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With zCart application you can build your own Multi-Vendor E-Commerce marketplace like Amazon, eBay, Esty. Very easy to set up with a friendly built-in installer.

Single shop version is here. oneCart

Allow vendors/store owners to sell their products on your marketplace and charge them monthly subscription fee + commissions%(optional) + per transaction fee(optional).

Each vendor (store owner) has individual Admin panel. A vendor can add staff users to manage their store. You can limit the number of users and also can limit the number of listing a vendor can have.

The default vendor subscription billing provider is Stripe. If you want to use Mollie or PayPal’s Braintree instead of Stripe. Please make a request for the Braintree version. A conversion charge may apply, please check this link for details or contact us directly from the support tab on the top of this page.

Frontend demo::

Merchant Landing Page

Backend demo::

Admin Demo

User Name:: [email protected]
Password:: 123456

Merchant Demo

User Name:: [email protected]
Password:: 123456

Customer Account

User Name:: [email protected]
Password:: 123456


  • Cross-Selling feature
  • Multilingual support
  • Beautiful PDF invoices
  • Activity logged with detail history
  • Advance Product search algorithm like Amazon
  • Advance catalog system like Amazon
  • Secret Login to any account
  • Low inventory alert
  • Product attributes
  • Guest checkout system
  • Role-based user permission (Full dynamic control)
  • Multiple Payment methods (PayPal, Stripe, COD, Bank Wire transfer)
  • Buyer Rating system for both products and sellers
  • Order tracking system
  • Dynamic filters to find products
  • Multiple shopping carts
  • Ajax based shopping cart
  • Featured categories
  • Wishlist
  • Coupons
  • Theme based front end
  • A different theme for vendor landing page
  • Support Ticket system
  • Full-featured Message inbox
  • Refunds and Disputes
  • Block sellers and customers
  • Can block user IPs
  • Fully Google analytic integration on the dashboard
  • Visitor graph report without any third party API
  • Maintenance mode for the whole platform and individual shop
  • Products key feature list
  • Linked items with your listing
  • Auto find related items
  • An algorithm to find top selling/trending product to highlight
  • Different shipping rate base on price, weight and shipping zone (auto)
  • Shipping zone based tax system (auto)
  • Premium Packaging options for delivery
  • Social media login system with Facebook and Google
  • Newsletter subscription with MailChimp
  • Subscription-based vendor registration(Auto renewal)
  • Full controlled resource allocation(users/listings) for vendor
  • Sliders and banners widget can be placed in multiple widget areas
  • Activity log(history log) for important resources
  • Bulk upload customers and inventories (CSV)
  • Admin can limit the number of records in a batch for bulk upload
  • Global Announcement system
  • Push notification system
  • Advanced reporting
  • Advanced FAQ system
  • Static pages
  • Blog
  • Customer-seller conversation on order page
  • SEO optimized
  • Bulk inventory and product import option.
  • Cookie consent notice to comply with GDPR
  • Mass actions for all the tables
  • RTL language support
  • Dynamic Language change option
  • Vendor approval system
  • Vendor verification system (ID, Address and Phone Number)
  • Verified badge on the vendor name
  • Admin can update customer and user password from admin panel
  • Now admin can set vendors to use their own catalog products
  • Admin can set active business area for the marketplace
  • Trash and restore option for banners and sliders
  • Order invoice/receipt (pdf)
  • Vendor subscription invoice/receipt (pdf)
  • Contact seller feature added on product page
  • Complete inbox module for customers
  • New customer dashboard
  • CyberSource payment gateway
  • SEO fields for all categories
  • Vendor can add admin note to orders
  • 4 translation files included for free

More features will be added…

Please view our online Documentation for installation process and other information


Indexing:: (Meaning of symbols on the left side)
‘+’ Added
‘*’ Fixed
‘-’ Removed
‘=‘ Improved

Version 2.0.5 (4 June 2020)
* The Stripe subscription issue
Version 2.0.4 (1 June 2020)
+ Twitter card for better SEO
+ Product Rich Snippets for SEO
+ Facebook OpenGraph for better SEO
+ Lots of SEO meta(dynamic) tags added
+ Cancel option added on the cookie consent 
* Issue on boost command
* Chart exporting issue on reports
* Guest checkout notification issue
* Revert order issue when payment failed
* New message notification settings issue
* Contact seller issue on the product page
* Attribute color picker issue on BackOffice
* Order table sorting issue on the merchant panel
* Mailchimp issue when newsletter not configured
* HTML tag issue on the new message notification
* Page displaying issue on the main navbar location
* Issue on customer order details when the shop is deleted
* Issue on customer messages inbox when the shop is deleted
* Shipping rate issue for weight-based shipping on the checkout page
* Merchant dashboard error when the subscription plan has been deleted
= Improved default theme
= Improved the image uploader UI and UX
= Now quantity value it honored on direct checkout as well
= Now admin can see all listings on product details page on BackOffice
= Now admin logout redirects to the login page instead of the home page
Version 2.0.3 (1 May 2020)
+ Now customers can cancel an order if it's not fulfilled yet
+ Now customers can now re-order using an old order info
+ Coupon field added on the checkout page also
+ Seller feedback rating is not visible on the product page
+ Customer can view the seller profile window right on the product page
* Issues on `add variants inventory` option when the catalog restriction feature is enabled
* Stock quantity issue when order failed on the process
* Notification 404 issue when admin creates vendor
* Message inbox issue on the customer dashboard
* Add inventory permission issues when restricted
* Issue to access coupon on merchant panel
* Newsletter auto subscription config issue 
* Condition translation issue on the back office
* Now the radio type product attribute will show as a button type option
= Now more search result will show on product search to create listings
= Storefront default theme improved
Version 2.0.2 (19 April 2020)
* Coupon code issue on the cart/checkout page
* Permission issue on a new catalog feature
* Stripe card update issue
= Update some language strings
Version 2.0.1 (13 April 2020)
+ Now the guest customer will get order notifications
* Location Issue on the product page
* Issue on subscription invoice
* Site icon Issue
= Update some language strings
= Upgrade some plugins
Version 2.0.0 (09 April 2020)
+ Now admin can set vendors to use their own catalog products
+ Admin can set active business area for the marketplace
+ Trash and restore option for banners and sliders
+ Order invoice/receipt (pdf)
+ Vendor subscription invoice/receipt (pdf)
+ Contact seller feature added on product page
+ Complete inbox module for customers
+ New customer dashboard
+ CyberSource payment gateway
+ SEO fields added to the categories
+ Vendor can add admin note to orders
* The logo issue on cloud storage
* Guest checkout settings issue
* Instagram link issue
* Instamojo payment about formatting issue
* Sorting issue on the blog  page
* Price filter issue on the category page
* Categories inner section accessibility issue for a long list 
* Terms and condition link issue
* Buyer note visibility issue on the order detail page
* Button visibility issue on some email notifications
* Mass selection issue on message inbox
* HTML tag issue on order detail page
= The description field is not required to add inventory
= Improved shipping zone module
= User session data are encrypted now
= Improved cart page for a small screen
Version 1.3.4 (05 January 2020)
+ A new translation (Spanish) added.
= Added item SKU in order details page
= Improved file security on the hosted server
* Demo images import issue on cloud filesystems 
* Bangla(Bengali) language file HTML tag issues
* HTML tag issues on the quick view window
* Fix logo issue on S3
* Improve dispute APIs
* Admin settings issue on guest checkout
* Cookie consent issue on selling theme
Version 1.3.3 (25 November 2019)
+ Bulk inventory import option for vendors.
+ Added mass actions option to all tables
+ Added empty trash option to delete all records in the trash
+ Added option to add condition note when listing vendor items
+ Can set the limit the number of records in a batch for bulk upload
+ New translations added Bengali (Bangla) 
+ Cookie consent notice to comply with GDPR 
= Moved logo and icon storage location to local
= Set the image file size strict honoring the admin settings
= Improved the thumbnails for all over the platform 
= Images uploading procedure has been improved a lot 
* Assignment issue on CSV uploaded products 
* Seller specification update issues on variants of a product
* Trash issue on the tax module
* Random search error when searching in all categories
* Multiple images upload issue in product/inventory
* Linked items repopulate issue on the inventory edit form
* Product table sorting issue by the name field
* Product edit permission issue for merchants
* Search issue for variants
* Transparent background issue on S3
Version 1.3.2 (10 September 2019)
- Moved APP_LOCALE from the env file to the admin dashboard
= Now admin can also reduce the trial period for any specific vendor
* Fixed order listing issue on admin panel
* Fixed html tag issue on the wishlist
* Fixed html tag issue on order complete page
* Fixed order notification issues
* Fixed demo content importer issue
Version 1.3.1 (04 September 2019)
* Minor bug fixes on installer module
Version 1.3.0 (31 August 2019)
+ RTL language support
+ Dynamic Language change option
+ New translation added(Persian), front-end only.
+ Now admin can extend the trial period of vendors
+ Admin can hide the trial expiry notice on vendor panel
+ Vendor approval system (optional)
+ Vendor verification system (ID, Address and Phone Number)
+ Verified badge on the vendor name
+ Filters toggle option on the small screen
+ Country flags on visitors report
+ Mass delete option on customers and products
+ Empty trash options on customers and products
+ Now admin can update customer and user password from admin panel
+ Trialling flag added on the vendor list
+ Now you can set the currency decimal point to 0
- Moved APP_TIMEZONE from the env file to the admin dashboard
- Removed OrderStatus model and add statuses as CONSTs
* Fixed add wishlist issue.
* Fixed HTML tag issue on order page messages
* Fixed the HTML tag issue on the product title
* Fixed 500 error on dispute page
* Fixed the google analytics report error on misconfiguration
* Fixed the PayPal payment API issue
* Fixed inbox notification and timestamp issues
* Fixed Search error on the front end
= Improved support messaging module
= Improved the dispute module

See the complete changelog here

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zCart Multi-Vendor eCommerce Marketplace

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zCart Multi-Vendor eCommerce Marketplace

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