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Download Popup Plugin for WordPress – Ninja Popups Free Nulled [updated version]

Most popuplar Popup Plugin for WordPress on the Envato Market!

Ninja Popups for WordPress combines a professionally designed popups to convert visitors on your site into taking an action whether it`s subscribing into your newsletter, offering a discount/coupon for leaving customers, or locking content until they share you will increase your subscriber count and social signal of your site which is exactly what google & other search engines wants.

Ninja Popups for WordPress – integrates all popular mailing systems like MailChimp, GetResponse, InfusionSoft, JetPack, ConvertKit and many more. You get full compatibility of popup plugin and mailing systems – by API.

This power popup plugin tool brings you high quality leads and increase optins on your mailing list.

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Key Features of Popup Plugin for WordPress:

  • Exit Intent Popup!
  • Open popup when user scrolled XX% page!
  • Open popup after X sec of inactivity (no mouse or keyboards actions)!
  • Google Analytics Event Tracking integration
  • A/B Testing of Popups/Bars/Sliders
  • Traffic Bouncer popups
  • Easy Popup Configuration (No coding required!)
  • Great Popups Design (many color, many layouts, drag n drop editor)
  • Highly Customizable!
  • Translation Ready!
  • Full API integration with mailing services
  • Free Popup Plugin Updates
  • You can create Unlimited Popups
  • Display Popup on load page
  • Display Popup on close/leave page
  • Page Level Targeting (different popups for each post/page, turn popup on/off for all page or for few pages/posts)
  • Close button (show button: yes/no, custom close button text, auto close popup)
  • Social Network Locker Popup (you can lock page)
  • Newsletter Locker Popup (you can lock page)
  • Statistics of the popup (views, conversion)
  • Time Display Settings (start date, end date, hour, minutes)
  • Open Delay (open popup delay in seconds)
  • MailChimp Support
  • MyMail Support
  • Wysija Support
  • AWeber Support
  • GetResponse Support
  • Campaign Monitor Support
  • iContact Support
  • Constant Contact Support
  • Direct Mail for OS X Support
  • Store Opt-ins in CSV file or Send by Email
  • Submit Opt-in Form to Custom URL
  • Facebook Support
  • Facebook Likebox in Your Popup
  • Twitter Support
  • Google+ Support
  • LinkedIn Support
  • Pinterest Support
  • Excellent Customer Support!
  • Powered by jQuery

Here are video tutorials – it will show you Ninja Popups in action.

  1. How to install Ninja Popups for WordPress
  2. How to import popups to Ninja Popups for WordPress
  3. How to set first popup on home page in Ninja Popups
  4. Difference between “Ready Themes” and “Theme Builder” popup themes
  5. Ninja Popups – Theme Builder quick preview
  6. How to set up popup on the certain (selected) Pages
  7. How to use Exit Popup – Ninja Popups


 4.6.4 - Added option to redirect user to new url after leaving viewport - Fixed integration with Sendy - Fixed WooCommerce support - GeoIP Welcome/Exit pop-up's now have option to display pop-up's based on country, city, zip code (city and zip code works only with ipstack.com) - Before user is subscribed to mailchimp, we are checking if e-mail exists in list that pop-up is connecte to. If it is then, error is returned - Fixed log gathering for mailing list managers that uses list id that is longer than 32 chars - Added option to display pop-up only in specific domains - Minor bug fixes 4.6.3 - Fixed file upload input - Fixed recaptcha errors in wp-admin - Fixed tagging mailchimp contacts - Added option to use https://intl-tel-input.com/ - Added integration with ipstack.com - Added option to show/hide pop-up by city/zip code (works only with ipstack.com) - Added option to place page title and url on pop-up and send them to mailing list manager - Minor bug fixes 4.6.2 - Minor bug fixes 4.6.1 - Fixed SSL (https) issue - Minor bug fixes 4.6.0 - Fixed sending e-mails with WPML e-mail plugin - Fixed problem with scrolling on mobile - Added option to set alt attribute on images - Added integration with ZOHO CRM - Added integration with Zapier Webhook - Log gathering is enabled by default - Added logging wp_mail calls - new option under ninja pop-up's menu - Updated animate styles - Closing pop-ups by escape key - Better compatibility with WooCommerce - Updated Mobile_Detect library - Fixed false-positive WordFence malware alert - Fixed problem with importing of library elements 4.5.9 - Added option to intercept data send to pop-up by using 'ninja_popups_send_form' action - Option to set Welcome & Exit pop-ups globally based on GeoIP (extended integration of https://wordpress.org/plugins/geoip-detect/ plugin) - Fixed spam detection method bug that occured in some cases - Option to change subject of e-mail notification 4.5.8 (05.2018) - Added information about browsers that supports custom text on exit alert dialog - Added additional spam protection method - Added option to add checkbox in Ready Themes - Added integration with Klayvio - Added integration with Moosend - Ready Theme "Image" - missing additional fields when using HTML-FORM mailing list manager - Minor bug fixes 4.5.7 (03.2018) - Option to open external links in iframe - Integration with 'GeoIP Detection' plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/geoip-detect/) - Option to show/hide pop-up based on country - Send opt-in form click action can send field from submitted step or fields from all steps - Fixed problem with closing pop-ups in some cases - Filters - Now subscribing user to your mailing list manager can be called from any place in wordpress thanks to filters - SalesManago - Option to choose between opt-out or opt-in - Integration with SharpSpring - Fixed problem with material form input and font-awesome icons - Fixed iOS 11 bug with input fields - Fixed option to show pop-up by referer - Theme builder: Deletion of first step does not break pop-up anymore - Minor bug fixes 4.5.6 (02.2018) - Ninja Popups addon that adds shortcodes for login and register form - Option to use different label for select options - Option to validate e-mails with thechecker.co services - Option to set API KEY for Google Maps - Option to add tags to aWeber subscribers - Fixed showing/hiding pop-up by referer - Option to use PHP REGEXP in "Show pop-up by referer" and "Hide pop-up by referer" 4.5.5 (01.2018) - Option to set different pop-up for welcome/exit on mobile and desktop - „Advanced Settings” - Option to set „WP-AJAX” ping time for „When user spends X seconds on page” pop-up open method - Errors returned by API calls does not close pop-up. Instead notification alert is shown - Validation errors are shown on pop-up as tooltip - Updated YouTube video player - Fixed opening pop-up based on time spend on site during session - Fixed MadMimi lists fetch bug - Minor bug fixes 4.5.4 (12.2017) - security fix, 4.5.3 (11.2017) - Option to use 'POST' or 'GET' method for sending form data - Option to set hour range when pop-up should show - Option to track users with drip JavaScript API - Fixed problem with re-opening ready themes pop-up after close - Option to use custom hook instead of wp_footer. Just place where you want <?php do_action('snp_run_footer'); ?> - E-mail notifications about subscription has reply-to header set for e-mail filled out by user - Theme builder: Option to use external forms shortcodes in pop-up (for example formidable or ContactForm7) - Minor bug fixes 4.5.2 (10.2017) - APSIS.com integration - Drip.co integration - Option to open pop-up based on time spend on site during session - New option of triggering exit intent pop-ups - Theme builder: Option to add upload file field - Ready themes: Option to add upload file field - Theme builder: MailChimp groups integration - Theme builder: Option to add checkbox element - Theme builder: Option to add radio element - Option to play sound on pop-up open - Only one pop-up at a time will be displayed - When mouse leaves the browser viewport (Exit Intent) - now shows only when mouse hovers top of the browser - Sendinblue bug fix - Minor bug fixes 4.5.1 (31.08.2017) - Option to show pop-up based on referer - Option to hide pop-up based on referer - Option to display pop-up only to logged in users - Theme Builder: hidden input - Theme Builder: calendar input - Ready themes: calendar input - Close pop-up on scroll - JavaScript Hooks - Minor bug fixes 4.5.0 - PHP7 support - Captcha field (using ReCaptcha V2) - Option to add validation message that is displayed to user - Option to change url of script that handles AJAX request (opt-in, conversion, view stats) - Option to set WebHook URL to script that handles before opt-in request - Option to set WebHook URL to script that handles after opt-in request - Minor bug fixes 4.4.9 - MailPoet version 3 integation - SendGrid bug fix - Minor bug fixes 4.4.8 - eCampaigner integration (API integration and for lower plans CSV integration) - SG Autorepondeur integration - Kirim.email integration - Mautic integration - Option to set tabindex on input, select, textarea, button elements - Option to set conversion cookie on redirect - Option to use non minified ninjapopup.js script - Option to use shortcode in 'Custom HTML' theme builder element - Fixed date format in datepicker for start and end date - Minor bug fix 4.4.7 - Theme Builder: Option to open link based on selected value in one of the select boxes - Theme Builder: Option to add custom html - WPMU DEV eNewsletter integration - Minor bug fixes 4.4.6 - Option to open link in new window - Fixed issue with preg_callback 4.4.5 - Mailster integration - Hubspot integration - Convertkit integration - Jetpack integration - Newsletter integration fix - MailerLite bug fix - Minor bug fixes 4.4: - Sendgrid API v3.0 integration, - minor bug fixed, 4.3.9: - minor bug fixes, 4.3.8: - fix for Map element, 4.3.7: - fix for old PHP versions, 4.3.6: - minor bug fixed, 4.3.5: - Different cookies for each popups added, - Sendlane support, 4.3.4: - E-goi fix, 4.3.3: - Theme Builder: added Google Map element, - Minor bugs fixed, 4.3.2: - E-goi fix, - E-goi double opt-in support, - Minor bugs fixed, - Customer.io support, - Link on Theme Image added, - MailChimp field selector added, - MailerLite Bug fix, - Theme Builder: added YouTube element, - Subscribe2 Support, 4.3.1: - MailRelay Support, 4.3.0: - MailChimp Bug fix, - MailUp Support, 4.2.9: - Subscription Log added, - Custom Fields names fixed, 4.2.8: - exclude urls from exit popup by css class (noexitpopup), 4.2.7: - ActiveCampaign double opt-in Support, - Fix for AWeber API (ip address), - Fix for ActiveCampaign API, 4.2.6: - Sendreach Support, - Newsletter Support, - Ontraport Support, - Minor bugs fixed, 4.2.5: - Minor bugs fixed, - MailChimp API Fixes, 4.2.4: - SalesManago Support, - SendPulse Support, 4.2.3: - MailJet Support, - Minor bugs fixed, 4.2.2: - Fixes for Widget Add-on, - Minor bugs fixed, - SendGrid Support, - BenchmarkEmail Support, - Added Cookie Prefix in Advanced Settings, 4.2.1: - AgileCRM Support, 4.2: - MyEmma Support, - SalesAutopilot Support, - ElasticEmail Support, 4.1.5: - Drag&Drop Builder: added pointlist, - Drag&Drop Builder: aspect radio in image element, - Fixes in Preview, - MailerLite Support, 4.1.1: - RocketResponder Support, - fixed problem with 4.1 and Bars Add-on, - fixed problem with popup import (WXR_Parser_SimpleXML), 4.1: - fixes in Drag&Drop Builder, - fixes in Popup Library, - fix for cookie path, 4.0: - Drag&Drop Theme Builder, - Popups Library, - ActiveCampaign Support, - FreshMail Support, - SendInBlue Support, - Minor bugs fixed, - Infusionsoft API fix, - Performance fix, - Referer url in mail footer, 

Ninja Popups – the most powerfull Popup Plugin for WordPress

Popup Plugin for every WordPress and WooCommerce

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TMDb Pro – Movie & TV Show Details Plugin For The Movie Database

Popup Plugin for WordPress – Ninja Popups

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Popup Plugin for WordPress - Ninja Popups

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