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ABOUT WeHelp – Ticket Support System

is a PHP system developed to offer your clients a great user experience,
Clients can search for FAQS that added by admin, if they don’t get any result they can submit new Tickets or Bug Reports and keep in touch with you or your Agents.
Also, when the support is done and a ticket is closed and give it priority.

WHY Choosing WeHelp

WeHelp is built on believing that serving better to your customers is key to leading in now day markets.
By providing professional support to your customers rapidly you can build trust of customer which again most vital part of success.
For this purpose, we build powerful support ticket management platform which allows you to manage
all tickets with multiple ticket status as per requirements.


Try Before You Buy

Website Demo: http://elmanawy.info/demo/wehelp

Client Account: http://elmanawy.info/demo/wehelp
Email: [email protected]
Password: 123456

Admin Panel Account: http://elmanawy.info/demo/wehelp/admin
Email: [email protected]
Password: 123456


  • Security

    • Totally secured system (SQL injection, XSS, CSRF)
    • Built on powerful CodeIgniter Framework that has been tried and tested by millions of developers.
    • Passwords are encrypted using PHPass library to make sure your data is safe.
  • User & Registration System

    • Login System comes with a Forgotten Password page, to allow users to reset their password via email.
    • Prevents spam by making sure the email address is unique and valid.
    • Passwords are encrypted using PHPass library to make sure your data is safe!
    • Users can register for an account using the quick and easy register Popup.
  • Clients

    • Any register user can login/ forget password.
    • Having awesome profile include member information and his tickets.
    • Mange or update his information in profile settings (country, name, username, gender, user profile, …).
    • Clients can create tickets either by registering an account
    • Client submit a ticket with (subject, message, attachment file).
    • Receiving E-mail for each ticket reply with respective ticket status.
    • Client Search for his problem in knowledge base section.
    • Contact with support using contact form and contact information.
  • Admin Panel

    • Flexible control panel system with full options.
    • Only admin role can login admin panel.
    • You can choose display language (English or Arabic) for website and admin panel.
    • Change website settings(name, logo, favicon, timezone, site description,SMTP settings, direction…).
    • Change website SEO settings (meta description).
    • Change Contact information (email, phone,…).
    • Manage Members (Edit, Delete, Add and view member information) and change their member role (Regular member, admin).
    • Create unlimited departments for articles and manage it(add, edit, delete, view).
    • Create unlimited articles for common problems and mange it (add, edit, delete, view).
    • Mange tickets and reply on it, mange the status otherwise closed or open and priority of it (hight, low, medium).
    • Totally with this admin panel can manage and control every thing appear in website with full option.
    • Admin Can turn on /off submit tickets
    • Admin can set the knowledge base articles as (Public, private, register users).
  • Trendy website interface included.

    • Home page with
      • Awesome slider.
      • All departments of Knowledge base
      • latest Articles added
      • Search are for articles
      • Area for submit a ticket
    • Single page for every department with its articles
    • Single page for search result
    • Single awesome page for article with more details, related articles and latest articles added.
    • Custom print page for article.
    • User Profile included all details about client and his tickets.
    • Contact form to make your client reach you easily.
    • Login/ register/ forget password modal.
  • Other Features

    • DISQUS tool integrated to allow you comment on article. Read documentation to now how to add it in your website
    • Translation is ready for Languages (English and Arabic)
    • RTL Support for admin panel and website
    • Google Recaptcha for contact form.
    • Awesome template email for new reply and forget password
    • E-mail for each ticket reply with respective ticket status
    • Build trust base of your customers by helping them quickly and thoroughly
    • Serve better your customers with minimum time-span
    • One place for all common problems
    • Easy to install and usability(without any coding knowledge needed).
    • Awesome Design for Website and admin panel
    • Fully Responsive for Website and admin panel
    • Clean Code with hight performance.
    • Easy Customization
    • Friendly with SEO.
    • High performance.
    • Supporting Google Analytics.
    • More features will coming up.


  • Backend Framework: Built on CodeIgniter
  • Frontend Framework: Built on Bootstrap
  • Requires PHP 5.6+
  • Supports MySQL, Mysqli.
  • Supports SMTP Email, PHP Mail()


  1. Code Editing Software (eg: Dreamweaver, Sublime Text or Notepad
  2. Web Browser for testing (eg: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox)
  3. FTP Tool to upload files to Server (eg: FileZilla).
  4. Read documentation carefully to guide you how to install application.


– Provide excellent support with a fast response rate
– Patch and fix any bugs or broken content.
– Help get you setup and installed.
– Answer any questions you may have.


Version 3.6.1 – (Released: 30 January 2020):

1- Fixing design issue.

Version 3.6 – (Released: 9 November 2019):

1- Supporting Google Analytics.

Version 3.5 – (Released: 5 August 2019):

  1- Admin can set the knowledge base articles as (Public, private, register users).
any visitor can see the head of article only but the users can view the full content based on the status of article.

Version 3.4 – (Released: 18 June 2019):

New Features:
  1- Ability to Turn On / Off submit tickets and displaying a message for visitors in case the submit tickets is turned off.
  2- Adding Google Recaptcha to contact us form.
  3- Adding direction Option, You can choose direction (RTL Or LTR)from admin panel to display the direction of website based on your language.
 1- Adding external login page.
 2- Fixing issue in pages module.
 3- Removing meta keywords, It's not become useful for SEO.
 4- Removing Google+.

Version 3.3.1:

1- Adding Disqus comments username dynamically.

Version 3.3 – (Released: 25 April 2019):

1- Fixing issue in design.

Version 3.2 – (Released: 17 April 2019):

1- Client can set the ticket is open once he reply on ticket.
2- fixing issue in social media appearance.
3- Pages URL friendly

Version 3.1 – (Released: 16 April 2019):

 1- RTL for emails templates.

Version 3.0 – (Released: 13 April 2019):

1- Translation is ready for languages(English and Arabic).
2- Fix issues in design.
3- Change the banner of home page to make it more easy to use.

Version 2.0 – (Released: 27 March 2019):

 1- Create Pages Module (ex. terms & condition, Privacy, ...).

Version 1.6 – (Released: 13 January 2019):

1- Fixing css issue.

Version 1.5 – (Released: 02 December 2018):

1- Admin receive an email for new tickets and tickets replies.
2- You can attach pdf file in tickets.
-- Check Documentation for changing files.

Version 1.4.1 – (Released: 25 November 2018):

1- Adding created option in user module.

Version 1.4 – (Released: 08 November 2018):

1- Creating Note option for administrators when they are replying on tickets, This notes appear to administrators only.
2- Last reply on each ticket to make administrators and client filter they tickets and reply, you need to run this query "ALTER TABLE `tickets` ADD COLUMN `last_reply` DATETIME NULL AFTER `important`;".
3- Send Email Library Dynamically
--You can check documentation to show which files is changed

Version 1.3.2 – (Released: 1 November 2018):

1- TextEdotir allow different functionality with XSS "read documentation carefully to install it".

Version 1.3.1 – (Released: 31 October 2018):

1- Update UX for Responsive.

Version 1.3 – (Released: 28 October 2018):

1- Fixing Security issue.
2- Delete Conformation alert before delete record for each admin panel module.

Version 1.2 – (Released: 23 October 2018):

1- Update Ux for website
2- Fix contact form bug

Version 1.1 – (Released: 22 October 2018):

1- SSL Support.
2- Cut Images URL from(logo & favicon) Database. (You also need to replace view files).
3- Fix Responsive Bug.

Version 1.0 –(Released: 19 October 2018):

- Initial Version

Reach US:

Best Regards, Marwa El-Manawy

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WeHelp – Ticket Support System

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WeHelp - Ticket Support System

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