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Twilio WEB To Fax Machine System PHP Script

With Twilio WEB To Fax Machine System Application PHP Script you can now send immediate faxes to any fax machine within a couple of minutes. With Twilio Web To Fax Machine System Application PHP Script ready made solution forget about all the hectic api integrations. Simply order our product which is a plug and play system and leave the rest.
It’s specifically designed and developed for programmers, organizations and multinational companies to turn their faxing documents into an ultimate software experience. Right now we are using Twilio’s most reliable Api which is already integrated to our web application. When you’ll order, you’ll get a complete web interface with excellent UI and UX, all you have to do it insert your twilio account and sid token to integrate your twilio account, once your twilio account is all setup insert your mailgun account credentials and here you go with your full ready script.

Twilio WEB To Fax Machine System Application PHP Script Demo

User Name: [email protected]

Password: password

Detailed Documentation

Features Of Twilio Web To Fax Application PHP Script

Number pools

What is number pool system and how does it works in twilio web to fax application php script! Basically number pools will be used to send bulk fax to any specific area or region as per your requirements. All you have to do is put your desired area codes along with commas separated by the numbers you want to purchase. In our application number pool comes with three options Vanish, refresh and continue.

1. Number Pools Vanish Option

This is another exclusive option which others application lack off. Our number pools vanish option will terminate, delete all of your numbers as well as scheduled pool after a month. So that you don’t have to worry about faxes being sent when you even forgot to terminate the number pool.

2. Number Pools Refresh Option

This specific feature is exclusive and no other application posses such features. This option can delete all of your existing numbers and you can purchase new numbers with same area codes and can use same settings used as before.

3. Fax Editor

Same like email templates editor we have designed and developed a fax editor into our application. With twilio web to fax application php script editor you can easily edit and create beautiful, responsive fax quickly and easily. Our fax editor will help you design beautiful and responsive messages. Order Now! it’s so easy to install and integrate.

Powerful Dashboard

With unique, eye catching and 100% mobile responsive UI and UX design. Twilio web to fax application php script comes with a powerful admin dashboard which is very easy to use and navigate. After having a look our applications exclusive features you are still waiting for the action. Order now and start using our fully equipped best fax application integrated with twilio. What more do you need? when you have got a full customizable features with an admin dashboard.

Campaigns Scheduler (Will be launched in our next update)

In our exclusive Twilio Web To Fax Machine System Application PHP Script campaigns scheduler module you can schedule your faxes to send exactly when you want, by any hour, week or month. Not just that twilio web to fax application php script keeps an updated record of your campaigns which can easily be traced from analytics dashboard.

Complete Fax History

Usually in other fax applications when you send a fax to someone there is no record or anything, but not anymore. With twilio web to fax application php script you get complete data stores into database which can be seen any time from your fax history portal. Fax sent, opened and delivered, to, from, campaigns, status, error code, error message, campaign creation date and action. You can see complete stats from our admin dashboard fax history portal.

Powerful Fax Template Builder With PDF

With our powerful template builder including pdf import / option you can create responsive faxes with our html builder. Managing everything and taking care of your requirements. You may even customize your fax content accordingly. Not just that you can re-use your templates in the future as well. All fax templates will be stored in PDF history portal. Each and every single pre made template stored in portal can be later edited, downloaded, exported and deleted from time to time. More than 500 entries can be saved into history which can be seen anytime.

Change log

Version 1.1 (21-06-2018) – Stable with twilio integration and fax functionality, working fine
Version 1.2 (21-08-2019) - Debugged and now working fine - It's another stable version

Customers Support

Our Customer Support Team Is Stand By To Respond All Of Your Queries Relating Plugins And Custom Development In Case You Need Any Help.

Please Feel Free To Contact Us Any Time at:

OR Email at Azhar Iqbal

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Twilio WEB To Fax Machine System Application PHP Script

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Twilio WEB To Fax Machine System Application PHP Script

Download Twilio WEB To Fax Machine System Application PHP Script Nulled

Download Twilio WEB To Fax Machine System Application PHP Script

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