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Update Log

Version: v3.4 (Date: 2020-05-14)
New Features:
- New modern UI 
- Logo, Site Title and Site Footer change facility 
- Print Bill facility before closing order 
- Print BOT (Bar Order Token) 
- Sound effect 
- Reduced lot of unnecessary click 
- Ingredient selection dependency removed in Add Food Menu
- Walk-in Customer Default Select issue fixed
- Place order appearance improved
- Arabic Language Updated
Bug Fixes/Changes:   
- Customer due receive does not come to proft loss 
- Boolean issue 
- Numpad not working 
- View Invoice in Sale List
- Modifier not printing in KOT and BOT
Version: v3.3 (Date: 2019-11-02)
Bug Fix:
- Kitchen notification issue fixed
Version: v3.2 (Date: 2019-08-31)
Innovation Added:
- Most innovative White Lable feature added so that you can control White Label of all of your clients installation from one place, no need to change logo, title, brand in each installation
Security Update:
- XSS Attack Prevented in Entire Software
- CSRF Attack Prevented in Entire Software  
Bug Fixes/Changes:   
- Add attendance issue fixed
- Delete attendance issue fixed 
- Other role gst not working fixed
- Expense report issue fixed
- Attendance report dropdown issue fixed
- Attendance report result issue fixed
- Code removed from invoice to reduce invoice height
- User Friendly Installer Added
Future Preparation:
- API added for the addon - Synchronizing Desktop App
- API added for the addon - Waiter Android App
Version: v3.1 (Date: 2019-03-27)
Bug Fixes/Changes:    
- Restaurant Setting error fixed
- Food Menu add error fixed 
Version: v2.10 (Date: 2019-03-22)
Bug Fixes/Changes:    
- POS Screen customer select problem fix
- Food menu add error fixed
- POS Screen grand total calculation problem fixed  
Version: v2.9 (Date: 2019-03-20)
Bug Fixes/Changes:    
- Option added in POS Screen for Direct Invoice for Fast Food and Pay First Restaurant
- Running order expand when click
- Restaurant Setting update problem fixed 
- French Language added
Version: v2.8 (Date: 2019-03-17)
Bug Fixes/Changes:    
- Dashboard employee/user error fixed
- Arabic language added
Version: v2.7 (Date: 2019-03-16)
Bug Fixes/Changes:    
- fixed tax modal info height to last 10 sales, on hold sales, sale details, cart
- font weight normal to running order
- fixing doa, dob
- kitchen model, bar model waiter name collision fixing
- error on employee options in attendence and expenses are fixed
Version: v2.6 (Date: 2019-03-15)
Bug Fixes/Changes:   
- Making it single outlet from multiple outlet
- Running Order UX Improved
- Make the currency field as text rather than dropdown
- Time count fix
- Implement any size image upload
- Instant Customer Edit in pos screen
- Kitchen, Bar and Waiter Panel access from main menu
New Features:          
- Spanish and English Language Support
- Indian GST Support and any Tax Support   
- Allow an user to multiple modules
Version: v2.5 (Date: 2019-02-11)
Bug Fixes:   
- Kitchen panel error fix
- Table improvement in pos 
Version: v2.4 (Date: 2019-02-04)
Bug Fixes:   
- error of table info is fixed. It was occuring when pos user wanted switch to kitchen panel
- there was an problem on table reservation about person number. It’s fixed now.
- now it’s not possible to reserve 0 person on table.
- Table person calculation is working fine now.
- In table modal user adds booking and immediately wants to remove it, it's possible now.
- Food menu image size is not bounded/limited on upload now.
- Kitchen panel on pos shows items quantity
- KOT now shows order type, waiter name, table name, customer name
- # has been removed from serial number of KOT
- Every single order or kitchen panel now shows customer name, waiter name, booked tables, Invoice Number, Order type
- When an ordered item is not processed for any operation it show "Not Ready". If an unprocessed item is selected then cook button is appeared. If cook button is pressed for that item then it turns to "In Preparation". For selected item which has "In preparation" status "Done" Button is show. If "Done" button is pressed the item status turns to "Ready" 
- Table color is black when there is no order to a table and it's blue if there has at least single order.
- Table modal is full screen now.
- KOT modal is flexible for more item.
Version: v2.3 (Date: 2019-01-27)
Bug Fixes:   
- Group by item name error is fixed
- Cooking status to every single item kitchen panel
- Slim scroll to every order kitchen panel
- Show or hide cook, done buttons when item is selected
- Bar panel design and functionalities has been change by the design of kitchen panel
Version: v2.2 (Date: 2019-01-23)
Bug Fixes:   
- Table time issue 
- Show number of person in table view 
Version: v2.1 (Date: 2019-01-20)
Bug Fixes:   
- Removed unnecessary code from kitchen panel
- Show tables name to POS, Bar, Waiter panel if multiple tables. Show None if there is no table in a order.
- Shows multiple tables name where it’s necessary 
Version: v1.10 (Date: 2019-01-18)
Bug Fixes:   
-Icon issue in POS
-Place order issue in POS
Version: v1.9 (Date: 2019-01-17)
Bug Fixes:   
-Kitchen Panel Error Fix
Version: v1.8 (Date: 2019-01-16)
Bug Fixes:   
- necessary files are loading from same server
- when item is clicked from right side of pop it will be added to cart automatically without showing pop up. 
New Features:  
- New Design and functions to kitchen panel
- Search running order of POS by customer name, waiter name, table no, order no.
- Show orders as grouped when any item is found in kitchen panel
Version: v1.7 (Date: 2019-01-11)
Bug Fixes:   
- Close register from pos screen
New Features:  
Version: v1.6 (Date: 2019-01-11)
Bug Fixes:  
- Confirmation on remove table booking
- Switch to kitchen/bar/waiter panel without current user logout
Improvements(by request): 
- Added outlet name on panel header
- Added new button to POS by which user can switch to kitchen/bar/waiter panel.  
New Features: 
- New waiter panel
- Notification update to waiter panel
Version: v1.5 (Date: 2019-01-07)  
Improvements(by request): 
-Now an order can be assigned to multiple tables, if there are lot of persons in a same order
-Now a table can have multiple orders, if the table is too large
-An order can be proceed without selecting table
Version: v1.4 (Date: 2019-01-03)
Bug Fixes: 
- Fixed add user php error
Version: v1.3 (Date: 2018-12-31) 
Bug Fixes:
- Edit user feature added 
- Show Qty in Bar     
- Removed dependency of Mcrypt extension 
- Removed mobile number length restriction in user management     
New Features:
- Add new item from table view 
Version: v1.2 (Date: 2018-12-26)
Bug Fixes:
- Fix bug in table change when modify order
- POS, Kitchen and Bar user direct redirection fix
- List tables in POS of current outlet
- Address field data fix in when new customer adding
- Selecting menu access is now not required when adding POS, Kitchen and Bar user
- Pull only live data in POS, previously some deleted data were being pulled
- Theme color improved
- Added scroll to left menu for better user experience
- Documentation updated by adding update instruction
Version: v1.1 (Date: 2018-12-22) 
Bug Fixes: 
- Added new controller for opening register, replaced all methods from master controller to register controller
- There was an error when ingredients were added to edit food menu. It has been fixed
- Sort menu by category id. without category id to pos menus under category will not be populated
- On modification or previous order, pos user had to select new table. Now it's not necessary to select a table
- On modification of an order user changes on table did not effect. Now on a modification table change can happen or not
- Add item to cart at pos in append order
- Give access to POS when the role type is 'POS User' or user have menu access of POS
New Features:
- Sending notification to kitchen panel and bar panel when there is any modification of any item. 


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Skype: nazmul.hosan24

Please mention that any data or images shown in demo is for demo purpose, we do not provide those with the copy

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iRestora PLUS – Next Gen Restaurant POS

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iRestora PLUS - Next Gen Restaurant POS

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