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Smart Invoice System

Smart Invoice System

Smart Invoice System

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Smart Invoice System v1.9
customer relationship management (CRM)

is a simple and powerful web app based on PHP CodeIgniter framework manage invoices.
Smart invoice System is customer relationship management (CRM) since version 1.8

There is no support for Smart Invoice Sytstem


  • Installer Wizard Easy Installation (Deploy with Installer Wizard)

    • Minimum Requirements check
    • Database configuration
    • Create Database
    • Create Administrator user
    • Init System Configuration
  • System Configurations Easy to use and configure

    • Update system configurations
    • Choose System Language
    • Choose Default Currency
    • Update Prefix for Invoices, Estimate and Payment receipt
    • Update Online Payments settings
    • Email Server Setup
    • Uploader Settings
    • Custom fields
    • Reminders Settings
    • Chat Settings
  • Multi Language

    • 9 languages English / French / Arabic / Turkish / Spanish / Russian / Romanian / German / Italian
    • You can translate all the application to other languages easily
    • Support RTL direction
  • Invoice Template Invoice Template can be configured

    • Choose Header Model (5 models)
    • Change text apparance (color, fonts and background color)
    • Page Size (A4, A5, US Letter, US Legal)
    • Page layout (Landscape or Portrait)
    • Show or hide parts of invoice
  • Users

    • Create multi-users
    • Set Users roles: Admin, Member
    • Change / Recover password
    • Activate account with email
    • Disactive User accounts
    • Enable / Disable registring new users
    • Register new users
  • Company Configuration

    • Set information about your company
    • Integrate Company information on Invoice header & footer
    • Upload a logo
    • 4 custom fields
  • Dashboard

    • Moment numbers
    • Invoices Per Date chart
    • Last Invoices List
    • Invoices count per status chart
  • Manage Invoices and customers

    • Create, Update, Detele and Duplicate Invoices
    • Create, Update, Detele and Duplicate Estimates
    • Create, Update, Detele and Duplicate Recurring invoices
    • Create, Update, Detele Payments
    • Download Invoices, Estimates, Payments receipt as PDF format
    • Choose Invoices, Estimates, Payments Status
    • Create , Update or Delete Customers
    • Automatic reference with Types
    • Send Invoices, Estimates, Payments receipt By Email
    • Print Invoices, Estimates, Payments receipt
    • Multi Tax system
    • Manage Tax rates
    • Create Customer account (Automatic)
  • Manage Expenses and Suppliers

    • Create, Update, Detele Expenses
    • Create, Update, Detele Expenses Categories
    • Create , Update or Delete Suppliers
  • Payment Online

    • Paypal
    • Stripe
    • 2Checkout
  • Main Menu

    • Responsive Design (Support Mobiles)
    • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Hint navigation
  • Import & Export Data

    • Importing data as CSV or Excel files
    • Exporting data as CSV, Excel or Text files
  • Database Backup

    • Save backup of database
    • download a backup
    • Restore system to old point
    • Delete old backups
  • Tools

    • Chat support
    • Calculator
    • Currency Exchange
    • Email Reminder
    • Overdue Reminder
    • Notifications
  • Finance Reports

    • Profit & Loss
    • Tax Summary
    • Accounts Aging
    • Invoice Details
    • Revenue by clients
  • Clean and modern look
  • Responsive Design (Support Mobiles)
  • Clean code
  • Change language with cookie
  • Security check: XSS + Injection SQL + CSRF
  • Security: Limit the number of login attempts to 3
  • Security: SSL



    - USERNAME: admin
    - PASSWORD: 123456


    - USERNAME: user
    - PASSWORD: 123456


    - USERNAME: customer
    - PASSWORD: 123456

Minimum Requirements

  • Web Server Apache v2.4 or higher or LiteSpeed
  • PHP Version PHP v5.4 or above
  • Database MySQL v5 or higher suggested
  • Curl and SSL to activate Payment Online
  • Extensions : ZIP, PDO, MYSQLi, MBString, Mcrypt, GD

What’s new

SIS v1.9.2 (Dec 05, 2017)

    - Add parital payment to expenses
    - Add New Report: Costs per Supplier
    - Add Filter by client on reports
    - Add Double currency option on invoices (Local and foreign currency)
    - Add paid amount on create invoice
    - Add payment date column on invoices
    - Add Exchange API key on settings (Integrate OpenAPI)
    - Add Expenses prefix and next number on settings
    - Improve Languages files
    - Improve Invoice templates (unwrap numbers)
    - Fix text wrap on invoices & esitmates view
    - Fix projects enabling (without enable Contracts)
    - Fix save template
    - Fix send client reminder (email template)
    - Fix date format on email template

SIS v1.9.1 (Nov 08, 2017)

    - Add tax line after subtotal on item taxes case
    - Add default country on settings
    - Add Due date default value +(7, 15, 30, 45, 60, 90) days
    - Fix items list sorting
    - Fix edit item no category
    - Fix item quantity 4 number after point on invoice and estimate view
    - Fix signature image on PDF
    - Fix PDF special chars
    - Fix customer password on email template
    - Fix Estimate send email (Undefined index: total_due)
    - Fix Create recurring invoice with new items
    - Fix Send overdue invoices (many times problem)
    - Fix customer link on reports (Accounts Aging, Revenue By Client, Invoice details)
    - Fix delete multi expenses categories
    - Fix Receipt number increment on make payment with receipt

SIS v1.9.0 (Oct 18, 2017)

    - Add new language (Italian)
    - Add customer profile (invoices, recurring invoices, estimates, payments, receipts, contracts)
    - Add Importing items and items categories
    - Add Multi invoice template
    - Add Email templates
    - Add Projects module with multi tasks
    - Add item attributes (size, unit, multi price, category, custom fields)
    - Add (invoice & estimate) custom fields
    - Add action deleting users
    - Add Password strength check for new passwords (create and edit)
    - Add Encrypt api logins (paypal, stripe, 2checkout)
    - Add User read & edit permisions
    - Add Customer payments methods permissions
    - Add Multi Currencies on contracts
    - Add Conditional Tax (automatically tax)
    - Improve documents view (mouse selection)
    - Improve mobile view
    - Improve languages files (more variables)
    - Improve Todo List (add more fields and overdue notification)
    - Change Customers fullname to company name in views
    - Fix indian currency symbol
    - Fix download & emailing a PDF file
    - Fix Advanced Search error (on multi modal view)
    - Fix make payment for customer (access deined error)
    - Fix active columns save state
    - Fix next reference when delete a post
    - Fix Customer custom fields view (add then remove fields)

SIS v1.8.0 (Sep 28, 2017)

    - Add Rxpenses (Costs) Management & Expenses categories
    - Add suppliers management
    - Add Supports chats
    - Add to-do list Management
    - Add Calculator as tool with draggable function
    - Add Email Reminder on js fullcalendar
    - Add Currency Exchange
    - Add Overdue Reminder
    - Add Finance Reports
        * Profit & Loss
        * Tax Summary
        * Accounts Aging
        * Invoice Details
        * Revenue by clients
    - Add Notifications system
    - Add Amount IN Words for invoices & estimates total with configuration enabling
    - Add Estimate Approve and Reject for customers
    - Add Customer payments confirmation by admins or users
    - Add Multi currencies system (each invoice has own currency)
    - Fix download backup reference error
    - Fix invoice rows description multi-line bug
    - Improve Documents manager (file uploader)
    - Improve Responsive design (support multi devices : desktop, mobile, tablet)
    - Improve Dashboard (can select currency & date range)

SIS v1.7.0 (Sep 07, 2017)

    - Add new language (German)
    - Add on settings Paper Sizes (US Letter, US Legal)
    - Add on settings Default Invoice Note & Default Terms & Conditions
    - Add on settings intial number of invoice, estimate, contract, receipt
    - Add Preview invoice, estimate, payment, contract
    - Add Payment Reminder
    - Add Overdue Reminder
    - Add customer addtional fields (VAT Number, shipping address, website url, custom fields)
    - Add Documents manager
    - Add Email Attaching files by documents manager
    - Add Invoice, Estimate History (see only by admin)
    - Add Items managment
    - Add Recurring Invoices
    - Add Contracts
    - Improve Create and Edit invoices, estimates
    - Improve Create and Edit customers
    - Improve main menu and add more shortcuts
    - Improve lists views (multi selection and context menu)
    - Improve Responsive design (support multi devices : desktop, mobile, tablet)
    - Change actions buttons to open & dropdown action
    - Fix removing user account when remove biller (owner)
    - Fix Estimate reference error
    - Fix change Reference type error

SIS v1.6.0 (Aug 22, 2017)

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    - Add payment online methods: Paypal, Stripe, 2Checkout
    - Add customer account creation (Automatic)
    - Add new language (Romanian)
    - Add automatic scrolling on invoice (create/edit) preview
    - Add Download button to Backups list
    - Add Shipping field to invoice
    - Add Terms & Conditions field to invoice
    - Add Changing invoice status to invoices list
    - Add Translation to Date Pickers fields (locale)
    - Add Fields to Client (Company, State, City, Postal code, Country)
    - Add Deleting multi line (invoice, customers, estimates, payments and backups)
    - Add 4 Number Formats (100'000,00, 100'000.00, 100000.00, 100000,00)
    - Add Setting field [Decimal Places]: 0 (1), 1 (1.0), 2 (1.00), 3 (1.000), 4 (1.0000)
    - Add Setting field [Currency Formats]: ISO Code (e.g. USD), Symbol (e.g. $)
    - Add 4 Date Formats: (Aug 16 2017, 2017 Aug 16, 16 Aug 2017, 16.08.2017)
    - Add Invoice Payments with all views (List, Create, Update, delete, view, email send, pdf)
    - Add Estimate with all views (List, Create, Update, delete, view, email send, pdf)
    - Change Biller to Client
    - Change "Create Backup" button to "Download & create backup" 
    - Change login identify from username to (email and username)
    - Fix register activation (access deined error)
    - Fix default tax rate on invoice creation
    - Fix Invoice Discount (put discount before tax)
    - Fix Home last 5 invoices
    - Remove required from date_due field
    - Upgrading Home view
    - Upgrade Codeigniter to version 3.1.5

SIS v1.5.0 (Aug 11, 2017)

    - Add Multi taxes to invoices
    - Add Tax rates manage on settings
    - Add LiteSpeed Apache Server to minimum requirements
    - Add Paid Counter Widget to home
    - Fix inversed brackets in PDF files
    - Fix install script fatal error
    - update install script to the new database

SIS v1.4.0 (Aug 08, 2017)

    - Add 3 new languages (Turkish, Spanish and Russian)
    - Add Data Importing for Customers
    - Add Data Exporting for Invoices, Customers
    - Add DataBase Backup & Restore
    - Add Limit the number of login attempts to 3
    - Add Scripts enqueue
    - Add Styles enqueue
    - Fix Login redirection
    - Fix session codeigniter to database type
    - Fix warning bug "Empty string passed to getElementById()." in Firefox
    - Fix Navigation between inputs (TabIndex)
    - Fix Date range in create and edit invoice
    - Change all table views to ajax loading
    - Change font arabic to 'droid'

SIS v1.3.0 (Jul 28, 2017)

    - Upgrade toastr plugin to v2.1.3
    - Add Filter by click on cell in Invoices List
    - Add List of Biller/Customer with dataTables plugin
    - Add Create Biller view
    - Add Edit Biller view
    - Add Biller Details view
    - Add Delete Biller view
    - Add Send Invoice by Email
    - Add Email Setup
    - Add Change language to Login / Forgot_password / Reset_password
    - Fix Sending emails
    - Fix Big modals scrollbar
    - Fix Tables responsive view
    - Fix Change languages (Using Cookies)
    - Turn off fields autocomplete
    - Change Users forms (create, edit, change_password, desactivate) to ajax load
    - Change Main Menu Navbar
    - Change email template (new look)

SIS v1.2.0 (Jul 23, 2017)

    - Fix invoices create / edit Unique Reference
    - Fix invoices create / edit Unique biller name
    - Fix invoices create / edit no zero items
    - Add automatic invoice reference with many types
    - Add dataTables plugin to users list
    - Add Register from login page
    - Add Enable Register in Settings
    - Add Choose default users account (Admin / Members)
    - Fix invoice preview in Settings
    - Change application Logo
    - Change Notifications system from bootstrap alert to toastr

SIS v1.1.0 (Jul 16, 2017)

    - Added: Minimum Requirements to installer wizard
    - Added: Versions constant
    - Added: Groups privileges (Admin/User)
    - FIX: Date Format Helper

SIS v1.0.0 (Jul 14, 2017)

    - First release

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Smart Invoice System

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Smart Invoice System

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