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WooCommerce Order Approval plugin seamlessly integrates into your WooCommerce system allowing you to approve or reject all the orders placed by customers!

(Shop admin account)
user: demo
pass: demo

(Customer account)
user: demo2
pass: demo

How to automatically update the plugin

To receive automatic updates just install and configure the Envato updater plugin: . The official guide that explains how to configure it can be found in the following link: .

How it works: approval workflow

Once installed and activated, the plugin allows you to reject or approve all the orders placed by the customers according to one of those two workflows (that you have to select through the Settings menu):

  1. Pay and wait for approval: the customer will normally place the order as it happens for any WooCommerce order. The site admin can lately approve or reject the order. For both cases, the customer will receive a notification email.
  2. Wait for approval and pay: the customer will place the order without being charged. Once the order will be marked as approved the customer has to manually pay for it through the order details page.

Approval timeline

The customers (registered and guests) can keep track of the order approval status through a visual timeline displayed in the order details page! Each step text can be customized through the text menu.

Live updated timeline

Order status timeline is live updated! This mean that the user has no need to manually update the page in order to have know the current order approval status!

Time selector option

The plugin gives the option to display a time selector in the Checkout form! This can be very useful for food delivery services!

Email notifications

Every time the order hits the Approved or Rejected status, the plugin will send a notification email to the customer. Notification messages text can be customized through the Text menu.

NOTE: The plugin hasn’t any support for 3rd party customization email plugins. Template can be manually modified and copied into the theme folder ({theme_folder}/woocommerce/emails/). Templates are located in the templatesemails fonder inside the plugin.

New order statuses

To easily keep track of the order approval stautuses, will add three new statuses: Waiting for approval, Rejected, Approved statuses.

The plugin embeds in the new order email sent to the admin the links to directly approve or reject the just placed order!

Order cancellation by customer

Thorough the Options menu, you can enable the option to allow the customer to cancel the order once it has been approved. The cancellation can be performed in X minutes, where X can be configured through the option.

Order automatic cancellation if not paid

The order can be optionally cancelled by the system if, once approved and if it needs to be paid, they user doesn’t perform the payment in X minutes, where X can be configured in the options menu.

NOTE: the order cancellation will be peformed when the user accesses the order details page.

Automatic order approval by Payment gateway, shipping method, product or category!

The order can be optionally set to be automatically approved according the payment gateway, the shipping method or for specific products/cateogries!

Note: the plugin only supports shipping methods defined used the native WooCommerce functionalities. NO SUPPORT for 3rd party plugins.

In case automatical approval by product, the shop admin can choose two different strategies:

  1. Manual approval only for the selected products/categories: if the order contains none of the selected products or categories, it will be automatically approved
  2. Automatically approved for the selected products/categories: if the order contains at least one of the selected products or categories, the order will be automatically approved, otherwise it will require a manual approval by the shop manager


The plugin supports the WPML translation plugin. You will then able to customize and translate texts through the special Text menu.

Note on order statuses

The plugin add its order statuses: Waiting for approval, Rejected, Approved statuses. However, the following native WooCommerce statuses will be considered by the plugin as:

  1. Failed, cancelled, refunded statuses as Rejected status
  2. Completed, On hold and processing statuses as Approved status
  3. Pending payment status will be considered as Waiting for approval status

This means that the frontend status time line will display the order as approved, rejected or waiting for approval even if you use any native WooCommerce status. Note, however, that approval or rejection email notification will be only sent if
the order hits specifically the Approved or Rejected status.

In case the Wait and pay worflow has been choosen, once the order will hit any Approval related status, can be paid (and optionally cancelled) by the customer.

Note on 3rd party payment gateway plugins

The plugin has been designed to work with the default Woocommerce payment gateways. If you are using any 3rd party payment gateway plugin, this may alter the normal WooCommerce payment workflow preventing the plugin to properly work.
In case of any doubt, before purchasing, contact me to try the plugin in a private demo site in conjunction with your 3rd party payment gateway plugin.


Approval timeline
Approval timeline – Payment after order plancement and option to cancel the order
Approval timeline – Order rejected
Notification email
Order list
Option and texts menu


= 3.3 - 19.05.20 =
* In case of "wait approval and pay" worflow is selected, the "pending payment" order status is no longer considered as "waiting for approval" status

= 3.2 - 19.05.20 =
*  Improved cancelled payment management

= 3.1 - 18.05.20 =
* Added option to automatically approve according to the selected products/categories

= 3.0 - 11.05.20 =
* Improved stock management

= 2.9 - 08.05.20 =
* Minor UI improvement

= 2.8 - 07.05.20 =
* Minor UI improvement

= 2.7 - 04.05.20 =
* Fixed an issue that prevented to edit the time set by the user in the admin order details page

= 2.6 - 01.05.20 =
* Fixed an issue due to items stock were reduced even if the order was not payed

= 2.5 - 28.03.20 =
* Added approval by shipping method

= 2.4 - 24.03.20 =
* Fixed an issue due to specific order approval/rejection message was not properly displayed

= 2.3 - 23.03.20 =
* Fixed an issue related to the min and max selectable time

= 2.2 - 29.02.20 =
* Minor UI improvements

= 2.1 - 28.02.20 =
* Fixed an issue that prevents the checkout process to be performed

= 2.0 - 26.02.20 =
* Added option to automatically approve an order according to the payment gateway

= 1.9 - 14.02.20 =
* Fixed an issue due to email approval links were not properly generated
* Minor CSS improvements

= 1.8 - 08.01.20 =
* Fixed an issue related to the [datetime] shortcode

= 1.7 - 03.01.20 =
* Added feature to embed approval and rejection link on the "new order" email sent to the admin

= 1.6 - 21.11.19 =
* Minor UI improvements on Text menu

= 1.5 - 21.11.19 =
* Added option to disable notification emails

= 1.4 - 15.11.19 =
* Added option to automatically cancel the order if it has not been paid in X minutes

= 1.3 - 14.11.19 =
* Minor bugfix

= 1.2 - 13.11.19 =
* Status timeline is now live updated. The user has no longer to update the page to be aware about the order status

= 1.1 - 02.11.19 =
* Typo

= 1.0 - 30.10.19 =
* First release

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WooCommerce Order Approval

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WooCommerce Order Approval

Download WooCommerce Order Approval Nulled

Download WooCommerce Order Approval

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