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Dizzcox Multipurpose Website & Agency Business CMS is the perfect agency business or any kind of website with this PHP Script. Dizzcox is a better way to present your business, corporate website, construction website, interior, agency website etc. It’s easy to customise and also well documented. it also compatible with Desktop, laptop, mobile and also compatible with major browsers.

Frontend Demo: Dizzcox

Super Admin Demo: Super Admin Login

Username super_admin

Password 12345678

Admin Demo ( super admin can add admin by their role ): Admin Login

Username admin

Password 12345678

Editor Demo ( super admin can add admin by their role ): Editor Login

Username editor

Password 12345678

Few Common Pre Sell Questions

How can i install the script ? will support help me to install it ?

It’s very simple to install the script, we have very clear documentation online you can check it Online Doc.
Also this script comes with a visual installer you can install it easy by filling some information.
Still you are in confusion we have video tutorial
Available at youtube how you can install this
Install Dizzcox video Tutorial.
Are you still scared to install ?
Don’t worry our support team will help you to install the script.

How can i update the script ? will support help me to update it ?

actually this script has module to update. it’s petty similar like installation.
you have to update file in server ( you will see and update folder in download file, just upload the zip file and unzip in server )
now go to yourdomain.com/update and follow the instruction.
Are you still scared to Update ?
Don’t worry our support team will help you to Update the script.

How can add new languages ?

There is a video tutorial available in youtube,
so that you can understand the scenario of the multilingual
Language video Tutorial
Are you still scared to add new language ?
Don’t worry our support team will help you to add new language in the script.


Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Prevention
Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Prevention
Password Hashing
Avoiding SQL Injection

System Requirement

System Requirement
Backend Framework: Built
on Laravel 6x
PHP Composer
Frontend Framework: Built on Bootstrap 4x
Requires PHP >= 7.2.0
Supports MySQL, Mysqli.


Unique Design
Powerful Admin Dashboard
04 Home Variant
RTL Support
Dynamic Page
Page Meta Tag Options
Drag & Drop Menu Builder
Drag & Drop Form Builder
Mutlilanguage Options
Page Slug & Name Change
950+ Google Fonts
Cache Settings
Custom CSS Settings
Database Backup & Restore and Download
Email Tempalate Settings
SEO Settings Available
OG Meta Added
User Role Permission System (Super Admin Can Assign Role or Can Add New Admin)
Google Analytics Settings
Live Chat Options
Unlimited Color Option
Disqus Comment System
Google Captcha V3
Subscriber Settings
Admin Dark Mode
Newsletter Mail Send
Social Share Options
Quote Page
Dynamic Order Page
Service Details Page
FAQ Page
Work Details page
Typography Settings
Well Documented
Quality Support
Video Tutorial
Lifetime Update
Language Settings

Still Missing Something ?

Please let us know via mail to [email protected]

Change logs

28 April 2020
Version: 2.2
Payment gateway added
Paypal payment gateway added
Now you can connect your package to PayPal with this update
Paytm payment gateway added 
No you can get paid via paytm 
Manual payment gateway added
Now you can add you own manual gateway what ever you want
This is best option for you if you don’t have PayPal or paytm
Added a new media uploader ( image uploader  ) in admin panel
Now you can reuse your uploaded image it will optimise images for frontend
Also it has drag & drop image upload option 
You can see image information  from media uploader 
You can delete image from media uploader
Added option to change admin username from admin panel
Now you can change admin username from admin panel > profile settings> edit profile
Footer copyright text is not changing after saving it to database issue resolved 
Email site title issue is resolved
Mail subject site title issue is resolved
Language edit words issue resolved
Change default languages in frontend option selected  issue resolved
Added  media uploader in header slider 
Added media upload in key feature
Fix navbar fixed got hidden while scrolling issue fixed
Problem with image upload in summernote fixed
Problem with image upload while working with works/service/pages content now it fixed
Work category not change in edit modal according to lang fixed
Now  image resized to a maintain image ratio 
So all of uploaded image will look good in all sizes
Added datable to all the filed faq/newsletter/works category/service category/key features etc
Added option to add link in brand slider 
Now you can link all the brand image to their website
Category not change while update works issue fixed
Admin responsive issue  resolved
Maintain page image library added now you can use image media library in maintain page
Issue with drag & drop form builder ( after saved to database can not change required check box ) resolved
Added new file upload type ( doc,docx etc )  to the form builder
Now you can give option to user to upload doc/docx format in contact page/quote/order page etc
Added new field url type to form builder 
Now you can user url field to receive any url form user 
Added option to put link in check box label ( have set option put url in checkbox label )
Now you can user link in checkbox label 
Make page builder filed name to slug dynamically so you did not get any error you use space in the fields name
Added  smtp  settings option in general settings
Now you don’t need to face any hassle to setup your smtp 
You have to go to general settings > SMTP settings to setup you smtp
It ’s pretty easy to handle for anyone
Added option to regenerate thumbnail in general settings  
Now you can regenerate all image uploaded if you need to maintain the image ration of you old image
Added option to add custom script ( some similar to custom css )
Now you can put you custom script like Facebook pixels/etc 
 Static page slug change issue in like multiple slug for single page resolved
Added option to change blog/contact page name & slug 
Now you can change blog page name 
Now you can change blog page slug
Now you can change contact page name
Now you can change contact page slug
Added option to select Navbar style for inner pages
Now you can change header for inner pages 
There area 04 header variant available now you can use any of them for inner pages
Added option to quote button( if anyone one he/she can use custom url  instead of quote page )
Added option use custom url in quote button
It will more flexible to you if don’t want to user quote button form instead of you want to point any other pages now you can do that
Added option to upload map marker for contact page
Now you can upload contact page map marker form contact page settings
Google font variant issue ( if no variant loaded then by default load 400/regular variant  ) resolved
Google font font variant load issue is resolved
Now it will load immediately font variant whenever you will change the font family of fonts
It will more flexible now
Store quote in database also add option to send mail to quoted sender 
Now all the quote send by user will be saved in database with  a quote manage option
Now you can see all of your quote in one place 
You can seen completed quote with you already send quote to user
Also you can change quote status to complete 
Now you can send mail to quote send directly form admin panel
It is more easy now to handle you the quote message you get form user
Now all  order data Save in database 
Now all the order send by user will be saved in database with  a order manage option
Now you can see all of your order in one place 
You can seen completed order with you already send by user
Also you can change order status to complete /in progress/pending
Added  an option in general settings basic settings to enable/disable payment gateway
Now you can enable/disable payment gateway form general settings 
Also add option to enable/disable all payment gateway  like PayPal/paytm/manual payment gateway
You can select which payment gateway you want to use.
Added new settings name payment gateway settings  to generation settings ( font PayPal/paytm )
Now you can setup PayPal payment gateway
Now you can setup paytm payment gateway
Now you can setup manual payment gateway
Added data table to subscriber list 
Change subscriber delete message type 
Now you can see 10 per page of subscriber
Added new module for career pages / job posting 
Now you can post job from admin dashboard with all the option abatable 
You can setup job category form admin panel
You can change job page title 
You can change job page slug
You can also change job page items ( how many item will show in job page )
You can also setup job page sidebar title 
Career page also have option to search job post
Added new module for event posting
Now you can post all of your event in event module 
Also new page added to show all event 
You can change event page title
You can change event page slug
You can change event page items
You can also change event page sidebar category title
You can also add event category 
Event page also has option to search event
Added new module for knowledgeable
In knowledge base you can add new topics
You can post article in related topic 
You can show all the articel in a page name knowledgeable
You change can knowledgeable page title
You can change knowledge base page slug
You can change konwledgebase page items
You can also upload image and video in knowledge base article
Knowledgebase page has search option  so that anyone can find any article quickly 
You can change knowledgeable sidebar title 
Check work related by language resolved
Send a mail when payment is completed
When any one complete payment for your order /packages then you get an confirm mail from your this script automatically
Manual payment order will also receive and email when admin approve the manual payment .
Added option to add manual payment gateway 
Now you can use you own payment gateway
You have option to put your payment gateway name
Also have option add description how user will pay to your manual payment gateway and then they will put transaction number in given filed.
After that you can verify this payment in admin panel and can approve the payment with matching the transaction id or can cancel it.
Added two new pages for payment success/ payment cancel
You can customise all the text of payment success page
You can also customise all the text of payment cancel page
31 / March /2020
version: 2.1
Added user role permission added by admin
Now admin can create role 
Now admin can assign permission to another admin
Now admin can set which pages can be seen by another admin ( create by super admin )
GDPR compliant cookie notice added
You admin can enable GDPR complaint cookie 
Admin can change all content of GDPR compliant cookie 
Admin can add view more link to GDPR Compliant cookie and much more option 
Price plan page added
Also price plan page name & slug change option added
Now you can show all of your price package in a single page name is price plan
You can set price plan page section title 
You can set price plan page section description 
You can set how many plan show in price plan page
Blog single tags are now clickable 
Now blog tags has a separate page 
When anyone click on blog single tags they will see all related post by the tag
Related blog post added
Admin panel has option to change related post title
Related work added in work single page
Admin can change work single related work title
Minor bug fix
*** Important ** 
For now whenever you upgrade to latest version you will not lose your old data
Now this script has update option.
26 / March /2020
version: 2.0
Drag & Drop Form Builder Added For Quote Form
Drag & Drop Form Builder Added For Contact Form
Drag & Drop Form Builder Added For Order Form
Drag & Drop Form Builder Added For Call Back Form
Now you can create your own customised form for quote/ contact/ order/ call back page with an easy drag & drop form builder
Available filed for form builder list below
1. Text 
2. Email
3. Tel
4. Select
5. Checkbox
6. File
7. Textarea 
 ( More Field Added soon )
Language status added 
Now you can draft new language and input all the data needed to make in available In frontend
When you made any language status as draft It will not show in frontend
Now when you delete any language all the related language data will be remove from database
Added option to choose direction by language
Now you can set any Language direction without change all the data to rtl
Like if you want when anyone select arabic language the site goes to rtl 
Now you can do that using language direction options
Multilingual support added for basic settings
Now you can use language based site title/site description/ site footer copyright text
Adde recommended image size in below of each image upload 
So that you can get the idea which sizes images are best fit for this field
Added option to change page meta tag
Added option to change page meta description
Added option to change static page name 
Added option to change static page slug
Now you can change static page name and slug 
As like you can change about/service/work page name as well as page slug also
Now you have more control over default page given by the script
Email success message change option for quote form
Email success message change option for contact form
Email success message change option for order form
Email success message change option for call back form
Now you can change success message show after sending mail  in quote/contact/order/call back form
Added option to change heading color
Added option to change paragraph color
Now you change change site all heading color ( h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6 ) from admin panel 
Now you change change site all body Element color and paragraph color  from admin panel 
Added option to add subscriber form admin panel
Now you can add newsletter subscriber form admin panel if you want manually add subscriber you can add
17 / March /2020
version: 1.0.1
added admin dark option 
now you can use admin lite /dark theme
added RTL Support
added sticky navbar
minor bug fix 
Initial Release

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Dizzcox – Multipurpose Website & Business Management System CMS

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Dizzcox - Multipurpose Website  & Business Management System CMS

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