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Please check out the new zStore z5 PA API 5.0

zStore 1.25 – an amazon Affiliate Store February 14th 2020

zStore uses the Amazon Product Advertising API PA API 4.0

Attention – Amazon PA API 4.0 might get turned off

last week (end of January) Amazon informed me, that they will shut down the Produt Advertising API 4.0 on March 9th this year. zStore uses this third party API mainly to get all the information from amazon, filling carts and handling updates.
I’ve dicussed this issue with Envato and with their compliance and the huge changes that are needed I will release a new item based on the new PA API 5.0
And I’ll try to include there a possibility to use zStore 1.x data to migrate to the new version of zStore.
I’ve dropped the price for this item and it will be removed when Amazon decides to turn off PA API 4.0 finally – it can be used until this day – but unfortunatelly this is outside of my control,
What I’ve read is that amazon has announced this API update months ago, but only to great partners of them and so we sadly have this short timeslot – and what I’ve read too is that in the past the shutdown date was shifted several times, so maybe API 4.0 can last a few more months ??
more infomation can be found here: https://prosociate.com/amazon-product-advertising-api-5/

The current version of zStore (1.25) will be the last one of zStore 1.x.
V1.25 includes the possibility to switch to API 5.0 when Amazon turns of the API 4.0 – but this wouldn’t effect all parts.
zStore 1.25 API 5.0 support includes
– API 5.0 cart functionalities
– API 5.0 amazon item links
– disabled additional amazon search results and amazon suggestions on product item pages
so you should be able to use zStore 1.x with your current stock of items and data
and after API 4.0 is turned off you won’t be able to
– import new items
– use amazon suggestions
– use amazon search
– get updates regarding prices and ratings

★ using Amazon Product Advertising API 4.0
★ can be used with suitable marktplace (de, co.uk, in, fr, it, es, …)
★ easy to add/modify languages
★ and much more ☺

Just update the config file at lieast with your database credentials, upload files, point browser to installation folder and follow simplest instructions to install your amazon affilate store

Categories are used to handle your products – you can display these categories each as single menue item in the navigation bar. It’s also possible to make just one single dropdown menu item containing all of the product categories OR you can even hide all of the categories while they are still accessible with their links

example for all categories in one single dropdown (more space for other menue items): click here

example for usage of sub-categories (Batman) – causing additional category listing and different product listings: click here

  • Apache Webserver
  • activated mod_rewrite module
  • PHP 5.x, 7.x
    • mysqli
    • curl with the possibility to grab content from amazon webservice servers
    • SimpleXML module support
  • Mysql Server 5.6

Nice to have

  • possibility to handle cron jobs on server
  • way to access your server via ftp, ssh, scp..
  • credentials for a mysql database or the possibility to create a database with needed credentials
  • some knowledge in HTML/PHP if you like to make some changes to the layout and adapt/add custom pages
  • amazon Account
    and signed in to the amazon affiliate program
    and having an active Amazon Product Advertising API Key
    more details in the help section in the zStore Manual in the Backend
    You can test your API key in the backend (of the demo) too

If you are already a member of the amazon affiliate program but still having no Amazon Product Advertising API Key you might find this youtube videos useful:

  • Bootstrap 4.x
  • responsive design
  • tripple random images for home page categories
  • sticky header/search bar

direct demo link: click here

  • Bootstrap 4.x
  • responsive design
  • own zStore Slider for product images supporting arrow keys
  • sticky header/search bar

direct demo link: click here

full changelog: click here


  • add items from amazon to your store with the greatest of ease by
    – searching amazon items inside backend
    – copy/paste html blocks containing links to amazon items (e.g. from amazon deals site)
    – single ASIN
    – list of ASINs
  • item/product variations since V1.20
  • items can be categorized
  • items are seamless integrated into the store
  • items details can be modified and extended
  • youtube/vimeo video can be added to each item
  • items can be put into a wishlist/favorites list by your visitors
  • items can be put into a cart and checkout leads directly to amazon
  • any amazon search result or amazon suggestion item is also seamless integrated to your store
  • items have links that leads to amazon too, where you could get commission from too
  • 2 layouts are integrated – more will come after zStore get’s more acceptance
  • a language manager is integrated to the backend of your store where you are able modify language relevant parts of the frontend and add add another one with one click – language for the frontend can be set in backend config

you can read the full manual in the backend

Project Site: http://zstore.envato.homac.at/
Backend (de store): https://de.envato.z-store.eu/z-admin.php
User: admin
Pass: pass

TMDb Pro – Movie & TV Show Details Plugin For The Movie Database

zStore – an amazon affiliate Store – PA API 4.0

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zStore - an amazon affiliate Store - PA API 4.0

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