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Preview: TuneVoyage – Follow to Download & Smart Links (SoundCloud/Spotify/YouTube/Deezer/Mixcloud)

For new buyers: SoundCloud do not currently allow new APPs to be registered. This means you will not be able to create download gates via their service. However, anyone who already has a SoundCloud APP that works with TuneVoyage can still use that feature without any problems.

Script does not work with PHP 7.3 and 7.2. Make sure you either use version 7.0 or 7.1


Download Gate: View | Smart Link: View | Bridge (Combined): View | Catalog: View | Admin Zone: View | Visit the official website of TuneVoyage.

TuneVoyage is a web based application and catalog, that combines two powerful marketing tools to help musicians, bands, labels and other content creators organically grow their fan base on various social networks by trading free downloads for social engagement and new followers (via download gates), convert more fans to streams and downloads by redirecting them to their favorite store or streaming service via smart links and keep track on the growth. This script is meant to be used by one band, label or artist to create a catalog of download gates and smart links for their own music and does not support user registrations.

TuneVoyage’s back-end is built with the popular PHP framework Codeigniter 3 and uses HTML 5 / CSS 3 / jQuery, Bootstrap 3 and Smarty for the front-end.

Key Features

• Download Gates (Follow to Download)
Ask your listeners to follow you or like content in order to unlock a download.

• Smart Links
Beautiful landing pages for your commercial releases with all the links to streaming services and shops they are available in.

• Combined Pages (Bridges)
Combine a download gate with a smart link. Let your fans decide if they want to stream, buy or follow you to download.

• Detailed Statistics
Keep track of the downloads, link clicks, preferred shops, top locations, downloaders and much, much more!

• Limit Downloads
Choose the number of free downloads you want to give away. The gate will lock once the download limit is reached.

• Responsive
TuneVoyage looks great on any device, any resolution!

• Music Catalog
TuneVoyage generates automatically a beautiful catalog with all of your gates and smart links, that encourages your visitors to browse trough more of your music.

• Categories / Genres
Setup your own categories and genres, let visitors filter your music by them and find what they want faster.

• Be Unique
Many customization options. Upload your own background or use the cover of the release as one, upload your own logo, custom browser title…

• SEO Friendly
Custom SEO friendly permalinks, facebook open graph tags.

Are you a skilled developer? API methods are available + easy to understand documentation and examples.

• Easy To Use
Easy to use admin side, detailed documentation and installation guide.

Supported Platforms

You can easily customize the social unlock options and let your fans support you in the following ways before they get their free download:

• SoundCloud: Follow up to 3 artists; favorite/repost up to 5 tracks.
• YouTube: Subscribe to up to 4 channels, like up to 4 videos, comment a video.
• Spotify: Follow up to 3 artist (main profile can be user), add/favorite up to 5 songs, follow up to 2 playlist
• Deezer: Follow up to 2 artists; favorite up to 2 songs.
• Mixcloud: Follow up to 2 profiles; repost, like or like and repost a mix/radio show.

For smart links you can add links to these stores and services by default:
Apple Music, iTunes, Beatport, Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, Audiomack, Traxsource, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon, Napster, Google Play, Bandcamp, CdBaby and Juno Download or you can add your own stores from the new “stores” module.


⦁ See how your downloads are helping you grow on the different social networks.
⦁ Keep track of the downloads, see where your content was downloaded from and using what platforms.
⦁ Filter the statistics to only show downloads via a given network.
⦁ Check download statistics based on a time period, that you select.
⦁ See what’s your most popular song/item.
⦁ See what social networks are most preferred by your fans.
⦁ Keep track of the downloads for the current week, month and day.
⦁ Keep track on what stores get most link clicks.
⦁ See where your clicks are coming from (country/city)
⦁ Keep track of the total reposts, made by your fans and see who is the top reposter.
⦁ TuneVoyage will let you know how many new fans you have reached thanks to your free downloads.
⦁ and even more …


Detailed documentation on how to install, setup the download gates, obtain client ids and secrets for each platform and how to work with the system.

Need more info?

A download gate is a landing page for your music where you give fans free downloads in exchange for social support (following you on a social website, liking/reposting your content). Rapidly grow your soundcloud, mixcloud, spotify and youtube fan base!

A smart link is a landing page for your music where you can list all of the stores and streaming services that it’s available in and convert more of your fans to streams or downloads. You can also see how many clicks each store can get, and see from what cities/countries people are streaming/downloading.

For each download gate you can choose what download options to give to your fans. They can choose one of the platforms you have included for the gate and connect with their profiles. Once they authorize the connection they will automatically follow you on a given social website, repost and/or like your content (depends on your settings). After that the download will be unlocked. You can choose to display more of your social media profiles and encourage fans to visit after their download is unlocked (twitter, facebook page…).
TuneVoyage is really flexible. You can setup different download options and rules for different gates. You can also upload your files directly to your server or chose to redirect the fans to another service like zippyshare and dropbox, if you want to save space on your hosting.

You can add all the links to the different stores and streaming services, that your release is available in, and the system will generate a beautiful landing page with the cover you uploaded, preview (soundcloud or youtube embedded player) and a custom url you have entered. There your fans can see the list with all the stores and choose where they want to stream or download from. This way you can leave only one download/purchase link in your emails, youtube videos, soundcloud descriptions, blog posts and etc. Simple and effective!
Smart links also help you understand where your clicks are comming from and what are the most preffered shops.

One of the most unique features, that TuneVoyage has is to combine download gates and smart links on one page! Some times artists and labels release their music for free, but also publish it on different streaming services (youtube, spotify, tidal) and music stores, for all of the hardcore fans who are always there to support! You can create both a smart link page with all of the links to stores and streaming services that the release is available in and a download gate. Then you can attach the smart link to the gate and create a “bridge”. Bridges are pages that allow your listeners to decide if they want to unlock the free download for social exchange or choose to stream/buy from one of the stores listed in your smartlink.


PHP 5.6 or above (PHP 7 is recommended/ PHP 5.4 not tested), MySQL 5.x, Apache server + mod_rewrite for the custom permalinks, cURL.
Optional for the download gates: YouTube/Spotify/Soundcloud/Deezer/Mixcloud API Client ID and secrets.


Please read this carefully! This script uses different API’s (YouTube API, Spotify API etc.) in order to make the download gates work. Each of these APIs has the possibility to break, change, deprecate, disable or ban you at any time depending on the changes in the “terms of use”, that the developers make to their service. Unfortunately I have no control over this and I can take no responsibility for this matter. Refunds due to mentioned API problems that might occur used within the script are not viable.

This script is in no way affiliated with, authorized, maintained, sponsored or endorsed by YouTube, Spotify, Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Deezer or any of their affiliates or subsidiaries.

Update History

== Update 1.6 [25 Jully 2019] ==
- Bug fixes
== Update 1.5 [21 May 2019] ==
- Compatable with PHP 7.2
- Urls not saving on smart link creation (bug fix)
- Urls not working on embeded pages (bug fix)
== Update 1.4 [03 Apr 2019] ==
- Add your own stores and streaming platforms for smart links.
- Upload/change logos for stores.
- Remove stores.
- Added pagination.
- Upgraded to CodeIgniter 3.1.10.
- Added Audiomack for smart links as one of the default store.
- Bug fixes.
- Updated documentation.
== Update 1.3 [26 Mar 2018] ==
- Upgraded to CodeIgniter 3.1.7
- Follow to download with DEEZER – up to 2 artists!
- Ask fans to favorite up to 2 tracks on Deezer.
- Soundcloud REPOST to download is back!
- Embed store links in oher websites (smart links only)
- Fixed a session bug – admin coudn’t login when using PHP 7.1 or above.
- Show/hide stores and services that you don’t use when creating smart links in admin and statistics.
- Arrange the order of services and stores on smart link pages.
- Custom text for buttons on smart links.
- New statistics added in admin dashboard – clicks for current month, clicks for current week, clicks today, most popular smart link.
- Added top countries and top cities that clicks are comming from in Statistics -> “TOP 5 CITIES / COUNTRIES”
- Fixed a bug that prevented downloader to follow profiles on Spotify.
- Added two more social share icons – VKontakte and pinterest.
- You can ask fans to add/like up to 5 Spotify tracks now. (2 more than older versions)
- You can now ask fans to follow one more additional playlist on Spotify.
- Copy/paste directly links from the Spotify windows app. That action adds simething like ”?si=7QL8tqI4TWShuCpUM2XDLw” to the link wich used to cause problems on older TuneVoyage versions.
- Download link of the unlocked file is hidden in source code until after the unlock process.
- Fixed a bug where users can skip the unlock process (download without following) by entering something like ”?gate=youtube&code=1” at the end of the gate link in the address bar
- You can show custom names for Spotify playlists in terms window.
- Ask fans to subscribe to up to 4 channels on YouTube (1 more than older version).
- Ask fans to like up to 4 YouTube videos (2 more than older versions).
- Comment YouTube video to download.
- Added AppleMusic and CdBaby for smartlinks
- Font Awesome Version 5.0.6
- Updated documentation
- Fixed other small bugs, that were reported by the users. More optimized code.
== Update 1.2 [13 Jun 2017] ==
- Artist names and tracks not showing in Spotify terms popup (fixed)
- You can use ”-” and “A-Z” (uppercase letters) in your custom URLs.
== Update 1.1 ==
- Stronger security for locked files
- Added social share buttons
- Improved installation script
- Minor bug fixes
== 1.0 [20 Feb 2017] ==
- Initial release.

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TuneVoyage – Follow to Download & Smart Links (SoundCloud/Spotify/YouTube/Deezer/Mixcloud)

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TuneVoyage - Follow to Download & Smart Links (SoundCloud/Spotify/YouTube/Deezer/Mixcloud)

Download TuneVoyage – Follow to Download & Smart Links (SoundCloud/Spotify/YouTube/Deezer/Mixcloud) Nulled

Download TuneVoyage – Follow to Download & Smart Links (SoundCloud/Spotify/YouTube/Deezer/Mixcloud)

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