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Build a beautiful WordPress Business site faster than ever.

Uptime is a responsive, block-based WordPress theme that combines stylish design, premium features and a modern workflow to get you building multi-purpose websites fast.

Block-based Design

Building pages with Uptime is a breeze, just select from the pre-made content blocks from our demo data then mix and match your pages. Blocks are arranged in common categories to make finding the perfect design even easier.

Landing Pages

Make a striking first impression on potential customers with Uptime’s stylish suite of landing pages. Included out-of-the-box, are niche layouts ranging from Insurance, Lending, Education and more. In addition to the niche layouts, General Purpose landing pages showcase the style and versatility of Uptime’s pre-made content blocks.

Inner Pages

Uptime’s detailed set of inner pages make establishing your business’s online presence easier than ever. Engage users with an attractive blog, showcase work with filterable portfolios and more.

Utility Pages

Speed up your workflow, saving valuable design and development time with Uptime’s many utility pages.

Buy with confidence

We work closely with customers to provide a high-standard of support, prompt bug fixes and general troubleshooting. Over 5 years we have supported thousands of happy customers, building a reputation for reliability and dedication to customer satisfaction.

True page building flexibility

Every element you see in our demos can be used on any other page, reused, removed or moved as you need to create your perfect project. Our demos show our configurations of the blocks provided, you have total freedom to use as much, or as little of the content blocks as you need.

Premium Plugins & Features Included

We want to make your life as easy as possible with Uptime, so we’re including a bunch of premium features & plugins for FREE with each purchase. Use them or not, they’re available if you want them & their use is totally optional if you’re trying to keep your site slim & fast.

Localization & Multi-Language Ready

Uptime is RTL ready, localize to your own language using the included .pot file, and we’re also WPML ready (sold separately) if you want to run your site as a multi-language setup.

Online Documentation available here

Uptime – Main Features

  • Latest WordPress Version *always
  • supported, currently 5.3.1+
  • Fantastic, 5 star rated support
  • Infinite page layout possibilities
  • Precise, granular controlled page building with Elementor Page Builder
  • Hundreds of custom elements, blog feeds, portfolio feeds etc.
  • Simple, 1-click color options
  • Beautifully organised, powerful theme options panel
  • WordPress Live Customizer based theme options
  • Option highlight tabs, click a tab in the page and get taken straight to its option
  • Hundreds of theme options available
  • Developer friendly code
  • SEO optimised design
  • Fully responsive, beautiful design with an emphasis on readability
  • Masonry layouts
  • Carousel elements
  • Multiple header options
  • Multiple footer options
  • Change header and footer on a per page basis
  • Boxed site layout
  • Change boxed site on a page per page basis
  • Single page, one page site capabilities
  • Google fonts compatibility
  • Works with Contact Form 7
  • Works with Ninja Forms
  • Adaptive images
  • Responsive, powerful grid system
  • Social Icon Ready areas
  • Modular, Extensive headers
  • Social Sharing ready
  • Handpicked, beautiful vector icons
  • Pixel perfect design
  • Nearly 2 hours of custom video documentation
  • Online written documentation, ready to get you started right away
  • Speedy support with average response times of less than 6 hours

Simple & Speedy Admin

  • All appropriate functions and post types from our TommusRhodus Framework plugin
  • No nasty admin changes
  • Speedy and intuitive mega menu building
  • Adaptive images
  • Pre-built pages and simple import page templates
  • 1 Click demo data import
  • Automated plugin install for simple startup
  • WPML ready and certified
  • Native WordPress features used for all functionality
  • No surprises! Everything feels just like a regular WordPress theme


Note: Some changes will require that the TommusRhodus Framework plugin is also updated. To do this, delete the plugin, and allow the theme to re-install from “appearance => install plugins” on your dashboard.

April 21st 2020 - v1.0.13

* IMPROVED: Contact Form 7 Radio Button display
* IMPROVED: Contact Form 7 Checkbox display
* IMPROVED: Contact Form 7 Acceptance display
* ADDED: Mega menu background colour toggle, dark or light
* ADDED: Header utility bar theme option
* ADDED: Theme options for utility bar content left/right
* ADDED: Theme option to disable built in scroll animations
* ADDED: Theme option to remove blobs from post archive hero area
* ADDED: Theme option for divider shape on post archive hero area
* ADDED: Theme option for background colour on post archive hero area
* ADDED: Non-minified theme.js for developers
* FIXED: Jarallax issue on mobile devices
* FIXED: Card images border-radius issue

January 28th 2020 - v1.0.12

* FIXED: Documentation popular searches are now tied to documentation post type
* FIXED: Documentation single breadcrumbs
* FIXED: Page breadcrumbs now working correctly with parent / child relationship
* ADDED: Full width page template
* UPDATED: .POT translation file
* ADDED: URL to "basic" card block layout ( update TR Framework )
* ADDED: URL to "icon 3" card block layout ( update TR Framework )
* ADDED: URL to "icon 3 tilted" card block layout ( update TR Framework )
* ADDED: URL to "customer 3" card block layout ( update TR Framework )
* ADDED: URL to "customer 4" card block layout ( update TR Framework )
* ADDED: URL to "customer 5" card block layout ( update TR Framework )
* ADDED: URL to "customer 7" card block layout ( update TR Framework )

January 19th 2020 - v1.0.11

* HOTFIX: Broken function_exists

January 17th 2020 - v1.0.10

* FIXED: iFrame overflowing content width
* FIXED: Tabbed schedule not changing tabs in certain setups (Update TR Framework)
* ADDED: Elementor Pro support for header (Update TR Framework)
* ADDED: Elementor Pro support for footer (Update TR Framework)
* ADDED: Typed text shortcode (Update TR Framework)
* ADDED: Basic RTL support
* ADDED: Basic, and I mean BASIC WooCommerce support, more styling improvements coming in future updates. This one just ensures that all elements display and are usable.

January 6th 2020 - v1.0.9

* FIXED: Missing theme option for documentation archive title
* ADDED: Theme option to show/hide back to top button
* FIXED: Bottom shape dividers missing in elementor sections

December 17th 2019 - v1.0.8

* IMPROVED: Portfolio single sidebar layout on mobile
* ADDED: Missing taxonomy template files
* ADDED: Missing pagination from post type archives
* FIXED: Added missing Customizer JS
* ADDED: New theme option to turn off the hero header area in single documentation posts
* FIXED: "Processes" block in elementor now respects user animation choice from the "motion" menu
* FIXED: Merlin missing page on theme install
* ADDED: Option to disable page fading
* FIXED: Mobile App Phone Slider responsive sizing

November 26th 2019 - v1.0.7

* FIXED: Client logos display on mobile devices
* FIXED: Custom post types now support prefixed custom permalinks
* UPDATED: Popper.js moved into bootstrap.js to ensure dependency is met
* UPDATED: Jarallax.js and associated plugins
* ADDED: Functionality to turn on reading progress meter on pages made in Elementor (page overrides)
* ADDED: Testimonial feed Elementor Block (Update TommusRhodus Framework)
* UPDATED: Card "Icon 4" Elementor element will now override the icon if an image is set. (Update TommusRhodus Framework)
* UPDATED: Login form styling

November 21st 2019 - v1.0.6

* ADDED - Missing translation strings
* ADDED - target _blank to footer social icons
* FIXED - Breadcrumbs slug fixes
* FIXED - Anchor scrolling issue on main menu
* FIXED - Author name string in blog slider
* UPDATED - .pot translation file

November 13th 2019 - v1.0.5

* FIXED - Voting within documentation articles is now functional
* FIXED - Menu items set to open in new tab function as expected
* FIXED - Centered menu splitting labels into 2 lines
* FIXED - Blog breadcrumb title now uses "post archive title" option
* FIXED - Missing "phone slider" phone image added
* UPDATED - .POT translation file

August 29th 2019 - v1.0.4

* FIXED - Missing translation functions
* FIXED - Video Carousel Block rendering in Elementor editor
* UPDATED - .POT translation file
* IMPROVED - Items in menu now change with the BG Primary colour control
* IMPROVED - Icons shown in regular menu dropdowns are now smaller
* IMPROVED - Blog post meta items display
* IMPROVED - Reading progress indicator now uses primary bg 2 colour value

August 27th 2019  - v1.0.3

* FIXED - Hover styling issue for elementor buttons
* FIXED - Semi colons in flickity slider and twitter slider
* FIXED - Menu items after a list menu now display properly
* FIXED - Pages using default colour overrides will now use the global setting instead
* FIXED - Border issue on Testimonial Carousel
* FIXED - Testimonials related section will not show the currently reading testimonial
* FIXED - Popular posts widget category styling
* IMPROVED - Header button handling in the customizer
* IMPROVED - Article progress meter on mobile
* UPDATED - .POT translation file
* ADDED - Icons can now be shown in regular menu dropdowns

August 22nd - v1.0.2

* FIXED - Bug with Icon and Text block not showing icons
* FIXED - Accordion IDs now accept accents
* ADDED - Video Carousel Block
* FIXED - In page links triggering page fade
* FIXED - Child theme generated during causing styling issues

August 12th 2019 - v1.0.1

* ADDED - Ability to set custom star ratings in testimonial carousel
* ADDED - [uptime_stars] shortcode can now accept half-ratings (eg 4.5)
* ADDED - Pricing tables can now trigger a modal
* ADDED - Custom logo height theme option
* ADDED - Icon and Text block can now accept custom images
* FIXED - Missing icons/images from demo/demo data
* FIXED - Demo data missing from download package
* UPDATED - TommusRhodus Framework version in download package

August 1st 2019 - v1.0.0


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Uptime – Responsive Elementor WordPress Theme for Business

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Uptime - Responsive Elementor WordPress Theme for Business

Download Uptime – Responsive Elementor WordPress Theme for Business Nulled

Download Uptime – Responsive Elementor WordPress Theme for Business

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