Toko – WooCommerce Multipurpose Theme

Toko - WooCommerce Multipurpose Theme

Download Toko – WooCommerce Multipurpose Theme Free Nulled [updated version]

Latest Version 1.9 – March 25, 2019 – Change Logs

WordPress 5.2.2 Ready

WooCommerce 3.7.0 Ready

Translation Ready Support with: WPML, Polylang and Loco Translate

What’s New?

Version 1.8 – March 25, 2019
v1.9 ( Mar 25 2019 ): --------------------------------------------------------

- Security issue fixed.

- Row separator added.

- Language files.

Toko is a completely modern, aesthetically polished, and functionally resourceful WooCommerce theme. It’s a fully responsive and Retina ready e-commerce theme crafted for all store websites.


Version 1.9 ( Mar 25 2019 ): -----------------------------------------------

- Security issue fixed.

- Row separator added.

- Language files.

Version 1.8 ( Jan 30 2019 ): -----------------------------------------------

- Icon font render empty on admin panel issue fixed.
- Products and Products grid shortcode number pagination issue corrected.

- Timeline shortcode added.
- Content type list shortcode added.
- Accordion shortcode added.
- Flyin mini cart style added.
- 30+ Predefined gradient swatch colors added.
- 20+ Predefined footer widget area columns added.

- Specification field on metabox improved.
- Welcome page improved.

- Language files.

Version 1.7 ( Jan 17 2019 ): -----------------------------------------------

- Menu batch color backend issue fixed.
- Blog grid loadmore/infinite scroll issue fixed.

- Menu icon feature added.
- Single post style 2 added( Featured Meta Group Below Content ).
- Gradient Text shortcode alignment option added.
- Post Element Author Info shortcode added.

- Language files.

Version 1.6 ( Jan 08 2019 ): -----------------------------------------------

- KC Modules unwanted attributes removed.

- Content type slider style 2 added.
- Blog custom grid shortcode added( Magazine Grid ).
- Gradient Text shortcode added.
- Dot navigation feature added.

- Language files.

Version 1.5 ( Dec 31 2018 ): -----------------------------------------------

- Grid Creator container width issue corrected.
- Grid Creator template html fragment issue corrected.

- Post Element Author Box shortcode.
- Post Element Comments shortcode.
- Post Element Feature Image shortcode.
- Post Element Meta Group shortcode.
- Post Element Related Post shortcode.
- Post Element Tag shortcode.

- Language files.

Version 1.4 ( Dec 24 2018 ): -----------------------------------------------

- Single product variation issue fixed.
- Number and Next/Prev pagination issue corrected.

- Menu batch and WooCommerce notice css improved.
- One click import improved.

- Header Builder added.
- Footer Builder added.
- Cutom Masonry Grid Creator added.
- Slider Revolution shortcode added.
- Products Grid shortcode added.
- Gallery Grid shortcode added.
- Taxonomy Grid shortcode added.
- Custom 404 template feature added.

- Language files.

Version 1.3 ( Dec 20 2018 ): -----------------------------------------------

new demo:
- Skin Fashion
- Skin Bag

- Compare product ajax count issue fixed.
- Wishlist icon css issue corrected.
- Quick View css issue corrected.
- Menu batch css issue corrected.
- Social icons updated on icon font.
- Welcome page improved.

- New header style( Left logo menu joined ).
- Sub Footer cutom style options added.
- Simple notice style added.

Version 1.2 ( Dec 17 2018 ): -----------------------------------------------

- Testimonial rating issue fixed.
- Menu and Footer links hover issue corrected.
- Quick view on Product shortcode corrected.
- Products loadmore issue corrected.
- Welcome page corrected.

- Main Menu batch option added.
- Blog Masonry layout added.
- Masonry style content type shortcode added.
- Button color style option added( Gradient/ Primary Color ).
- Product shortcode style 3 added.
- Blog/Archive/Search settings improved.
- Flip Box shortcode added.
- Video Player shortcode added.
- 4 types of Pricing table shortcode added.
- Image Fadein slider shortcode added.

- Language files.

Version 1.1 ( Dec 14 2018 ): -----------------------------------------------

- Custom sidebar ajax functionality.

- Testimonial slider shortcode.
- New header style( Center logo menu bottom ).

- Language files.

Version 1.0.1 ( Dec 12 2018 ): -----------------------------------------------

- CSS adjustments and Responsive.

- WooCommerce specifications feature.

- WooCommerce 3.5.2.
- Language files.

Version 1.0 ( Dec 11 2018 ): -------------------------------------------------

- Initial Release

TMDb Pro – Movie & TV Show Details Plugin For The Movie Database

Toko – WooCommerce Multipurpose Theme

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Toko - WooCommerce Multipurpose Theme

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