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TMail – Multi Domain Temporary Email System

TMail – Multi Domain Temporary Email System

TMail - Multi Domain Temporary Email System

[Download] TMail – Multi Domain Temporary Email System Free Nulled

20th April, 2020 – v5.6 is majorly focused on fixes like broken UI in Admin Panel for Safari, search functionality for mails, etc. However, it also brings ability of one more ad spaces No. 5 between the logo and the create/action box. Click here to see full changelog

TMail is simple to use, fast and mobile ready temporary email system with impressive feature set. It takes just 3 min to install TMail on your server. You can watch video tutorial on how to install TMail here –


Below are server requirements. Usually, all major hosting providers covers each and every requirement specified below.

  • Server Requirements
    • PHP >= 7.1.3
    • MySQL >= 5.1
    • OpenSSL PHP Extension
    • PDO PHP Extension
    • Mbstring PHP Extension
    • Tokenizer PHP Extension
    • XML PHP Extension
    • Ctype PHP Extension
    • JSON PHP Extension
    • BCMath PHP Extension
    • IMAP PHP Extension
    • iconv PHP Extension
    • ZIP PHP Extension
    • Set allow_url_fopen = ON
  • Email with IMAP Support
  • Default Email Forwarder (Catch all Email)
  • Everything which requires Laravel to run

Note : New version of TMail will not work in sub directory. You can either install TMail on Sub Domain or a Proper Domain

Don’t hesitate to contact if you have any questions


Need help in installing? Did you find any bug? Having some amazing ideas? Throw them here

Top quality support with 48hrs response time is always available to support you with any question or query you might have.


Your honest review is always important. It encourages and helps to improve my product.

Special Thanks To

Omar Abubker –
Arabic Translation –

RhoG725 –
Spanish Translation –


v5.6 - 20 April 2020
- Added Ad Space 5 between logo and create/action box
- Changed the sequence of how old emails are deleted
- Fixed Timezone Issue
- Fixed broken UI in Admin Panel for Safari
- Fixed overlapping of Social Media icons on Menu
- Fixed broken mails from Apple Server
- Fixed search functionality of emails
v5.5 - 3 February 2020
- Added ability to Download Email
- Added missing log out on mobile screens
- Added functionality to automatically generate API Key in Admin Panel
- Fixed console errors
- Fixed ENV file getting cleared
v5.4 - 2 December 2019
- Added more refined Ad Spaces
- Fixed page URL appended if set as homepage
- Fixed API Issues
- Fixed Password Reset Issue
- Fixed Logo getting replaced after update issue
v5.3 - 4 October 2019
- Re-organised Admin Panel 
- Added ability to add a custom header for Pages (for Meta Tags, etc)
- Added function to delete emails after specific seconds, hours, minutes and days
- Fixed menu saving issue
- Fixed weird code being shown with Google Adsense
- Fixed console error in Admin Panel
- Fixed "View All Emails" button being non-functional on iPad / iPhone 
- Fixed inline images not being displayed
- Fixed TMail buttons colours going back to default after language change 
v5.2 - 8 August 2019
- Added WordPress Blog Integration
- Added support to delete emails via CRON
- Added support to check for emails in CC field
- Added ability to change the timezone
- Fixed attachments not getting deleted after email deletion
- Fixed Visual Texts
- Fixed Forbidden email Ids being case insensitive
v5.11 - 13 June 2019
- Open Social Media Links in New Tab
- Add Custom Header Field
- Open Email Content Links in New Tab
- Ads and Custom Code Issues
v5.1 - 5 June 2019
- Added IP Logs 
- Added Custom CSS and JS Options
- Fixed Social Links Issue
- Fixed Ad Space Issues
v5.0 - 2 June 2019
- Revamped UI and Backend Functionality
- Upgraded App to Utilize Laravel Framework
- Page Module
- Menu Module
- Multiple API Keys
- Auto Generate Email
- Stats Functionality
- Social Media Links
- Support for PHP v7.1 and above
v4.3.7 - 5 March 2019
- Added Ads on Homepage (Top & Bottom)
- Added Language support for Push Notifications
- Fixed error on PHP 7.0 (Modern Layout)
v4.3.6 - 19 January 2019
- Added ability to change application colours from Admin Panel (Modern Layout)
- Added ability to logout from Admin Panel
- Fixed UI issue related to switching email on mobile
- Fixed Clear email button issue on mobile
v4.3.5 - 12 January 2019
- Added "Test SMTP Connection" in Admin Panel 
- Fixed 'DIE' notification error
- Fixed countdown issue in Modern
- Minor Design Fix
v4.3.4 - 30 December 2018
- Fixed PHP Server Variables Issues
- Minor Design Fix
v4.3.3 - 26 December 2018
- Added API Support
- Added countdown in Modern Layout
v4.3.2 - 16 December 2018
- Fixed loading screen issue
- Fixed translation issues in few seconds
- Fixed timezone bug
v4.3.1 - 24 November 2018
- Fixed attachment issue while deleting or download email
- Auto delete attachments after X days based on delete emails settings
v4.3 - 22 November 2018
- Added attachments functionality
- Added ability to encode email ID in URL
- Fixed minor code issues
v4.2 - 9 October 2018
- Fixed language string 
- Fixed bug in switch ID drop-down in Modern Layout
- Fixed mails not getting cleared after email IDs are switched
v4.1 - 16 August 2018
- Fixed German Language Issue
- Push Notifications in Modern Layout
- Ability to change Timezone 
- The ability for the user to Clear Email List
- Tracking Codes can now be added directly from Admin Panel
v4.0 - 15 August 2018
- Modern Layout Released
- Menu Links Support
- Minor Bug Fixes
v3.4 - 3 July 2018
- Ability to enable or disable Push Notifications
- Address not allocated Bug Fix
- Minor Bug Fixes
v3.3 - 7 April 2018
- Added ability to save a list of Emails
- Added Web Notifications
- Added ability to set Default language in Admin Panel
- Minor Bug Fixes
v3.2 - 26 February 2018
- Added Searchability for EMails
- Added Multi - Email Functionality
- Minor Bug Fixes
v3.1 - 20 October 2017
- Added Admin Panel
- Fixed Minor Cosmetic Issues 
- Optimized Configuration and Options Data
v3.0 - 11 September 2017
- Added ability to save IP Logs with Date and EMail-ID created 
- Added option to use or not to use SSL for connecting to server 
- Added configurable about us
- Added forbidden mail ids
- Optimized Downloading of EMails 
- Fixed address attribute PHP Notice
- Fixed countdown timer
- Fixed total emails count in the title bar
v2.2 - 19 August 2017
- Added ability to view total mails count in the title bar 
- Added 2 more languages (German & Polish)
- Fixed minor bugs and cosmetic issues
v2.1 - 28 July 2017
- Added 7 different languages support. 
- Fixed iPhone blank email.
- Fixed blank email received from some email servers.
v2.0 - 7 July 2017
- Added Custom Email ID Option
- Added Ads Support
- Added moving countdown for retrieval of new emails
- Added option to customize 'After X number of days, emails get deleted from server'
- Added option to set refresh time for retrieval of new emails
- Optimized JS for setting up Email ID
- Optimized security
- Fixed minor bug for Download Email option on some servers
- Fixed formatting issue on Email
v1.2 - 29 June 2017
- Added button for getting new Email ID
- Fixed CSS issue
- Fixed responsive issue on iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s
v1.1 - 25 June 2017
- Fixed accordion expand the issue
- Fixed download button issue
- Optimized retrieval of new emails
v1.0 - 22 June 2017
- Initial Release! Yay!

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TMail – Multi Domain Temporary Email System

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TMail - Multi Domain Temporary Email System

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