / password
  • HR Login : [email protected] / password
  • Receptionist Login : [email protected] / password
  • Transport Manager Login: [email protected] /password
  • Hostel Manager Login : [email protected] / password
  • Co-ordinator Login : [email protected] / password
  • Alumni Login : [email protected] / password
  • Menorah Academy – Features

    Easy to start

    • 2 Steps Installation process / Free Installation support
    • Installation with and without sample data
    • Clear documentation with screenshots

    Master setup

    It is User friendly as a basic user can setup all the academic settings with the help of on page helper tool and clear documentation given page wise and screen wise…

    • Academics Masters Setup
    • Courses Masters Setup with variable no. of semesters for each year
      • With semester
      • Without semester
    • Drag & Drop support for Courses to Academic Years
    • Subjects Masters setup with excel upload
    • Topics Masters setup for each subject with excel upload
    • Drag & Drop support for Subjects to Course Allocation
    • Drag & Drop support for Staff allocation to Courses and Years

    Academic Years Management

    • Maintain the list of Academic years or Batch years
    • Allocate Courses to respective Academic Years (ex. 2016-2020 you can allocate and Pharmacy and etc…)
    • Option to enable/disable the academic years to show in list of the system

    Course Management

    • Maintain the Courses Master
    • Option for two level of courses i.e, parent and child courses
      • Eg 1: School is Parent
      • Class 1, Class 2, Class 3… are childs
      • Eg 2: +2 is Parent
      • MPC, BiPC, CEC are childs
      • Eg 3: Degree is parent
      • Btech, BSc etc are childs
    • Option to set the duration for each course
    • Option for setting semesters for each course
    • Option for setting year wise variable no. of semesters for a particular course

    Course Allocation to Selected Academic Year

    As there may not be fixed no. of courses available for each academic year, we have given option to add the courses for each year based on the availability

    • To allocate the course, simply Drag and Drop the course to selected academic year
    • Click on update.

    Subjects Allocation to courses

    • Simply drag and drop the subjects for selected course

    101-features to Choose Menorah Academy

    Staff Allocation to course and particular subject in the course

    • Allocate staff to Selected Class/Year for a Course with easy drag and drop support
    • Allocate subjects to this staff of the course
    • Set the maximum no. of sessions needed for this subject and staff
    • While allotting the staff to specific subject, the admin can view the preferred subjects given by staff

    Timetable Creation

    • Set-Up the no. of periods per day with timings
    • After selecting particular course and year the list of staff will be available who are allotted the selected course and year
    • On mouse hover on the staff, it will show the free and busy timings on graph
    • Simply drag and drop the staff for particular slot and update.
    • Done the time table is created
    • Printer settings are given
    • Option to print class/self timetable for student/staff

    Lesson plans

    • Option to update the lesson plans for staff to the allocated subject of a course
    • Clean reports to show the percentage of syllabus completed for a subject
    • Detailed topic wise report with completed date

    Offline, Online, Scheduled Exams

    • We have given option to add offline exams where the marks can be uploaded manually
    • Online exams are normal exams the user can take
    • Scheduled exams are visible for specific time for selected list of course and years
    • Detailed individual and class wise reports with percentage calculation and graphical report

    Attendance Management

    • Option for taking attendance for staff who got allocated to class
    • Detailed report of attendance in calendar with no. of classes held for that day
    • On click of the subject, detailed list of topics covered with the staff information
    • Detailed report of class and individual with percentage calculation

    Promotions Module

    • Promote student from one class to other class by simple selections
    • Option to make the student as detained student
    • Option to make the student as course completed
    • Generate the list of course completed list with print option
    • Generate the list of detained students list

    Library Management System

    • Option for multi type of assets
    • Master record (Book) creation with types Issuable/Reference/Staff
    • Generate any no. of series records for selected master record
    • Book/Asset Issue and receipts Management
    • Option to make the asset to Damaged or Lost
    • Detailed reports are provided
    • Librarian and Asst. librarian type of users
    • Dynamic settings for limiting the book issues for Staff and Student

    Bonafide Certificates Management

    • Option to generate Bonafide certificate
    • Previous issue history of bonafide certificate
    • Fully customized settings for the bonafide certificate
    • Printer and page settings

    Transfer Certificates Management

    • Option to generate Transfer certificate for course completed students
    • Settings for enable or disable the specific fields to print on certificate with/without serial no, date, header etc
    • Previous issue history of TC certificate
    • Printer settings and page settings
    • Link for Library module before issue of TC certificate

    ID Card Generation

    • Option for generating ID cards for students class wise or for individual student
    • Fully customized settings for selection of fields to be printed on ID card
    • Two templates are given
    • Printer settings and page settings

    Dynamic Multi lingual system

    • For any language, no headache for updating the language strings
    • Just create the language and traverse the site once
    • Done. Our system will build the language strings on its own..!

    Flexible Master Settings

    • Enable/Disable modules of the project from admin settings
    • Multiple Payment gateways settings (PayU and Paypal)
    • Email Settings
    • SEO Settings
    • Email Template Settings
    • Certificate Settings
    • Site Settings

    Question Bank

    • All questions are maintained under this module
    • Later these questions can be added to any no. of exams as per requirement
    • Support for 7 type of questions
      • a) Single Answer
      • b) Multi Answer
      • c) Match the following
      • d) Fill in the blanks
      • e) Paragraph
      • f) Audio
      • g) Video
    • Option to set a benchmark for answer time for each question so that the performance of the student can be evaluated
    • 3 types of difficulty levels for question
      • Easy
      • Medium
      • Hard
    • Hint for each question during exam
    • Explanation for each question after exam
    • Dynamic support for no. of options for each question
    • Support for image type of questions and answers
    • Excel upload for bulk questions (supports 3000+ questions at a time)
    • Detailed report will be Downloaded after excel questions upload
    • Each question is specific to particular subject and topic for obtaining the strengths and weakness of the student for that subject

    Exams Module

    • Paid and free exams
    • Paid exams will have the cost and validity period
    • Set the visibility period for exam to shown for user
    • Marks and Negative marks support for each quiz
    • While updating the questions to quiz, handy filters are given to pick your question from large set of Question Bank Module
    • User friendly interface to update or delete the questions
    • Total marks of a quiz is based on the questions added to it
    • Supports 900+ questions per exam

    Exam Series

    • You can club set of different quizzes together and give a name to it
    • Paid and free exam series
    • For paid series you can set the cost and validity in days
    • The series may contain the paid or free quizzes
    • In free series, if any paid quizzes available, the user need to buy that specific quiz from quiz module
    • User friendly interface to add/update quizzes in exam series module
    • Dynamically the no. of quizzes and no. of questions will be updated to specific series after creating it

    Learning Management System (LMS)

    • 1) With this you can create video classes series
    • 2) Distribute study materials for download
    • 3) LMS may be free or paid
    • 4) Total 7 types of contents are supported i.e.,
      • a) File
      • b) Video File
      • c) Audio File
      • d) Video URL
      • Audio URL
      • IFrame/Integrate Youtube videos
      • URL resource
    • Each content is associated to specific subject
    • Each series is associated to specific category so that user can easily find particular series based on his requirement
    • Series are having an option to set the start date and end date to visible for end user
    • Easy to add and edit content

    Payments Module

    • Online and Offline payments
    • Admin can Approve or Reject the offline payment by viewing the details
    • Enable or disable Offline payments from Settings module
    • Support for PayU and Paypal payment gateways
    • Enable or disable any payment gateway on requirement
    • Detailed graphical reports for online and offline payments
    • Generate excel report with all combinations available in payments module

    Coupon codes

    • Enable or disable from settings
    • Option to enable coupon codes for specific categories
    • Maximum limit of using single coupon code per user
    • Minimum bill amount to use the coupon
    • Start and end dates to use the coupon code
    • Discount can be given in percentage or value

    Instructions set

    • Create Instructions set
    • Assign instruction set to each quiz based on its type


    Currently we are supporting 7 types of users Owner, Admin, Student, Parent (can be enabled/disabled from admin panel), Staff, Librarian, Asst. Librarian

    • Option for Create and update the details for students and staff and other users
    • Map student and parent users with simple selections
    • Option for mapping single parent to multiple childs
    • On selection of student/staff users, detailed reports will be shown with separate dashboard for that student

    Parents Module

    • Can be enabled or disabled from Settings
    • Parent can add his children
    • Option to view the children detailed reports
    • Option to buy exam on behalf of his child

    Notifications Module

    • Notifications can be created by admin and those will be displayed to user
    • Notifications have the date range to display between specific dates
    • Can give short and long descriptions to it
    • Having an option to give external resource link

    Feedbacks Module

    • User can give feedback to the admin
    • Admin can view the feedback

    Admin Screens :: Menorah Academy

    Parent Screens :: Menorah Academy

    Student Screens :: Menorah Academy

    Librarian Screens :: Menorah Academy

    Assistant Librarian Screens :: Menorah Academy

    Staff Screens :: Menorah Academy

    Many More Coming Soon


    Skype : digishelp

    Email : [email protected]

    We are dedicated to continue to improve this system, your suggestions are always welcome.

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    The Next Gen School Management Software – Menorah Academy

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    The Next Gen School Management Software - Menorah Academy

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