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XServer is a PHP/JSON REST API for you to build your own backend for your mobile applications and websites, a great alternative to popular BaaS (Backend-as-a-Service) services like Firebase or Parse Server, all under your control.

A Representational State Transfer (REST) API is an application program interface that uses HTTP requests to GET, PUT, POST and DELETE data.
XServer is a great framework for beginner and intermediate developers, and it provides CRUD operations with custom functions, an intuitive Admin panel to manage data, mobile, and web SDKs to easily build your own applications. It doesn’t work with MySQL, but all data are hosted into JSON files, so you do not need phpMyAdmin.
Think about Firebase or Parse Server: this API does what they basically do, and even more because you can also customize it!

Before buying this product

Check out the Live Preview and sign in as:

Username: demo
Password: demo

Please note that some functions are disabled in demo mode and that the demo database will be cleaned once in a while

Please carefully read the requirements to see what you need to make XServer work properly.


Extended License

As per Envato Marketplace Terms, the Extended License applies to all applications/scripts that charge money to their users. In case your users will not be charged with money through your own version of this item, you can still buy this item under a Regular license.
Therefore, you must buy this product under an Extended License if your plan to add a Payment Gateway (PayPal, Stripe, In-App Purchase, etc.) in the source code, make it public and have clients getting charged of money for subscriptions or anything else in order to use your final product.


XServer REST API and the Web SDK:
– A domain name
– A VPS Server with cPanel, minimum 4GB RAM, 2 CPUs, 100GB Disk space. [Check out these good GoDaddy offers]
– SSL certificate installed an active on your server
– Sublime Text (recommended), or any other HTML/text editor of your choice
– An FTP account configured in FileZilla needed to upload/edit files
– Chrome Web Browser (recommended), and/or Safari or Firefox

iOS Mobile SDK:
– The latest official version of Xcode – Beta versions of an IDE usually never work properly, and the code of this SDK has been written using the latest official version of Xcode. You can download it from the Mac App Store. Please avoid Betas.
– An Apple Mac computer, updated to its latest OS version
– An Apple Developer Account with an active iOS Development Program – This is needed for you to publish apps on the iTunes App Store.
– Knowledge of Xcode and Swift programming
– A real device to test the app – The Simulator may fail during tests, they are not reliable like a real device is

Android SDK:
– The latest official version of Android Studio – Beta versions of an IDE usually never work properly, and the code of this SDK has been written using the latest official version of Android Studio. Please avoid Betas.
– An Apple Mac or Windows computer, updated to its latest OS version.
– A Google Play Developer Account – This is needed for you to publish apps on the Play Store.
– Knowledge of Android Studio and Java/XML programming.
– A real device to test the app before submitting it to the Play Store – Emulators may fail during tests, they are not reliable like a real device is


Admin Dashboard: Manage your data with a user-friendly admin panel. Sign in with your secret credential, add or delete rows and columns, sort data, send Push Notifications, and much more
CRUD operations: This API is easy to learn and performs all the necessary backend stuff to run your apps and websites.
It’s YOURS: You have total control of this API once you buy it and install it on your server, which means that if you’re an experienced Web developer, you can customize it as you wish, from code to design
Mobile and Web SDKs: The package includes the iOS, Android and Web SDKs for you to learn how to use XServer and also build your applications using those projects as a starter template (recommended)
Online Documentation: The extensive Docs will help you to learn and master this API pretty soon

Change Log

June 26, 2020

'iOS' and 'Android' folders:
 - Added the following 2 utility functions in both the 'XServerSDK.swift' and 'XServerSDK.java' files:

June 23, 2020

'Web' folder:
- Edited the 'XServerSDK.php' file by adding the $DATABASE_PATH variable, so you now should set the full path to the 'xserver' database folder.
- Updated the online Documentation

June 11, 2020

'xserver' folder:
- Removed the following code from the 'header.php' file:
    if ($_SESSION['username'] != $ADMIN_USERNAME || $_SESSION['password'] != $ADMIN_PASSWORD) {
    header('Refresh:0; url=../index.php');        
- Added an Import Tables button to the 'Options' dropdown button, so you can now upload your JSON table files directly from the Dashboard. In order to make that work I've edited the following files:
    Added a file called 'upload-table-file.php'

June 11, 2020

'xserver' folder:
- Edited the following files:
- Added the following file:
In this way, when you remove a file from the Row's editor page, delete row(s) from the database or delete objects from the apps and website, the API will remove their Files from the 'uploads' folder (if such objects will have one or more 'file' field)

June 5, 2020

'xserver' folder:
- Improved the features of the dashboard by adding the 'Rename Column' and 'Rename Table' functions (visible form the Options menu).
Edited/added the following files:

June 4, 2020

'xserver' folder:
- Change the layout style into dark mode
- Added a '(+) Add Column' button over the table's grid.
Files edited:
  All the PHP files into the '_Tables' folder

May 29, 2020

'xserver' folder:
- Edited the following files:
With this update, I've adjusted some layout style, added a '(+) Add Row' button over the table's grid, grouped all the top bar buttons into a single 'Options' button

May 26, 2020

'xserver' folder:
- Edited the '_Tables/m-query.php' file by putting this line:
    for ($i=0; $i<count($data_array); $i++) {
        if ($data_array[$i]['ID_id'] == '---') {  unset($data_array[$i]); }
In this way, the mobile apps will properly sort values.

May 8, 2020

- Added the following line of code on the bottom of the '_Tables/m-query.php' file, so the mobile and web SDKs will not count the empty default JSON object form a Table (the one that has '---' as ID):
    // Make data_array as empty in case there's only the default empty object (for column names)
    if ($data_array[0]['ID_id'] == '---') { $data_array = array(); }

May 2, 2020

- Fixed the top navigation's responsiveness on Tablets and Laptop screens by editing the 'style.css' file

April 20, 2020

- Edited the 'XSRefreshObjectData' function into the 'XServerSDK.php' file of the 'Web' folder (the Web SDK), because it was wrong 

April 18, 2020

- Added a function called 'XSRefreshObjectData' into the 'XServerSDK.php' file of the 'Web' folder (the Web SDK) 

April 9, 2020

'iOS' and 'Android' folders:
- Added a function called 'XSRefreshObjectData', in order to retrieve updated data of a JSON object  

April 4, 2020

'xserver' folder:
- Removed the 'Actions' column from the Dashboard
- Added the 'Edit Row' button in the NavBar which gets visible when you select 1 single row
- Added the 'Delete Table' button in the NavBar, so you can now delete tables directly in the Dashboard
- Added a 'delete-table.php' file in the '_Tables' folder
Files updated:
• header.php
• footer.php
• style.css
• _Tables/index.php

April 3, 2020

'xserver' folder:
- In order to prevent the Dashboard to lose the created columns in case of deletion of all objects of a Table, I've updated the following files:
• delete-row.php
• delete-setected-rows.php
• _Tables/index.php
• add-column.php

April 2, 2020

'xserver' folder:
- Added an 'Add Table' button in the Dashboard, so I've edited the 'footer.php', '_Tables/index.php' and 'header.php' files in order to do that.
- Added an 'add-table.php' file in the '_Tables' folder
IMPORTANT: always compare your old files with the new one to perform updates!

March 27, 2020

'xserver' folder:
- Added some code to the top of the 'header.php' file to force HTTPS connection on your browser
- Edited line 390 of the '_Tables/index.php' file as it follows:
    <input type="hidden" id="selColName" value="<?php echo $k ?>">
- Edited a line in the 'confirmColumnDeletion()' function of the 'footer.php' file as it follows:
    title: 'Are you sure you want to delete the "' + colName + '"" column?',
- Added a For loop inside the '<select id="pointerTable">' line of the '_Tables/index.php' file that gets the names of the Tables present in the '_Tables' folder (the JSON files), useful when you're adding a Pointer column
'iOS' folder:
- Added a function called 'XSGetImageFromURL()' in the 'XServerSDK.swift' file, in order to get an UIImage from a URL

March 14, 2020

- Edited the 'send-iOS-push' file from the '_Push' folder, in order to set and update the iOS Push Notifications badge number.
- Edited the 'm-signup.php' and 'add-column.php' files by adding the 'NU_badge' default column.
- Added the following IF condition in the 'index.php' file of the '_Tables' folder -> 'deleteColumnModal' modal code:
    && $k != 'NU_badge'
- Added the following IF condition in the 'footer.php' file -> 'addColumn(tableName)' function, in order to prevent the creation of a column named "badge":
    || columnName == 'badge'
- Added the following line of code in the 'Home.swift' file -> viewDidAppear() function of the iOS XServer project, in order to reset the badge number to 0 when the app is open:
    // Reset app icon badge to 0
    self.param(columnName: "NU_badge", value: "0"),
- Added this line in the 'AppDelegate.swift' file -> 'applicationDidBecomeActive()' function:
    application.applicationIconBadgeNumber = 0

March 10, 2020

- First release

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XServer | PHP/JSON REST API with Admin Dashboard and Mobile SDKs

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XServer | PHP/JSON REST API with Admin Dashboard and Mobile SDKs

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