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Next Big Update

We are excited to announce the release of our new product:
Crypterion, A multi-featured peer to peer, self hosted cryptocurrency exchange platform.

In the past few months, we have been tirelessly working to improve our product and we believe that Crpterion will help you setup a better business.

Crypterion Documentation: https://docs.crypterion.live/

Crypterion Admin Login
Username: SuperAdmin
Password: 12345678
Email: [email protected]

For those who have an ACTIVE SUPPORT license on the old project, head over to https://marketplace.neoscrypts.com/transfer to transfer you license and get purchase code for this new product. Only licenses with active support period will be able to use the Transfer form.

If you need early access, do send us a message: on WhatsApp

Try Demo

Register a new account to be granted access to its wonderful features. Send yourself a test coin using any of the
following links

Must Read: The demo is using a Test Chain under so the address and balance are NOT
real. DO NOT send real coin into any generated addresses.

What is this?

This is a peer to peer platform for cryptocurrency exchange. If you have used popular exchange sites like paxful
or localbitcoin, this product will be no strange to you. However, regardless of the
abundant features, we will take our time to explain its concept.

First of all, this product is unlike any you have seen on the market. Its not just a php scripts
but an investment. Get it today, setup a business in the crypto community and make a name for yourself. Sit back and
grab a snack while we guide you through a quick tour of its wonderful features!

It is coupled with a self-hosted Cryptocurrency Wallet It has an interactive design that is
both beautiful and responsive. The cryptocurrencies supported at the moment are Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin. We would
try to introduce the concept of peer to peer trading in the next section.

What is Peer to Peer Trading?

P2P Exchanges match Buyers with Bitcoin Sellers. These are individuals trading back and forth with other
Essentially, the sellers are setting their own price and what types of payments they will accept. Many accept
PayPal, Bank Transfers, Credit Cards and even cold, hard cash.
The Exchange acts more like a dating service, matching people interested in trading cryptocurrency. Of course, they
take a small fee for this matchmaking service.

As we said earlier, this project was heavily inspired by well known P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform, and our
goal is to make it a match with them and even better

Buying or Selling.

Trading on p2p may involve buying/selling of cryptocurrencies on with the ability to pay or receive payments in
diverse amount of ways. For example, most people prefer to receive coin in exchange for any of the following
category of payment. However the administrator is able to add or remove based on the
location of their business or whatever their customer prefers…

  • Gift Cards
  • Debit/Credit card
  • Online payment
  • Bank transfer

Under these category, administrators may set diverse more sub method of payment. For example, Wallmart, Steam Gift
Card under the Gift Cards category. e.t.c

How It Works?

  1. Creating Offers: Users may create a buy or sell offer for a specific coin supported by the
    platform. The
    following parameters can be set for each offer:

    • Payment Method: Your choice of payment from the predefined methods of payment which you
      wish to
      pay or receive payments.
    • Amount Range: The range of amount that must be set when creating the offer. For a sell
      offer, you
      must have more than the range of amount in your wallet before it can be displayed for potential buyers.
      However for buy offer, you may specify as wide the range as possible provided once the trade has been
      started by a potential seller, you have to meet up with the payment before the trade automatically
    • Profit Margin: As a buyer or seller, you may choose to gain or lose. The profit margin
      is used to
      determine these on each trade. For example, if you set a profit margin of 5% on a $5000 trade, you will
      gain $250. Usually, most buy offer are set to a negative profit margin so as to entice a potential
    • Offer Label: Any marketing text like “INSTANT RELEASE”, “NO RECEIPT REQUIRED” that will
      after your payment method. Maximum 25 characters and only letters and numbers
    • Offer Tags: Add quick that describe your offer terms such as “No ID needed”, “No
      receipt needed”.
      And you can only select maximum of 3. These tags are predefined.
    • Offer Terms: The conditions you want the interested trade partner to comply with,
      before a trade
      is initiated.
    • Offer Instruction: This is displayed to your trade partner once the trade has started.
      It could
      contain further information to ensure a successful trade.
    • Visibility/Requirement Preference: You may specify the verification requirement (such
      as phone or
      email verification) from a user before a trade can be initiated with you. Also, you may limit its
      visibility to trusted contacts only.
  2. Initiating Trade: As a buyer or seller you may select from the list of available offers from
    marketplace with which you can initiate a trade. Some of the features of trade includes..

    • Real Time Chat: This is the most essential. Both parties of a trade have a means of
      information in realtime directly on the platform. This includes support for file
      , which
      they can easily drag and drop to upload.
    • Countdown Timer & Auto cancel of trade: Since the coin is been held on escrow from the
      once a trade has started, the seller is able to set a count down on a trade before it is cancelled.
      However, the buyer is able to “confirm payment”, which will cause the timer to stop and wait for the
      seller to release coin.
    • Raising Dispute: Once a dialog has not been met, either of both parties may choose to
      raise a
      dispute, which will call the attention of any available moderators who will attend to the trade and take
      absolute decision, i.e either cancel the trade or release the coin.
    • Chat Monitor/Real time Notification: Every user is able to monitor the trades from any
      where on
      the site, and they may not have to keep refreshing the page because the platform sends notifications
      with an alert tone instantly.
    • 5 Star Rating System: After every successful trade, the partner who started the trade
      is able to
      rate the other based on 5 stars and a comment. New partners usually feed on this before they initiate a
      trade with the same user

Other Features

  1. Self Hosted Wallets: As stated earlier, this is coupled with management of FREE wallets for
    users, with
    which they can generate address, send and receive wallet transactions. We maintain connection with the
    blockchain network either directly or through a third party
    you may read more about this above and on the documentation.
  2. Multi-coin Support: This is what you would not find on most P2P cryptocurrency exchange
    platform. We
    offer support for multi currency, however bundled with this release is only Bitcoin, Dash, and Litecoin. We hope
    to offer freedom of choice of crypto coin in future updates.
  3. Real time notification: We ensure that nothing gets past the user by providing a realtime
    system of all active trades and activities. With this in place user may not need to refresh the browser, but
    only listen for incoming notification tone.
  4. Multi-currency & Realtime Cryptocurrency Prices: Regardless of where ever you want to set up
    business we have more that 100 fiat currency which your users can choose from. Their wallet balance price is
    also updated with the realtime equivalent of its conversion.
  5. Email & SMS Notification: While some notifications may not be all that essential, along side
    email notification, we have provided sms notification as well which is made available only for some really
    important information to be passed. Regardless of all, users can enable or disable the type of notification they
  6. Real time Presence Status: Users may be either away, online or offline at any point in time. So
    in order
    to avoiding misleading potential traders, it supports real time presence status of all users which updates
    in real time.
  7. Two Factor Authentication: Nowadays most platform with prominent security, requires user to
    setup a two
    factor authentication using either of Google Authenticator or Authy. You can
    research more on how
    they work from their official sites
  8. Phone & Email Verification: it was build with security in mind so we tend to add as many
    verification means as possible. Among these, it also supports email & sms confirmation, simply ensure that both
    drivers are setup properly. You may need to refer to the documentation.
  9. User Contacts: Users may save contacts of their most trusted partners of trade, this will give
    them a
    faster access to their offers, rather than looking through the numerous offers on the marketplace all the time.

… this is just about the little we can outline right now. This document will be updated regularly to appropriately
reflect all its features. We will leave you to decide yourself after trying the demo version.

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Ultimate peer to peer CryptoCurrency Exchange platform (with self-hosted wallets)

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Ultimate peer to peer CryptoCurrency Exchange platform (with self-hosted wallets)

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