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Start your own Video Subscription Platform ! This Premium PHP script is the perfect way for any type of Video Streaming Portal. Customize your video portal easily and add unlimited videos, posts and pages.

You can choose to make the videos available for free or only for subscribers and generate significant revenue.

This video CMS comes with blog, pages, themes, translations, subscriptions, payments, newsletter, social login, email templates, API, and much more…. You can easily connect your site with Stripe to accept recurring subscriptions and payments. Learn more about this premium script bellow…

Amazon S3 Servers and Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront is a global content delivery network (CDN) service that securely delivers videos to your viewers with low latency and high transfer speeds. CloudFront is integrated with AWS Amazon S3 servers.

Amazon S3 is object storage built to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere and simply and securely store their data at a massive scale.

Subscriptions and Payments

The Stripe payment platform has been fully integrated into our script allowing you to accept recurring payments from your subscribers, simple payments or offer trial periods to your members.

Add Unlimited Videos and Series

Add unlimited videos and series from anywhere : Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or any other video platform. You can also upload your own video files and use the built-in player to watch your video or upload your videos and series to Amazon S3 servers and serve the video stream using Amazon CloudFront as a global content delivery network (CDN). This way you can use a classic web server to host your website and deliver your videos from another Amazon cloud server.

Smart Playlist System

A smart playlist system is used to play videos or episodes one after the other without ever interrupting your video stream. Playlists of videos of the same category or lists of the following episodes and chapters if it is a series.

Add Posts & Pages

This script is a complete CMS that allows you to create unlimited content for your site. Add posts and pages to your site and use different layout to completely customize it.

Categories & Menus

Create categories and keywords pages to include your videos and posts, create your own menus by simply drag and drop using each of your pages and categories and use them wherever you want in your theme.

Statistics & Analytics

View detailed statistics for your website and analyze the behavior of your users and subscribers. Easily view daily and monthly sales, recurring payments, subscriber locations, website activities and more…

More Features

iOS and Android – detection of iOS and Android to activate the native player of the device. supports video streaming to AppleTV and ChromeCast.

API System – Easily create plugins for your video platform using the included API and allow your users to easily integrate your content on their own websites.

Video Distribution – Allow other videos platform to fetch your videos ! Create your own video distribution system and be a video provider!

Tons of Features – Recent comments, best comments, new users, last video players, recent searches, custom pages, online users, category management, language management, social sharing, notifications!

Mailchimp API – Keep in touch with your subscribers by adding them to your newsletter and connect your website to the Mailchimp API to automatically send your Newsletters.

Cache – Greatly improves the site loading time and lessens the database load for a better user experience.

Multi Language – Easily translate your website to your own language! Every possible strings in the system are translated to provide better user experience!

Control Panel – Manage everything in the dashboard ! Configure a wide range of settings, check statistics, manage users, manage reports, manage pages, manage categories and much more!

Responsive Themes – 2 beautiful bootstrap themes easily to customizable built to look great on different devices.

SEO Optimized – Everything has been designed thinking to SEO optimization, from URLs to meta tags. Automatic generation of the meta and open graph tags for social sharing. Pretty URLs, sitemap generation, cache system, urls and titles settings, pagination…

Social Login – Easily connect to your website with your facebook, google or twitter accounts!

User Features – Registration, login, forgot password, user comments, avatars, profile covers, playlists, notes, favourites and more.

Video Features – Add to favorites, add to playlists, report a video, comments, fullscreen mode, star ratings, embed, related videos, user who like this video and more.

Comments Moderation System – Approve, mark as spam or delete pending comments from your users and subscribers.

Live Demo and Login details :

Payment Testing

  • Card Number: 4242424242424242
  • MM/AA: 02/2020
  • CSV: 123

Support & Bug Report on GitLab

Is there a feature you would like to see ? We will go through all your feedback and pick the most requested features to be included in a future update !

This is the place to search through existing bug reports (called “issues”), you can open a new issue or view the current work in progress.

Access our repository and get the latest version of the code.

Your access to the repository will be grant for 6 months for a “Standard license”, 12 months for “Extend support to 12 months” or unlimited for an “Extended License”.

Update History

All the update to :

ver 1.4.0
Added: Add video support from Amazon S3 Servers
Added: upload video from web server to Amazon S3 (browser -> server -> amazon s3)
Added: upload video from browser to Amazon S3 (browser -> amazon s3)
Added: serve video stream from Amazon CloudFront
Added: add option to disable site payments (free site)
Added: add menu titles to the mobile menu
Added: Add video type on table “All Videos, All Episodes” on dashboard
Fixed: reorganize the general parameters
Fixed: bug on menu creation that prevented saving after multiple changes.
Fixed: paypal payment settings visible when Stripe is used
Fixed: trailer feature doesn’t work on darktheme
Fixed: issue with the description in the playlists when using the character “.
Fixed: the second page of the posts displays a header image
Fixed: post links on the search page do not link to the post
Fixed: display problem in login page when background is empty
Fixed: change background color of the mobile menu on darktheme
Fixed: missing a string translation on the dashboard
Fixed: display problem on video pages when the demo bar is displayed
Update translation for 1.4.0
ver 1.3.0
Added: support to third party extensions
Added: verifies that the PHP version is higher than 7.0.0 during installation
Added: removes the playback bar at the bottom of the video player after a while
Fixed: solves a display problem in video player sidebar
Fixed: the episode title was not clickable on the series
Fixed: problem displaying scores on the video page
Fixed: the search bar disappeared under certain resolution
Fixed: solves some minor display problems for mobile
Updates: translation updates
ver 1.2.0
Added: new subscription page (html template)
Added: detection of iOS and Android to activate the native player of the device
Added: support for AppleTV & ChromeCast
Added: default image on videos
Updating translations
Fixed: problem with the logo on smartphone
Fixed: error if the api facebook field in the backend is empty.
Fixed: error that could prevent the functioning of embed videos.
Fixed: problem that prevented the menu from displaying on video pages.
Fixed: issue with facebook sdk on PHP 7.1.x
ver 1.1.2
Fixed: database update
ver 1.1.1
Fixed: Problem that does not display images correctly on profile pages
Fixed: Adjusting thumbnails on the “members” page
Fixed: Adjustment of sidebar widgets on “members” page
Fixed: Errors with the latest update
Added: Added members page on the menu edition
ver 1.1.0
Added: Support new video format (mp4 | mov | ogg | webm)
Added: Playlists of related video
Added: Custom youtube player
Added: Advertising in the video player
Added: Ads in content website and sidebar
Added: Series Support (seasons, episodes)
Added: Ability to deactivate e-mail confirmation for validation of registrations
Added: Notification informations and links
Added: Swedish translations
Added: Option to change the color of the player
Added: Possibility to edit video source paths (FTP upload)
Added: Option to permanently hide the advertisement in dashboard
Update: Translation strings
Fixed: Maximum width for the video container
Fixed: Problem preventing deletion of a post category
Fixed: Support for languages including symbols (Chinese, Arabic, etc.)
Fixed: Create a post when no category exists
Fixed: Style adjustments for the mobile version of the video player
Fixed: Close the mobile menu when loading the page
Fixed: Display of certain text strings
Other minor corrections and adjustments
ver 1.0.1
Fixed : second custom menu in smartphone menu
Fixed : problem in dashboard with location of members
Fixed : problem in dashboard with number of result (location)
Fixed : sort comments by date in dashboard
Fixed : style demo bar in smartphone
Fixed : style footer in smartphone
Fixed : link on video page when not subscriber
Fixed : image background on category page and keyword page
Fixed : style fix in user page when no content
Fixed : error when leaving a comment on a post
Fixed : error when editing the custom description of a keyword
Fixed : display of sidebar on post keyword
Fixed : modal display on darktheme

TMDb Pro – Movie & TV Show Details Plugin For The Movie Database

VideoPlay – Video Subscription Platform

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VideoPlay - Video Subscription Platform

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