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Pasteshr is a script which allows you to store any text online for easy sharing. The idea behind the script is to make it more convenient for people to share large amounts of text online.


  • Bootstrap 4+
  • Simple & responsive interface
  • Material Design
  • Easy install
  • 150+ different syntax languages
  • 7+ Syntax Highlighting Skins for PrismJS (default, dark, coy, okadia, funky, solarized light, tomorrow night, twilight)
  • 25+ Syntax Highlighting Skins for Ace Syntax Highlighter
  • Ace Editor / Code Mirror
  • Password protected pastes
  • Encrypted pastes
  • Unlisted pastes
  • Private pastes
  • Paste expiration system
  • Self destroy pastes
  • Daily paste limit for authorized and unauthorized users
  • Share pastes on social network
  • Embed, download, print pastes
  • Clone pastes
  • Report explicit pastes
  • Socialite (Facebook/Twitter/Google Social login)
  • Multi-language support
  • Disqus/Custom comment system
  • Invisible/Custom captcha protection
  • AdBlocks – Ad management for advertisement
  • SEO friendly URLs
  • Ad block detection
  • Load files feature
  • Auto generated sitemaps
  • Spam protection
  • User management
  • Admin panel to manage pastes, syntax, users, pages, languages, translations & other settings
  • User profile page
  • Trending pastes page (day, week, month, year)
  • QR Code for share
  • Site & Paste page layouts
  • No Captcha for logged in users feature
  • 5 Different Color skins
  • Auto approve user feature
  • Time restriction feature to restrict between paste creation
  • and many more.


User Login – http://pasteshr.com/login

Admin Panel – http://pasteshr.com/admin/login


  • PHP 7.1.3 or later
  • MySQL 5.* or later
  • Apache web server
  • fopen enabled
  • Fileinfo PHP extension
  • Zip PHP Extension
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension
  • Ctype PHP Extension
  • JSON PHP Extension
  • BCMath PHP Extension

Change Log

v2.6 (June 05, 2020)

- Improved sitemaps
- Paste expire time display on paste page
- Paste expired page
- Fixed file ext of favicon upload
- Added Spam protection system - block ip, words
- Fixed reported pastes title
- Fixed Password length problem 
- Added Paste search in user, archive page
- Removed login restriction for paste listing
- Fixed some bugs

v2.5.5 (March 22, 2020)

- Fixed paste editor selection for codemirror in admin panel settings
- Fixed syntax highlight selection codemirror in admin panel settings
- Fixed embed feature
- Fixed pagination links overflow when many links for small devices
- Fixed some syntax selection 

v2.5 (March 15, 2020)

- Added Ad block detection feature
- Added CodeMirror editor & syntax highlighter 
- Added Browse for files load 
- Added remove site image option 
- Added page delete feature 
- Added scrollbar for editor with max height 
- Added translatable content pages
- Fixed translations
- Fixed clone feature 
- Fixed some other bugs

v2.4 (December 04, 2019)

- Added user dashboard 
- Pastes backup feature for users
- Admin setting to set default syntax 
- Feature to toggle string validation strict/moderate 
- Option to set default paste options for user 
- Add Feature to disable line numbers 
- Add Features to disable Trending, Archive, Search 
- Increase ad box limit 
- Improve admin panel settings page layout 
- Break word feature for title & paste content
- Improved admin panel UI 
- Added more words to translations
- Fixed some bugs

v2.3 (October 23, 2019)

- Improved user registration
- Added missing translation words
- Changed views count to K,M,B 
- Increased length of site title
- Added toggle to on/off paste title required
- Added toggle on/off public download 
- Added feature to set background color or image 
- Fixed some bugs

v2.2 (September 19, 2019)

- Added toggle for navbar default/fixed top
- Added some missing words in translation
- Fixed Syntax highlighter settings in admin panel 
- Paste content not lost when validation error 
- Hide social links when left empty 
- Included 404, 403 pages in site theme 
- Redirect to homepage when registration is closed 
- Added toggle settings to turn on/off user paste
- Added refresh button for custom captcha 
- Redirect intended on auth routes
- Footer to bottom
- Fixed some other bugs

v2.1.5 (August 07, 2019)

- Fixed 'Terms' page Link on register page  
- Removed extra captcha from contact, user contact page & paste clone page 
- Added Social Login setup guide 

v2.1 (July 25, 2019)

- Ace Editor & Syntax Highlight
- Socialite (Facebook/Twitter/Google Social login) 
- Fixed QR Code API

v2.0 (July 13, 2019)

- Allowed UTF-8 characters in various fields
- Added autofocus on password box for protected paste & unlock on hit enter 
- Fixed login validation 
- Added more fields to User create/edit in admin panel 
- Disable pastes of banned users 
- Paste Print feature improved
- Paste Password feature improved
- Added clear cache feature to admin panel settings

v1.9 (July 10, 2019)

- Improved Navbar
- Added option to change paste storage as a file to reduce database size
- Fixed user activation from admin panel
- Fix login when banned 
- Security updates
- Other Bug Fixes

v1.8 (May 21, 2019)

- Added custom Captcha security
- Added custom comments 
- Changed Verification message when auto approval on 
- Fixed Syntax create on admin panel

v1.7 (May 14, 2019)

- Added Maintenance Mode 
- Fixed paste delete redirection for admin on user side
- Added extra fields in SEO section 
- Fixed site logo and favicon links for subdir version
- Fixed user profile contact form bug
- Fixed auto approve user
- Fixed print method in pastecontroller
- Fixed trending section to hide private and unlisted pastes 
- Added more words in translation

v1.6 (April 24, 2019)

- User profile page 
- Trending pastes page (day, week, month, year) 
- QR Code for share 
- Site & Paste page layouts 
- No Captcha for logged in users feature
- Added 5 new Color skins 
- Added auto approve user feature 
- Added Time restriction feature to restrict between paste creation
- Bug Fixes

v1.5 (January 30, 2019)

- Syntax Highlighting Skins (default, dark, coy, okadia, funky, solarized light, tomorrow night, twilight) 
- Added resend activation link  
- Removed fade delay 
- Changed & Improved skin 
- Fixed user create bug from admin 
- Fixed language translation bug 
- Added views count on paste lists
- Some other improvements

v1.4 (January 11, 2019)

- Self destroy paste
- Fixed paste status on paste edit
- Fixed encrypt/decrypt for raw data
- Added lock & clock icon in paste list for protected & timed paste
- Added url to syntax name in list
- Pagination for logged in users
- Improved mail system
- Disable captcha if site key and secret key empty
- Fixed Encrypt/Decrypt paste edit

v1.3 (January 2, 2019)

- Password protected pastes
- Encrypted pastes
- Improved UI for small devices.
- Removed 'paste' from paste url.
- Added settings to enable/disable features (share, copy link, raw, download, embed, report, print) in admin
- My Recent Pastes box for logged in users
- Added Image logo and settings
- Added Favicon and settings
- Added open graph tags
- Improved settings in admin
- User create from admin bug fixed

v1.2 (December 28, 2018)

- Fixed account verification flow.
- Added Mail settings in admin panel.
- Fixed paste max size bug.
- Added autofocus on content field.
- Added language change menu in header
- Added Copy link button on paste page

v1.1 (December 23, 2018)

- Paste share link with copy button on paste page share modal.
- A toggle to enable/disable registration in admin settings.
- A toggle to enable/disable public paste in admin settings.

v1.0 (December 20, 2018)

- Initial release.

Support & Customization Service

For any query or help email us [email protected]

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PasteShr – Text Hosting & Sharing Script

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PasteShr - Text Hosting & Sharing Script

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