DM Pilot — Instagram Most Wanted Automation Tool for Direct Message & Scheduled Posts

DM Pilot — Instagram Most Wanted Automation Tool for Direct Message & Scheduled Posts

Download DM Pilot — Instagram Most Wanted Automation Tool for Direct Message & Scheduled Posts Free Nulled [updated version]

DM Pilot — Most wanted SaaS automation tool for Instagram Direct Message.


If you want to charge you customers and earn money, you have to buy Extended license!

New Feature:

Scheduled Posts, Album & Stories

Publish or schedule any content on your feed or stories directly from the browser.

Now you can chat without touching your device and chat with your customers directly from the browser. Send emoji, receive messages, posts, stories, videos and any type of attachments!

Send messages to yours



any list

of users! Automate your daily routine and enjoy your SMM strategy. DM Pilot is intended for the SMM manager or any owner of the page on Instagram who wants to send messages to his new followers, unfollowers, following or even unfollowing automatically.

Features you’ll love:

  1. SaaS – Software as a Service

    -based complete solution integrated with





  2. Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly recurring payments with ease.
  3. Publish or schedule any content on your feed or stories
  4. Supports regular posts, gallery (carousel), video posts and stories
  5. Create your pricing model with various supported currencies.
  6. Administrator panel with enhanced features.
  7. Global settings manager to customize your SaaS web-site.
  8. User accounts manager.
  9. Pricing packages manager
  10. Easy web-based installation and upgrade.
  11. Web-Based Instagram Direct Messenger
  12. Send messages directly to whom you have open conversations
  13. Unlimited Instagram accounts list in one control panel
  14. Setup autopilot to automatically welcome new followers by sending a warm welcome message.
  15. Automatically detect un-followers and try to keep them by sending a message or any promo code or even ask a question, why they unfollowed your account.
  16. If you followed to any account DM Pilot can handle your SMM routine and send greeting message or offer
  17. Or even unfollowed users can be noticed. It’s up to you.
  18. Send any type of message to your followers, your followings or even any size list of users
  19. You can send a pre-defined list of messages, custom text, Like action, hashtag, photo, video or regular Instagram post.
  20. Photo or Video can be disappearing as well
  21. Set specific date & time for your autopilot (vacation period or even non-working hours)
  22. DM Pilot also supports Spintax. Feel free to use it like:


    dear friend!

    {Thank you|We appreciate you}

    for your interest.
  23. Use mentions




    DM Pilot automatically converts this to receiver’s username and full name accordingly


Version 4.0.5

– 20.06.2020

   Inactive proxy if valid became active
   Added time delay befire the first comment

   Location search fixed

Version 4.0.4

– 16.06.2020

   RSS Autoposter - Reads your RSS feed and publish new posts with the Location and First comment feature
   The first comment for the new post feature has been added
   Tinkoff - New recurring payment gateway has been added
   Integration interface grouped into tabs
   Google Analytics has been added to the internal pages
   Delete all media from Media Manager feature has been added
   Edit location on scheduled posts

   Activity checker has been rewritten to catch new followers
   APP_URL prefixes issue solved (http / https / www.)
   Package cancellation stops recurring payments for Stripe
   Search for Locations has been improved
   Some UI improvements
   Indian Rupee (INR) has been added to the list of supported currencies
   Activate proxy if successfully connected to the API

   INTL_IDNA_VARIANT on login with social networks

Version 4.0.3

– 26.05.2020

   Truly recurring payments for Stripe payment gateway
   Display user used media storage

   Account's passwords now stored in a more secure encrypted format
   New translations for Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Ukrainian
   Subscribe to Mailchimp audience if logged in using Facebook or Google
   Running required migrations during the upgrade

   Publishing post with error message fixed
   INTL_IDNA_VARIANT_2003 error fixed
   Stripe payment fixed

Version 4.0.2

– 15.05.2020

   New follower activity has been added. Now DM Pilot instantly catches new followers.
   Auto-upgrade from the Administrator panel. Now DM Pilot upgrade will be easy as two clicks.
   Proxy health checker has been added. Expired or non-working proxies will be deactivated automatically.
   Now you can set your logo in mail templates
   New payment gateway Instamojo has been added to accept payments from India
   Added new option Hidden to packages to allow set custom packages for selected users.

   Payment gateways separated for Its classes
   Minor code improvements

   Failed scheduled post JavaScript fixed
   Video post has been fixed
   Proxy use count has been fixed

Version 4.0.1

– 07.04.2020

   Collect audience from target account

   Added some new translations for Russian language

   Statistic collection optimized and fixed
   Failed post listing fixed

Version 4.0.0

– 06.04.2020

   MailChimp integrated to automatically build your audience for e-mail campaigns
   Yandex.Kassa (Яндекс.Касса) new payment gateway has been integrated which allows you to accept payments from your users mostly from the Russian Federation.
   Pages Manager has been added. Create custom pages like FAQ, Privacy Policy, Help and etc.
   Fron-end, Back-end logo as well as Favicon upload has been added
   Language manager has been added to choose which languages you want to enable
   Monthly statistics (Media posts, Followers Following) has been added to the dashboard
   Administrator able to see user's accounts
   New e-mail templates have added (Subscription Expired, Subscription Paid, Trial Expired, User Registered)
   Login with Google has been added
   Media Manager has been added as a separate section of the DM Pilot
   DM Pilot license validation has been implemented
   Filter users with accounts or without
   Now you can edit scheduled posts to make required changes
   Log in as a specific user for administrator

   Updated Laravel to the latest version 7.4.0
   PHP 7.2.5, proc_open() and Fileinfo added as a system requirements.
   Users email now passed through RFC standards filters
   Timeout for cron has been switched from 5 to 10 minutes
   Instagram API has been updated to the latest version
   Cloudflare IP has been whitelisted and added as a proxy
   Notifications have been improved to speed up the page load
   «Test SMTP settings» button has been added
   Uploaded media files now can be deleted
   Translated new words to the Russian language
   When account deleted all Instagram related cookie files deletes too
   Vendor packages update to the latest versions and bundled

   User delete bugfix fixed
   Settings save bugfix fixed
   Installer fixed to allow special chars in DB fields
   Datetime picker bugfix has been fixed

Version 3.0.7

– 10.12.2019

   Added new filters to Posts section
   Added emoji to Direct Messenger
   Update method improved

   Load more for Direct Messenger has been fixed
   Direct contacted target audience has been fixed

Version 3.0.6

– 26.11.2019

   User list mass insert has been optimized
   Speed selection adjustable in config
   Vendor packages update to the latest versions and bundled

   Sending photos in Direct Messages has been fixed
   Minor bugfixes

Version 3.0.5

– 21.11.2019

   Vendor packages update to the latest versions and bundled

   Publish posts has been fixed due Instagram API update
   Minor bugfixes

Version 3.0.4

– 19.11.2019

   Trial settings has been added

   Added word wrap for long messages in Messages log section
   MySQL database strict mode turned off
   Vendor packages update to the latest versions and bundled

   Search by #hashtag fixed

Version 3.0.3

– 13.11.2019

   Messages log section has been added
   @fullname mention has been added

   Messages section has been totally rewritten
   Scheduled posts section has been totally rewritten
   Web cron has been improved
   Vendor packages update to the latest versions and bundled

   Time zone has been fixed

Version 3.0.2

– 11.11.2019

   New landing page skin – Nova

   Send message → Target audience → Direct contacted section has been fixed
   PayPal payments has been fixed
   Search by #hashtag fixed
   Web-Based Instagram Messenger fixed
   Instagram avatar load JavaScript optimization
   Vendor packages update to latest versions and bundled

Version 3.0.1

– 07.11.2019

   Installation for MySQL version prior to 5.7 is supported
   Add post - Location preview added
   Vendor packages update to the latest versions and bundled

Version 3.0.0

– 05.11.2019

   PayPal has been added as new payment method
   Scheduled posts has been added
   Media manager has been added
   Package settings has been extended and improved
   Payments sections has been added
   E-mail notifications has been added: Subscription Expired, Payment received, Trial Expired, User Registered

   Minor bugfixes

   Payment section has been totally rewritten
   No more need to point server document root to /public/ folder
   Installation wizard has been improved
   Settings has been separated into own pages
   Web Cron has been improved
   UI/UX for mobile version has been optimized
   Vendor packages update to the latest versions and bundled

Version 2.0.4

– 01.08.2019

   Ukrainian language added

   Adding account with Admin privilege fixed
   Sending post to "Directly contacted" fixed

   Scheduler optimization
   Vendor packages update to the latest versions and bundled

Version 2.0.3

– 03.07.2019

   Login with Facebook feature added
   Enable / Disable landing page option added
   Search users by name or email added

   Working with proxy totally rewritten

   Symbol @ now automatically removes from Users list
   exif PHP extension added as requirement
   Vendor packages update to the latest versions and bundled

Version 2.0.2

– 25.06.2019

   Failed messages log viewer added.
   Turkish language added.
   Portuguese language added.

   Autopilot failed on first message sent fixed.
   User deleting fixed.
   Adding new proxy country validation fixed.

   Direct Mesenger functionality optimization.
   Supervisor support removed. Now DM Pilot smoothly works with regular Cron scheduler.
   Sending to Users list speed optimized.
   Vendor packages update to the latest versions and bundled

Version 2.0.1

– 18.06.2019

   Search users by #hashtag added to Users list > Add multiple
   Force users to use system proxy feature added
   Limit users to use own proxy feature added
   System proxy management has been added to Settings section.
   External cron added. You can use third-party services to ping every minute.
   Export of your accounts followers and following. Exported list will be downloaded as plain text file.
   Added .htaccess file to the root path to support sub-folder and public_html/ installation path on some shared hosting providers.

   Fixed bug in installer which happens on some shared hosting providers.

   Finished all Russian translations.
   Vendor packages update to the latest versions and bundled

Version 2.0.0

– 02.06.2019

   SaaS (Software as a service) has been added and integrated with Stripe payment gateway
   Web-based installation wizard added
   Web-based update wizard added
   Packages manager to set your pricing model
   Users manager to control your customers
   Localization and currency selection added
   E-mail settings added
   Landing page added
   Skin selection for landing page
   Google Analytics integration added
   Google reCaptcha added to protect registration form
   Stripe integration added
   Settings manager to fine tune your SaaS web-site

   Fixed bugfix in SendMessage job

   Major code optimization
   Vendor packages update to the latest versions and bundled

Version 1.0.3

– 18.05.2019

   Fixed bugfix in ProcessFollower job

   Minor code optimization
   Vendor packages update to latest versions.

Version 1.0.2

– 11.05.2019

   New messages widgets has been added to the Dashboard indicating queue, sent and failed messages statistics with ability to clear the queue or messages statistics.
   Added support of new message types sent in Direct Messenger

   Fixed minor bugfix in Send message

   Minor code optimization
   Vendor packages update to latest versions.

Version 1.0.1

– 11.05.2019

   Added "Direct Messenger" feature
   "Add multiple" feature added – list of users now can be imported by simple pasting into text box.
   Added new target audience for "Direct contacted" 
   Added new speed option "Instantly (every 7-10 seconds)" 

   Fixed "No configs given" issue
   Fixed logged in redirect to /home

   Solved challenge_required exception, then new account has been added
   A few UI improvements

Version 1.0.0

– 11.05.2019

   Initial release

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DM Pilot — Instagram Most Wanted Automation Tool for Direct Message & Scheduled Posts

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DM Pilot — Instagram Most Wanted Automation Tool for Direct Message & Scheduled Posts

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