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FleetCart is a complete E-Commerce system to easily start your online E-Commerce business.
It has a powerful admin panel for managing products, categories, coupons, orders, pages, and much more.
FleetCart is extremely optimized for giving customers the best purchasing experience.

The system is highly performant and protected against SQL injection, XSS, CSRF, and other attacks.

More Features

  • 12 Theme color for Storefront
  • Flash Sales
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Product brands
  • Product tags
  • SCA and 3D secure integration
  • Advanced search suggestions
  • Rich Snippets
  • Beautiful & Powerful Admin Panel
  • Multiple Locales
  • Multiple Countries
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Third Party Integration for Updating Currency Rates
  • Scheduled Currency Rate Updating
  • Advanced Home Page Customization
  • Advanced Search
  • Algolia Search Engine Integration
  • Product Options
  • Product Attributes
  • Advanced Product Filtering
  • Guest Checkout
  • Customer Panel
  • Sales Analytics Chart
  • Search Log
  • Advanced System Report
  • Custom Static Page
  • Scheduled Special Product Price
  • Country, State, City, Zip Based Tax Configuration
  • Minimum Amount for Free Shipping
  • File Manager
  • Drag & Drop File Uploader
  • Custom CSS/JS
  • Custom 404 Page
  • SEO Optimized
  • Maintenance Mode
  • And More…




Email: [email protected]
Password: 123456

Happy Customers

Change Log

Version 2.0.2 (8 Jun 2020)

- Add Razorpay payment gateway integration.
- Add the option to use a custom theme color.
- Add translation keys to translate flash sale countdown date labels.
- Add more open graph tags.
- Change slides dot style.
- Fix product page shows an error if the review & rating setting is disabled.
- Fix product card shows View Options text even if the product has 0 option.
- Fix flash sale stock is not checked when updating quantity in the cart page.
- Fix flash sale stock change after adding to the cart is not checked.
- Fix empty slide CTA button is showing if the CTA text field is not filled.
- Fix additional product images in RTL locales.

Version 2.0.1 (24 May 2020)

- Fix the home page throws an error if brands are empty.
- Fix review is not showing instantly after adding.
- Fix PayPal payment wizard closes automatically if the purchasing currency is different than the default currency.
- Fix payment method is not showing for transactions.

Version 2.0.0 (17 May 2020)

- Add new modern looking storefront theme.
- Add new theme colors.
- Add ajax based seamless user interactions for the storefront.
- Add newsletter subscription.
- Add product brands.
- Add Flash Sale.
- Add product tags.
- Add tag products page.
- Add all brands page.
- Add brand products page.
- Add all categories page.
- Add new PayPal checkout.
- Add Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and 3D Secure integration for Stripe.
- Add live price update on the product page.
- Add the option to add images, videos, and audios in the WYSIWYG editor.
- Add the option for customers to add order note.
- Add the ability to add a background image in the mega menu.
- Add primary menu in the mobile sidebar menu.
- Add advanced search suggestions.
- Add category breadcrumb on the product page.
- Add the option to change per page result in the product search page.
- Add a coupon remove option from the cart.
- Add coupon apply option on the checkout page.
- Add a new custom checkbox type for options.
- Add a new custom radio button type for options.
- Add category banner in the category products page.
- Add the ability to logged-in admin users to visit the storefront in maintenance mode.
- Add Rich Snippets.
- Add meta tags for twitter card.
- Add fallback data for meta tags.
- Add SEO friendly URL for category products page.
- Add a fade control option for sliders.
- Add a speed control option for sliders.
- Add direction option for slider slides.
- Add related products on the compare page.
- Add a captcha on the registration page.
- Add map on the contact page.
- Add a banner on the product page.
- Add a rating in the product card.
- Add accepted payment methods image in the footer.
- Add icons for empty messages in the storefront.
- Show an error if the coupon is already applied to the cart.
- Make coupon case sensitive.
- Inline zoom for product images.
- Disable zoom in the mobile view.
- Remove product quick view.
- Remove the Caption 2 field from slides.
- Fix external URL is generating a localized URL for menus.
- Fix translation for the maintenance page is not working.
- Fix responsive issues for admin tables in the mobile view.
- Fix alphabetic sort is giving unexpected results.
- Fix top rated sort is giving unexpected results.
- Fix mega menu cache is not cleared when the category tree is reordered.
- Fix percent type special price occasionally throws out of range SQL error.
- Fix file is not deleted from the disk when a media is deleted.
- Update PHP packages.
- Update the Laravel version to 7.9.2.
- Update the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor.
- Optimize overall system performance.

Version 1.1.9 (5 Jan 2019)

- Fix license activator redirects too many times.
- Fix menu create page shows 500 error.
- Fix resource's translations are not saving.
- Fix product shows wrong stock message.
- Fix checkout page shows a wrong error about product stock.

Version 1.1.8 (25 Dec 2019)

- Add support for PHP 7.4
- Update PHP packages.
- Update the Laravel version to 6.9.0.
- Fix sales analytics.
- Fix total orders grid shows canceled orders.

Version 1.1.7 (17 Dec 2019)

- Social Share.
- Check product stock when adding to the cart.
- Fix license activation occasionally throws an error.
- Fix option can not be created for text type options.
- Fix secure URL (https) is not generated under the load balancer/proxy server.

Version 1.1.6 (25 Nov 2019)

- Add licensing system.
- Add field, textarea, date, date_time, and time option type.
- Add percent type of special price.
- Add alt attribute for img tags.
- Style tag is no longer required for custom CSS.
- Show the latest reviews at the top.
- Fix alphabetic sort is showing duplicate products when product translation is available.
- Fix amount is showing in default currency in the price filter.
- Fix attribute with the same name is not filterable.
- Fix footer menu's new tab target is not working.
- Fix product's additional images can't be set to empty.
- Fix sales report is throwing an error if no order is placed.
- Fix throws an error when the user is deactivated from the admin panel.
- Fix mega menu link hover color issue.

Version 1.1.5 (25 Jun 2019)

- Instamojo payment method.
- Copyright symbols are not showing in the footer of the emails.
- The sales report is showing the wrong total order count.
- Canceled and refunded orders counting up on dashboard's total sales card.
- Quick view shows static inventory.
- Contact form doesn't send emails.
- The payment method name is not showing in the transactions if the payment method is disabled.
- Review edit page shows error on PHP 7.3

Version 1.1.4 (4 Jun 2019)

- Contact page's field's labels are not showing.

Version 1.1.3 (4 Jun 2019)

- Cookie bar.
- New installation wizard.
- Maintenance mode.
- Add captcha.
- New Gmail and Yahoo Mail compatible email templates.
- RTL support in email templates.
- New setting to add a logo in the email templates.
- New setting to change the theme for email templates.
- New setting option to send a welcome email to the customers.
- New setting option to send new order notification to the admin.
- New setting option to send an email notification when order status is changed.
- Ability to change storefront logos according to the locale (useful to make logos dynamic for RTL locales).
- New option to disable brands section.
- Show inventory stock on the product page.
- RTL support in WYSIWYG editor.
- Alphabetic product sort option.
- New option to set SMTP mail encryption protocol.
- Support HTML in payment instructions text.
- Show the shipping method in the order's information section.
- Check for coupon's maximum and minimum spend restriction when product quantity is updated in the cart table.
- Alert notification style changed.
- Don't show slider banners tab in storefront settings if default storefront layout is using.
- Don't show attribute filters in the root category.
- Admin login body background color.
- Make footer address and copyright text translatable.
- Labels are not required anymore for payment and shipping methods if the method is disabled.
- Attribute filter throws an error on some servers.
- Currency rate table search is not working.
- Checkout throws an error if any product has a percent type price option.
- Coupon's categories and exclude categories usage restrictions are not working.
- Percentage type of product option price throws an error.
- Product list view's add to cart button is not working if products have an option.
- Multi-dimension translation strings are not translating to other locales.
- Admin dashboard throws an error if products that have a review is disabled.
- Admin order page shows an error if any of the ordered product is disabled.
- "Top Rated" product sort option is showing 500 error.
- Option values translation is not working.
- Setting translations are not working.
- Products are showing from the previous page when changing category.
- Can't change the shipping method in cart.
- MySQL search engine can't find products if the search query has "-".
- Can not remove the favicon/header/footer image.
- Product list view is not showing the "new" ribbon on the product card.
- Brands section's sorting is not working.
- Cart items are not showing in custom pages.
- Custom pages are not redirecting to the default locale when no locale is specified.
- Storefront is always redirecting to "en" locale when no locale is specified.
- New public routes are not working in the theme (for developers).
- Checkout and cart page product table horizontal scroll issue.
- Header search icon break issue in mobile view,
- 404 text float issue in RTL direction.
- Rating star rotation issue in RTL direction.
- Checkbox and switch not working in quick view.
- Checkout and cart sidebar element overlap.
- Compare page's table width issue fix.
- Full-width menus are not opening in tablets.
- Remove junk code.
- Remove overridden CSS code.

Version 1.1.2 (15 Feb 2019)

- Dynamic attribute filter based on product categories.
- Contact form.
- Social logins (Facebook, Google).
- RTL support.
- Call to action button in slider banners.
- Show all attributes in the compare page instead of only common ones.
- Show error message if mail is not configured properly.
- Transform banner buttons to links.
- Shows incorrect results when filtering products using multiple attributes.
- Flash message is not showing on saving menu.
- Slider sorting is not working.
- Occasionally menu links are showing 404.
- File uploader is not working properly in the HTTPS scheme.
- Translation editor table responsive issue.
- Better caching.

Version 1.1.1 (17 Jan 2019)

- New home page layout.
- Home page banner sections.
- Home page brands section.
- Footer color.
- Updated to Laravel 5.7.
- Hide locale in URL if only one locale is supported.
- Coupon usage limit per customer is not working for guests.
- Can't add a product to the cart when the product has a dropdown option.
- Translatable settings are not working properly.
- MySQL search engine is throwing an error if the search query is empty.
- Throws error in PHP 7.3.
- Occasionally throws shipping method is null in the checkout process.
- Cache routes.

Version 1.1 (4 Jan 2019)

- 7 New themes (Violet, Red, Sky Blue, Marrs Green, Navy Blue, Pink, Black)
- Lightbox draggable for mobile device
- Option for disabling reviews & ratings
- Free shipping minimum amount
- Custom 404 page
- Add option for changing the favicon
- Design of storefront header
- Translations can't set to empty string
- Broken slider
- Changing default locale causes error
- Homepage query optimization
- Product details page query optimization

Version 1.0 (27 Dec 2018)

- First Release

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FleetCart – Laravel Ecommerce System

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FleetCart - Laravel Ecommerce System

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